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Rosewood - Lidocaine & Long-term Lust - Review: “Saved by the Murder”

Rosewood - Lidocaine & Long-term Lust - Review: “Saved by the Murder”

2.7 - “Lidocaine & Long-term Lust”
Directed by David Crabtree
Written by Melissa Scrivner-Love
Reviewed by Kelly Anne Blount

We start out at a modeling shoot. There’s a very Devil Wears Prada villain lurking in the background. Something seems off with the models.

The model says that she doesn’t want to wear wigs anymore to the Miranda Priestly-esq person. I’m just waiting for her to say, “That’s all,” in that snotty tone. Anyways, the Miranda-like character looks pissed, but lets it slide. I’m confused as to why she needs a wig? Her hair is amazing.

The model gets home and something isn’t right in her apartment. I smell a murder.

Rosie and Tawnya are having a good time snuggling in bed. Rosewood is sexy 24/7, he’s even hot while talking about breakfast and I hate breakfast. Score one point to the writers.

Rosie wants to meet his lady for lunch. She thinks he is going to break plans with her for work. I think so too. Rosie make a promise though… so we’ll see how that works out.

Ooh! *fans self* Talk about a hot shower scene! Rosie and Tawnya are HOT!

Aw! Villa’s mom is back! She and Hornstock are being A-DORABLE! Villa comes out of her bedroom and into the kitchen. She looks exhausted. She calls them out for listening to Color Me Badd all night long. I’m weak. Score another point for the writers. Screw it, they get two, just like the number of d’s in Badd.

Villa’s mom boots Hornstock out on a non-existent errand. She wants to know what’s wrong with her daughter. Villa admits that she doesn’t want to look for Mr. Right right now. Her mother understands, but wants to know why she isn’t looking for a Mr. Right Now and she has something up her sleeve.

Saved by the murder.

Rosie is on his way to meet Villa and Hornstock. He knows Villa is short on sleep. Villa knows something is up with Rosie too. Hornstock thinks Rosie is having issues jumping headfirst into the relationship. He tells Rosie that even if it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t unhealthy. Villa has the best comeback of the episode by saying, “What I heard last night was unhealthy.” Can the writers on Rosewood write a list of zingers and comebacks for me? Maybe if I tempt them with some candy… ;)

Rosewood is blaming his weird mood on the Gerald situation, a free man sitting behind bars is stressful. Villa thinks it’s because he’s moving too fast with his girlfriend and he’s freaking out about it.

They are in the model’s apartment. There’s a hole in the wall and blood.

Uh oh! The found the model. She has been posed like a doll amongst mannequins. Creepy!

Mitchie, TMI, and Rosie are back in the lab with the model. Oh, Pippy is there too. Rosewood and Pippy are quick to notice that she has had a lot of plastic surgery. Mitchie chimes in and says, “There was a time a good pair of butt implants would have saved my marriage.” HOLD. THE. PHONE. Mitchie was married? Looks like everyone else is as shocked as I am.

Mitchie was served divorce papers by a clown named Giggles. Poor, Mitchie. He’s such a great character. Another point to the writers.

There is a smudge on her dress. Looks like it’s makeup, which would make sense.

What’s the motive behind her murder? Was she addicted to plastic surgery?

Rosie and Hornstock are looking at potential suspects, most of whom appear to be models. Rosie tells Hornstock he could be right up there with them if he got more sleep and took Zinc, a lot more Zinc. I’m weak. Point to the writers.

Interesting, the victim, Karina, must have known her attacker, as she let him in to her apartment.

Rosie has a lightbulb moment. The makeup on her dress wasn’t hers, it must have belonged to her killer.

Oooooh… Rosie skips out on an interrogation of the Miranda Priestly-like character. Why? So he can go eat lunch with Tawnya. Ooh la la!

Hornstock admits that he is really close with Villa’s mother. Aw!

The woman behind Haute magazine is not very nice. She doesn’t seem too upset about Karina’s death. She does share that Karina had intense fans and someone came to the set to talk to her the same day she was murdered. She can’t remember anything about him though, because he had a forgettable face. Ugh! She does like Villa’s face though. Villa isn’t having it. Get. It. Villa.

