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Scene Of The Week - November 20, 2016 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, "Why is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?", November 18, 2016, Actors: Rachel Bloom, Vincent Rodriguez III and more, The Scene: The ending
Laura Markus:
Darryl and White Josh reconcile, Josh gets to finally meet Madison and she likes him, Valencia and Rebecca get along (with Heather too), while Rebecca and Paula drift apart and Paula has a new friend. This episode was the best one of the entire series so far and I loved every single minute of it. The last few minutes were the cherry on top!

FREQUENCY, "Break, Break, Break", November 16, 2016, Actors: Mekhi Phifer, Peyton List and more, The Scenes: Satch and Raimy talk in the car on the way to the camp & Frank tells Julie and Raimy that he's going undercover & The montage in the beginning
Aimee Hicks:
Satch and Raimy talk in the car on the way to the camp. I’ve been torn about what to feel regarding Satch. He seems so loyal to the Sullivan family yet is seemingly working with someone who has a marked interest in targeting them. I have a feeling that he made some sort of deal to keep Raimy protected and by here delving into Stan’s involvement with what happened to her dad it put her in his crosshairs and Satch was just trying to pull her back to a place of safety. I think he’s just acting as the buffer to take the heat and deal with everything regarding Stan so she doesn’t have to. Throughout this episode, he seemed to really care, but twenty years of let downs just did him in. This scene served to highlight the weight that is pressing down on him. The Nightingale case has cost him a lot and their recent failures to stop him were the final straw. This scene also showed off how much Raimy has been affected by everything as well. The quick flashback to her finding her parents fighting was utterly heartbreaking. That moment was painfully accented by the tears that were in her eyes when the scene cut back to the car. This was a deep and emotional scene that went a long way to redeeming Satch and showing that all might be as it seems when it comes to his chats with Stan. The scene also gave Mekhi Phifer a great opportunity to show some extra depth to Satch.
Luana Arturi: The montage in the beginning. We see the comparison between Satch's life then and now, it was beatifully crafted and it gets more heartbreaking in retrospect with his words to Raimy about how, somewhere along the way, he became the job and lost sight of what was truly important.
Jimmy Ryan: Frank tells Julie and Raimy that he is going undercover. Really loved how this was done and it further adds to the intrigue that develops as the story is told across the 2 time zones.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "You Haven't Done Nothin'", November 17, 2016, Actors: Justin Chambers, Camilla Luddington and more, The Scenes: Jo tells Alex the truth & The final scene
Jimmy Ryan:
Jo tells Alex in the elevator about her fear that if she has to testify in court her estranged husband may be able to track her down. This conversation will make or break both of them and it will have a lot to do with the final decision Alex makes.
Klutzy girl: Jo confesses the truth to Alex. I love that he's immediately understanding of her situation and doesn't get mad or anything like that. And Camilla Luddington was absolutely amazing, especially when Jo couldn't face Alex when she was telling him everything.
Saloni: The final scene. Meredith's voiceover/voicemail to Alex and integrating that with the doctors supporting Webber/Amelia leaving that note to Owen.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, "Who's Dead?", November 17, 2016, Actors: Alfred Enoch, Viola Davis and more, The Scene: The reveal
This is a complete game changer for the show. The stakes have never been higher. I couldn't help but scream when it was revealed that Wes died, I would have never imagined How to get away with Murder would have the guts to kill the character who has been the de facto co-lead of the show. This creates a lot of expectation for the show's return, and it bows goodbye to a character that has been growing during 3 season opening the mystery of his murder as the driving force for season 3B and I can't wait. How to get away with Murder is climbing in the ranks as my favorite show on network TV.
Diana: Wes' death was almost a see-it-coming from my prospective. In the season premiere, Annalise Keating was desperate when seeing the dead body under the sheet. She could have been crying only for one person she truly cared about: Wes. I liked his character and this is a brave game changer for the show.
Saloni: Revealing who was under the sheet and everyone's reactions when they learn who died. The show totally changed the game! Also picked by Laura Markus

