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Van Helsing - Little Thing - Advance Preview - Death is Upon Us + POLL

Last week's ending really took the show to a whole other level, bringing the survivors out from the hospital into the world. It is safe to say that this is where the unofficial second half of the season begins, and Van Helsing does not disappoint in kicking things off in the new setting.

In 'Little Thing' there was less vamps and action, and more focus on the group, which was a positive. The closer the survivors get, the better the show, and in 'Little Thing' the team will really start to feel like a family as they begin to depend on one another. Elsewhere, we also see how badass Mohamad truly is as he shows off some pretty slick moves in one sequence.

By episode's end the team will find themselves settling down in a new place, though I hope it won't be for long as it may make things stagnant

Also, by the closing credits there will be quite a shocking death. One that I thought happened way too soon as this character still had room to grow.

What else to expect?

*'Little Thing' also introduces another survivor to the team, though he's less of a character and more fodder.

*We see some progression with the Rebecca and Sheema relationship. The latter of whom, for some reason, is very important to Rebecca's plans.

*We will see Sam singing, which provided the best character moment of this episode.