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The Daily SpoilerTV Community Open Discussion Thread - 5th November 2016

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Hey All,

Over the last few weeks we've noticed a number of comment threads going vastly off-topic. Whilst we want to encourage you all to chat and talk here at SpoilerTV we have to ensure that the comments for specific articles stay on topic for the benefit of all our readers.

In the past we've had a single all encompassing discussion thread. Based on the feedback from our readers, and what we've learnt ourselves, we think we've found a slightly better way.

So today we're launching The Daily SpoilerTV Open Discussion Thread here.

This is a single article where you can chat/talk about anything you like as long as the comments still abide by our Comments Policy. ie the comments will still be moderated and if you break the rules your comments will be removed and in severe cases banned.

This will be a DAILY thread, and each day, at 9am GMT, a new post will be created.

Remember we have a number of Episode Specific Discussion Threads. You should use those threads for specific episode discussions.

So if you want to go off-topic great, but please do so here in this thread in the comments below.

Thank you.

We hope you enjoy this ability to discuss anything you like on the site, so comment away....

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