LETHAL WEAPON, "Fashion Police", November 16, 2016, Actors: Clayne Crawford, Jordana Brewster and more, The Scenes: Riggs admits that time isn't helping & Riggs walks away
Justyna K:
This show continues to be the best surprise of the season for me. I very much enjoyed every single episode of the series so far. There's a lot of little things that make the show work so great, the writing, the wonderful cast, developing characters, the undeniable chemistry between the two leads, the music, the heart and the humor, and many others. When it comes to the plot, Riggs' loss is such a realistic and beautifully written story. Losing the love of your life has to be one of the most heartbreaking ending of all. And it was for Riggs. He's living in a different world now, always in pain, always thinking about joining Miranda, but doing his best to honor her memory, to help those in trouble. Every single scene when Martin remembers his wife is wonderfully done and could be included in the article. In this hour especially, with Riggs' dreams of her becoming more and more frequent until eventually he's kidnapped and almost dies, wanting to let go. I loved the part when Martin's almost gone but after hearing the bad guy threaten his partner and his family, he fights back and saves himself. Such a powerful moment that says so much about who he truly is. I almost chose that scene for the article, but in the end, it's Riggs' final conversation with Dr. Maureen that ended up being the most memorable part of the hour for me. After the terrible day he's had, Martin stops by his therapist / friend's office, and admits to her that time is not helping him. Everyone always says that time heals all wounds, but it doesn't feel like that to him. Miranda's still there for him and a few hours ealier she "almost had him". That's when Maureen shares with him her best advice. That time does not help, people do. The reason why Riggs is coming to see her is to learn how to make his pain hurt a little less, how to reach out and communicate with others, to eventually feel better. There's no easy fix, just a way towards the people close to him, that make all the difference in the world. It was a short, but such a meaningful exchange that it stayed with me for days after watching the episode. And I truly believe Maureen's words and his growing friendship with Roger are starting to help Martin. Not too fast, not completely, but a little step towards something better every day. Beautiful scene. And absolutely powerful performance by the talented Clayne Crawford, who is one of the main reasons why this show is such a great one for me. Kudos to the entire cast & crew for their excellent work! Be proud of this one.
Luana Arturi: Riggs walks away. Riggs literaly walks away from his attraction to agent Palmer after saving her life. The way he reacted, the look on his face when he realized he might be attracted to someone after losing his wife was heartbreaking. In the middle of all the fun on this show, Riggs' backstory keeps providing us with something to cry about, and it does it so well.

LUCIFER, "Trip to Stabby Town", November 14, 2016, Actors: Tom Ellis, Kevin Alejandro and more, The Scenes: Lucifer talks Dan down from killing him & Chloe surprises Ella hugging Lucifer & Lucifer plays therapist for Dr. Martin
Aimee Hicks:
Never in a million years did I expect Dan and Lucifer to share a strong enough connection that together they could defeat a soul-sucking blade. It just wasn’t ever even a possibility, yet it happened and the scene perfectly captured the strength of the human will as Dan fought against its influence. Even Lucifer was impressed, and rightfully so because what Dan did was quite impressive. However, Dan was only able to do it because Lucifer was able to talk him through it. For all their banter and issues these two might still yet develop some great friendship. This was a great scene because it was unexpectedly emotional bringing together two characters who are barely at the friend's stage. Kevin Alejandro handled showing off Dan’s inner strength in such a way that it is impossible to not be impressed by him.
Diana: The whole episode was sooo hilarious. I like this show so much and this season is going great. I'm picking the scene when Chloe surprises Ella hugging Lucifer: the detective was so jealous, you can easily read her mind! I wonder when Lucifer and Chloe will have more of platonic scenes together, because it's so obvious they have feelings for each other.
Prpleight: Lucifer plays therapist for his, slightly off the wall, therapist. Dr. Martin had her world rocked completely off its axis and Lucifer found himself giving her a little counseling. The whole sequence was a hoot and this scene was a nice way for Lucifer to begin putting things to rights.