Uh oh! Tawnya blew off Rosie.

TMI thinks that Tawnya, “pulled a Rosie.” Pippy adds, “You know peacing out before making any long-term commitments.” Slay, favorite couple. Slay!

Rosie brushes it off, but he looks uncomfortable.

Karina, has had multiple procedures. Eek, her attacker really went to down on her.

Rosie heads over to police headquarters. He tells Villa that last night wasn’t the first time Karina had been attacked. Villa is one step ahead of him and thinks she might know the identity of her attacker. The guy from the shoot, Andrew Myers, isn’t just a crazed fan, as Villa originally thought, he was also Karina’s fiancé.

Rosewood hits the nail on the head, “Karina was a victim of domestic abuse.”

Villa traces Myers’ phone. He’s in Karina’s apartment and he has a gun. She and Rosie head over there. It looks like he is planning to end his life, but he changes his mind when Villa and Rosie tell him if he puts down the gun, he can read Karina’s letters to him. He puts the gun down and they break the news. There are not letters. They tricked him.

Later that night, Tawnya visits Rosie at his house. She is acting weird. Ah, she has an ex-husband who is threatening her life. He said that if she didn’t come back that he would kill her. Tawnya believes him.

Rosie takes immediate action. He says that Tawnya and Kalya, her daughter, are staying with him until the situation gets figured out. While that is very knight in shining armor, I think it’s going to be too much for Rosie to handle. We’ll see though.

Villa is grilling Andrew. He was the one who punched the hole in the wall.

Meanwhile, Rosie admits to Hornstock that Tawnya’s ex threatened her life. He tells Hornstock that they’ve moved in, but that it’s only temporary.

Andrew tells Villa that he got Karina out of her father’s house. Sounds like he was abusive too.

Interesting, Karina was given plastic surgery to repair the damage Andrew did to her face. She received it through a charity for women who have experienced injuries due to abuse. Six months after she had plastic surgery, she dumped Andrew. He calls her, “damaged goods.”

Rosie loses his mind. He bursts into the interrogation room and wants to body slam Andrew Myers. He doesn’t, because Villa blocks him. But he does get Myers to admit that he was the one who punched the hole in the wall and that Karina was dating someone new.

Uh oh, Rosie is eating junk food. Villa is concerned. She figures out what is going down. Rosie admits that Tawnya’s ex is abusive and wants her back, so he moved her and Kayla into his apartment for the time being. Villa points out that abusers never really go away. I have a feeling something major is going to go down. What do you think?

Villa and Hornstock go to see Karina’s current boyfriend, who is displaying anything but grief. The Miranda magazine lady didn’t know that they were in a relationship. Karina’s boyfriend says that she was done with plastic surgery and that they were going to move away from Miami and start fresh somewhere new.

The team is back at Magic City Labs. Mitchie points out the victim had plastic surgery within 48 hours of her death. She also had several lidocaine patches placed on her skin. Rosie suspects the killer put them on her the night of her murder. Karina died of an overdose. Rosie thinks her killer might be a surgeon, someone with access to lidocaine patches.

Turns out that the charity that helped Karina with plastic surgery to repair the damage from her abusive ex, is having a fundraising party. Rosie wants to go. Villa does not. Rosie says, “Oh, come on, Villa! Everybody knows you catch more killers with caviar!” Another point to the writers.

Villa finally agrees to go with Rosewood to the party.

Uh oh! Villa’s mom is all dressed up and she is ready to bring her daughter out for drinks. Villa agrees. YAY! Villa deserves a fun night out!

Ooh! Even more YAY! TMI and Pippy are joining in the fun!

Meanwhile, back at Rosie’s house, he’s helping Kayla with her homework while Tawnya is looking adorable.

I’m weak! Again! Mitchie just sent Rosie a voice text message and said, “Holy implants, Batman!” Another two points to the writers. If this were a game, the writers would be winning by a landslide.

Rosie joins Mitchie at the lab. Mitchie has found evidence that Karina only had one doctor, not several.

Mitchie gives Rosie some advice. He thinks it’s okay that Rosie and Tawnya are moving really fast.

