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The Blacklist - The Thrushes - Review + Best Moments POLL

In 'The Thrushes' Aram and Samar's relationship is deepened in very unexpected ways, while the search for Alexander Kirk takes a major swerve.

When The Blacklist began hinting about Aram's puppy love crush for Samar many moons ago, I did not think much of it. Would this eventually turn into a relationship? They would make quite the oddball couple, and I was not too sure fans would be down for it, myself included.

The past couple of episodes, however, has progressively warmed me up to the idea of a 'Samram' ship. What started off as cute has started to become quite charming, in an offbeat kind of way.

In particular, the scene between Aram and Samar in the FBI ops van was admittedly very touching. That whole scene gave me the feels from Samar telling him how she "will mess that bitch up" to Aram realizing the whole crispy beef, ginger beer dream date was all her.

It is good to see Samar staying in character and refusing to outright show her emotions. A simple nod and an awkward kiss on the forehead said it all. This is unlike another NBC thriller, Blindspot, in which we see a similar strong headed professional in Naz fall hopelessly in love out of the blue.

The moment that saw Aram bumbling his way through his conversation with his girlfriend was too cute. Ressler's line, "cheese nibs?...sounds like a gerbil on meth," was by far the quote of the episode.

The scene would then become very tense with Aram blowing his cover and the two of them having quite the fun brawl. It would have been gratifying to see Samar actually crash in and "mess that bitch up," but I'm glad they took it the more realistic way by having her keep her composure, as she is professional at doing, while letting Ressler cuff her.

On another note, despite this episode being largely focused on two secondary characters, it was all part of the bigger picture. The fallout of capturing Aram's girlfriend led to some major progression with Alexander Kirk. The writers chose the right episode to finally have Liz' father captured. This cat and mouse game between Red and Kirk, with Liz trying to find her baby, was starting to feel dragged out. It doesn't look like Kirk will be captured for long, but it at least freshens the story up a bit for one week.


Other Notes

- There was a Stranger Things shout out by Aram, after Rich Dotcom talked about binge watching the Netflix show last week in NBC's other thriller, Blindspot. There needs to be a crossover and the two tech guys need to somehow work together like yesterday.

- Red sending out invitations to the team to his secret compound while the tune of 'Dead Man's Party' by Oingo Boingo played was super funky.

- Aram realizing his girlfriend was from The Thrushes was quite an emotional scene. I loved how seamlessly, yet naturally he went from that adrenaline rush of knowing to heartbreak to time to get revenge. It was well acted by Amir Arison.

- Paco's Tacos?

How are you feeling about how Aram and Samar's relationship progressed in this episode? What are your thoughts on 'The Thrushes' as a whole? Leave your comments below and make sure to vote for your favourite moments

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