NCIS LOS ANGELES, "Parallel Resistors", November 13, 2016, Actors: Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen, The Scene: Deeks shows Kensi the engagement ring again (picked by Samantha Benjamin)

PLEASE LIKE ME, "Porridge", November 16, 2016, Actors: Josh Thomas and more
The Scene: The group mimes along to the theme song (picked by Laura Markus)

SALEM, "The Reckoning", November 16, 2016, Actors: Janet Montgomery and more
The Scene: Mary is stripped of her powers
Gavin H:
Following Mary's attempt at the Devil's life, she is punished with a Reckoning. She is taken to a secluded area where she is stripped of her powers as a witch in a very powerful and visually awe-inspiring scene.

SUPERGIRL, "Changing", November 14, 2016, Actors: Chyler Leigh, Melissa Benoist, Floriana Lima, The Scenes: Alex kisses Maggie only to be rejected (for now) & Kara comforts Alex & Alex tells Kara she's gay
Aimee Hicks:
There has never been a more impossible task to pick just a single favorite scene from an episode of a television show. This entire episode hit all the right points. I have to single out this scene though because while it was hard to watch now it will be the starting point for what Maggie and Alex will one day become. The scene started off with Alex on cloud nine after coming out to Kara and ended with her shattered. The juxtaposition of where the scene started and where it ended was astounding. I thoroughly believe that Maggie was just trying to do what she felt was best for Alex. The huge smile that was on her face when Alex showed up, the fact she did kiss Alex back, and the way she brought her hand to her lips as Alex walked away all show that she does care deeply for her. The fact is that Maggie is right, at this moment in time, they are in such different places in their lives that had they started something in that moment it wouldn’t have lasted. It's obvious Maggie cares or she would have just taken advantage of Alex’s vulnerability only for things between them to fade out quickly. She cares enough to give Alex the freedom to find her own path before securing her into a relationship. The fact she also kept her voice really soft and understanding was a huge testament to her as a character. Alex might have felt tossed aside, but it wasn’t Maggie’s intention. Maggie wasn’t really saying it was never going to happen just that neither of them has any business in a relationship right now. She doesn’t want Alex to be just a rebound and she doesn’t want to just be a shiny new experience for Alex. They are on a path to be together, but they both have to get to a place where they can have a healthy relationship. For Alex, as much as I hate to say this, she’s fallen so hard and so fast for Maggie, that this is perhaps the best thing that could have happened in regards to their future. At the point she kissed Maggie she had her on a raised pedestal that there was no way Maggie could have maintained. Alex’s expectations needed to come back to reality despite the reality of that being difficult when you’re smitten. While Alex is heartbroken now this will serve to allow them a more even starting point for what is sure to be the start of a relationship at some point this season. The little crack of emotion in Alex’s voice as she bolted away from Maggie was the climax of an emotional rollercoaster ride of a scene. Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima fit together perfectly as scene partners and I’m sure this is just the start of a long future of these two working together. This was a heartwarming and heartbreaking scene with an element of hope tossed in for good measure. That kiss won't soon be forgotten by either woman. The "Wow" that Maggie exclaimed was a primal response and she waited for Alex to open her eyes to convey that to her. She wanted Alex to know that it was a special moment despite what she knew she had to say next. This scene didn't represent the end, it represented the beginning of their journey together.
Klutzy girl: Kara comforts Alex after she's left heartbroken by Maggie's rejection. The way she just hugged her sister and tells her she's proud of Alex made me emotional. It was such a fantastic scene in a fantastic episode.
Samantha Benjamin: Alex tells Kara she's gay.