The girls are at the club. They are all stunning. Point for hair, makeup, and whoever picked out their cute dresses!

Villa downs a shot and tells them not to wait up for her. Uh oh! Villa is on the prowl! What about the ME (Medical Examiner)? I thought she had Dr. Webb had something special going on?

The next morning, Rosie heads over to Villa’s house. She is still in her closes from the night before. Oh shoot, maybe it’s not the morning? Is he there to pick her up for the party? That means it’s a bit later. Villa is acting strange. Rosie calls them “Rosilla.” Love it. Point!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Dr. Webb is there! Looks like he spent the night. He kisses Villa on the cheek before taking off.

Rosie tells Villa that one doctor, Greg Hawking, performed all of Karina’s plastic surgery.

They head to the party. Villa looks good and it only took her ten minutes to get ready. Get it, Villa!

Once they are at the party, Rosie wants to know all about Villa’s date with Adrian. She tells him it was perfect, but not in a rip his clothes off sort of way, they genuinely had an amazing time, they closed down the bar, walked around the city, and had breakfast together in the morning. Sounds sweet. Interesting contrast between Rosie’s hot and heavy and Villa’s more typically-paced start.

Rosie goes to talk to Dr. Hawking and asks for a private tour (of his clinic). Interesting, all of his pictures in the waiting room/hallway are of Karina.

Rosie is bothered by the fact that Dr. Hawking says that Karina was only one surgery away from being perfect. Dr. Hawking says that he was helping to rehab her mental state as well as change her with plastic surgery.

Villa just found a clue by looking at another row of pictures. These are not of Karina. She calls Hornstock and wants him to check into something.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hawking admits that Karina said she wanted to leave Miami and live a simpler life. He said that he, “knew she was complete” and that, “he had to let her go.”

Villa finds Ken, Karina’s ex outside. She says that they know Dr. Hawking murdered Karina, but they can’t figure out the motive. I think she’s toying with him. Is Ken the real murderer? Ken says that Dr. Hawking was obsessed with Karina and that she fired him. Villa calls him out right way. How did Ken know that Karina “fired” her plastic surgeon? He would have had to have seen her the night she died in order to know that information!

OH! The picture found on the wall was Ken, prior to his own plastic surgery! Wow! He looked a lot different. Villa tells him that even though he is good looking on the outside, he’s a killer on the inside.

Turns out that Karina wanted a fresh start without Ken. He didn’t take this news well and he killed her. He made it look like her ex and Dr. Hawking had something to do with her death when they simply did not.

Villa wipes off some Ken’s makeup. It’s the same shade that was on Karina’s dress when they found her body. Ken pushes Villa and tries to run away. Bad idea, dude. Bad idea!

Villa, being the total bad ass that she is, takes off after him in a slamming hot dress and heels.

He runs to the roof. Villa chases him. EEK! Ken tries to attack Villa but things go incredibly wrong. Villa catches him and Rosie comes to assist. They pull him up and to safety. Villa arrests Ken and two police officers cuff him and lead him away.

Rosie is still bothered and Villa can tell something is up.

Interesting, Rosie heads over to park with some major chess action going on. Multiple games are underway, but Rosie has his eyes on one particular game.

He calls next game, but when he goes to shake his opponent’s hand, he nearly crushes it. Turns out the man is Tawnya’s ex-husband. Rosie threatens him and tells him to stay away from Tawnya. When then man asks, “Are you threatening me?” Rosie responds with, “I’m making you a promise!”

My Thoughts:

As always, a great show tonight! Rosie’s team is so spot on. I love it! I feel like they’ve been together forever and that I’ve been watching this show for years.

I love that Villa went out and let loose. Wish we got to see more of the girls having fun at the club.

I’m worried about Rosie. He seems really unsettled with Tawnya and Kayla moving in. I’m also nervous that the ex is going to go beserk. Maybe he’s the cause of the police station going under siege? If you didn’t catch that massive spoiler, check out my interview with Rosewood director and executive producer, Deran Sarafian, right here! http://www.spoilertv.com/2016/11/rosewood-deran-sarafian-exclusive.html#disqus_thread

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