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Supergirl- Changing - Review: Changes all around

Supergirl 206

Teleplay by Andrew Kreisberg & Catlin Parrish

Story by Greg Berlanti

Directed by Larry Teng

Last week I was applauding Supergirl and again they have delivered a heartfelt storyline.
Chyler Leigh’s performance was on point and her depth of emotion from realization and rejection had everyone reaching for the tissues. Melissa Benoist as Kara stood not only with her sister but refused to be shut out. Despite a small misunderstanding, the sisters are stronger than ever and as Supergirls motto states they are stronger together. James also steps up becoming his vigilante alter ego and Mon- El realizes he can’t stand by while people he cares for getting hurt.

The aptly titled episode which is full of changes starts off in Norway where scientists are investigating global warming, however when a frozen wolf is miraculously warm a professor appears to get attacked when he investigates further.

In National city at the Alien Bar, Mon- El has Kara once again preaching to him how he should use his powers. She wants to train him but he dares her to drink an alien rum, this rum is potent stuff and a Kara drunk is a must see. Of course, Alex won’t let her fly drunk but first, she talks to Maggie who tells her she needs to come out to her family, once she does she will buy her a drink.

At the DEO, a distress call from a research base in Norway has the DEO heading to investigate the possible Alien attack. Kara is out for the count.
J’onn and Alex head out to investigate. They find drained bodies and an in-shock professor. This scene reminded me of the movie The Thing and a bit darker than what we are used to from Supergirl.

Professor Rudy Jones (William Mapother) seems to recover quickly but won’t stay at the DEO, Dr Jones is obsessed with his work and wants to return to it but when he leaves a parasite crawls from his mouth to his ear. A few things seemed out of place, firstly why did they let the doctor go so soon? wouldn’t they have checked him over further in case it was a disease that killed everyone? Secondly, the DEO is supposed to be a secret organization yet they take him to it and later M’gann like its nothing.

Kara is attempting to train Mon- El with some impressive type neo – moves. Now here again I have a little niggle wasn’t Mon- El supposed to be part of the palace guard and wouldn’t he have some form of defense training? Luckily for Mon- El Alex interrupts wanting to talk to Kara.

Alex and Kara go for a walk and you can see Alex is struggling to tell her sister something. Alex eventually tells Kara she has feelings for Maggie and of course, Kara asks her if it is something she has felt before. Poor Alex is as confused but Kara is trying to understand. This conversation is so real for anyone who has had to do this with family and friends. Trying to explain how you feel not only to yourself but to them and this along with the rest of the conversations regarding Alex’s changes in this episode were written and acted out beautifully.

Back to our Dr Jones who is aware he has something in him but when his boss threatens to shut down his work he keeps saying we won’t allow that.

At the DEO Winn uncovers a laptop from one of the other scientists at the base and finds that Dr Jones is infected with something as he sees him killing everyone.

Supergirl and Alex head to university and find a sucked dry body like those in Norway, Dr Jones seems to drain Supergirl and soon disarms Alex before leaving.

Winn discovers the doctor is infected with an Alien Parasite which absorbs energy. Alex feels Kara brushes her off when she offers to go home with her concerned by her weakened state after the attack. James wants to help and takes his frustrations out on Winn who stands up to James who is demanding the suit. I certainly like this side of Winn putting James in his place basically saying I am the brains you’re the brawn.

Alex heads to Kara’s to confront her thinking she is disappointed in her, this isn’t the case and Kara begs Alex to sit down and talk to her. Kara blames herself for Alex always looking after her and being there for her when she was going through stuff as well. Kara tells her she isn’t alone and she will be there for her. She asks about Maggie and they hug but get interrupted by reports of an alien attacking downtown. I love the line Kara delivers “I’ll go get the alien, you go get the girl “

Kara is disappointed to discover Mon- El is beating up an alien, seems he is a debt collector. They argue and she flies off after they exchange words.

Back at the DEO, they have a lead on where Dr Jones will attack next seems he wants to eliminate those who are against his work.

Supergirl and J’onn take on Dr Jones but he gets the better of them draining both and mutating into a monster. Alex arrives before they get completely sucked dry but neither of our heroes look well.

Supergirl responds to the sun lamps but J’onn has lost a lot of blood Alex has an idea where to get more. Mon- El leaves clearly affected seeing Kara like this.

Winn shows James his suit knowing with Kara and J’onn out of commission nothing will stop the parasite.

Alex finds M’gann at the bar and asks for her help and seeing Mon- El and lays a guilt trip on him you can tell she isn’t impressed by him. I love bad ass Danver’s sticking up for her sister as well as telling Mon- El what she thinks of him.
Alex tells M’gann she needs her blood which M’gann is reluctant to do as no one knows she is a white Martian but in the end, she agrees and whispers to J’onn to forgive her.

Downtown Dr Jones target is on his way to a conference when Dr Jones, now mutated, tries to stop him. However once again he doesn’t get his target as Mon- El steps up but doesn’t fare very well until a metal suited guy shows up clearly on his side. Claiming he is the Guardian, James with his side kick man in the van, Winn does their thing and seem to be holding their own.

Kara wakes up and heads out to stop Dr Jones having an idea how to stop him much to Alex’s concern.

Guardian and Mon- El are having a struggle with the Mutated Dr but luckily Supergirl shows up and begs the Dr to come with her for help. He attacks but Supergirl has some plutonium up her sleeve and it’s too much energy for him and he disintegrates. She thanks, Mon- El, and the masked vigilante who she is unable to identify due to lead suit.

Next day the news is full of the Guardian. Winn and James seem happy with what they did and they won’t be stopping. They agree to keep it from Kara until they are ready as they think she will stop them. The Super friends are back but can it be a good thing?

J’onn wakes up and knows M’gann gave him her blood which he thanks her for but as he drifts back off to sleep his hand start to shake, I wonder what affects the blood will have on his system and what consequences there will be.

As we conclude the episode and Kara has got the Alien now it’s time for Alex to get her girl but things never go as planned.

Alex finds Maggie at the bar telling her she told Kara, as Maggie hugs her Alex kisses her but Maggie explains they are both in different places right now. She will be here for her as a friend. Alex leaves even though Maggie asks her not to clearly Alex is upset.

Finally, we see Alex’s apartment and Kara flies through the window when Alex won’t let her in after she hasn’t shown up at work. Alex is angry saying she made a mistake about coming out. Kara asks what happened and Alex is convinced Maggie doesn’t like her and breaks down. Kara holds her telling her how proud of her she is.
They say the road to true love doesn’t run smooth and I can see why Maggie said for Alex everything is still new and Maggie has just come out of a relationship., This is another example of a real storyline not them jumping together the minute Alex comes out.

As the episode ends it seems Mon- el learns no good deed goes unpunished as he gets zapped and thrown into the back of a van... Welcome to Cadmus Mon – El.

While there were, a few minor plotholes the episode as a whole was superb and we got some wonderful Danvers scenes that fans have been missing of late.
I am sure we all felt for Alex at the end but I am sure the ‘Sanvers’ saga will continue throughout the season. I am interested to see how Alex grows with her new found self and maybe she might go on a date with someone else. We know Kara will continue to support her and might not be so nice to the detective next time she sees her.

So, what were your thoughts on tonight’s episode?

What do you think about Alex's coming out ?

Do you like the Guardian?

Please post in the comments below

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