TEEN WOLF, "Memory Lost", November 15, 2016, Actors: Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden and more, The Scene: Stiles and Lydia try to escape the Ghost Riders
Justyna K:
It's hard to believe it's the final season of the show. For better or worse, it's always been one of my favorites and I feel like I'm already starting to miss it as we're beginning to say goodbye. In the last season premiere of Teen Wolf, we are introduced to the mysterious group of Ghost Riders who have the incredible and horrifying power to erase people from reality. They don't kill them, but instead, they're making every memory, every trace of them disappear from other people's minds. And it feels so much worse than all the attacks we have witnessed on the show. When Stiles becomes the next target of the Riders, the story quickly takes a dark and powerful turn. As the people around him forget his name and lose sight of him in the matter of minutes, Stiles' worst nightmare comes true. When he reaches his dad and for a brief moment he thinks the Sheriff still remembers him, there's so much hope and relief in his voice, only for his heart to break a second later. You can see the exact moment when he completely falls apart. Dylan O'Brien does an exceptional work in portraying what Stiles is going through. I can never say enough good things about this wonderful actor, so I'm just sending all the best wishes towards him and hope to see as much Stiles as possible in this final season. The only truly hopeful part of the scene happens when Stiles meets with Lydia and realizes that somehow she still managed to keep her memory of him. The two try to get away from the Ghost Riders and the entire sequence is haunting and beautifully done. Eventually Stiles understands that he can't escape and all that's left is to ask Lydia to try to remember him. He recalls the moments that were so important in their story and for the first time, he tell Lydia that he loves her. Lydia is clearly shocked and heartbroken to see what's happening, but promises to remember Stiles, giving him hope, a chance that someone out there will not give up on him after he's gone. And that's when the Ghost Riders take him away... From the moment his friends forget him till that very last second in the Jeep, this scene is such a powerful and memorable one. So despite the fact it was a great premiere with many moments worth to mention, I couldn't possibly choose a different scene to include in the article. Kudos to cast & crew for their incredible work on the show! Can't wait to see the rest of the story.

THE MIDDLE, "Roadkill", November 15, 2016, Actors: Neil Flynn, Eden Sher, The Scene: Mike tells Sue that he wants a better life for her
The Middle is pretty good at hitting you in the gut when it wants to. Mike's words "living like this is not easy" got me, and it was so hard to swallow how this family actually struggles due to their financial issues. It was also a hard reality check for Sue, whose optimism is her greatest strength but also her biggest fault, and as she realized how Mike just wants a better life for her... it's just incredible, and both Neil Flynn and Eden Sher killed it. Why hasn't this show got an Emmy yet? It is beyond me.
Klutzy girl: After Sue learns that Mike sold his half of the diaper business to pay for her tuition, she asks him what he wants and he tells her what he ⁠⁠⁠doesn't⁠⁠⁠ want for her instead. Mike definitely wants a better life for his children and he's willing to do anything to make sure that happens.

THE WALKING DEAD, "Service", November 13, 2016, Actors: Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, The Scene: Rick asks Negan if Daryl can stay
Rick asks Negan if Daryl can stay in Alexandria now, and even asks Daryl who doesn't say a word and leaves with the Saviors. Also picked by DarkUFO

WESTWORLD, "Trompe L'Oeil", November 13, 2016, Actors: Jeffrey Wright, Anthony Hopkins and more, The Scenes: Bernard is revealed to be a robot & Maeve threatens Felix and Sylvester
Kollin Lore:
Hopkins plays the sinister antagonist like no other. In this scene Ford gets Bernard to lead Theresa to isolation where he reveals Bernard to be a robot. He then uses his pet android to make a "blood sacrifice" of Theresa to get back at the board. This was a shocking, evocative, spine tingling scene that revealed the lengths Ford was willing to go to protect his creation. Also picked by DarkUFO
Bradley Adams: Maeve tells Felix and Sylvester that they will help her escape or she'll kill them.

YOU'RE THE WORST, "No Longer Just Us", November 16, 2016, Actors: Chris Geere, Aya Cash, The Scene: The proposal
Luana Arturi:
After the emotional wreck of all the fighting, Jimmy's appreciating Gretchen's every quirk, he says he hates every single person in the world but her, and asks her to marry him, to transcend mundanity. It was so unexpected and hopeful, only to break our hearts seconds later, one of this show's proven capabilities. It's so wonderfuly written and acted that every emotional scene hits you with the force with which it hits the characters. A masterpiece of a finale.

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