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Rosewood - Deran Sarafian Exclusive Interview: Executive Producer and Director Talks Incredible Writing Staff, Diversity in Hollywood, Spoilers, & So Much More!

Calling all Rosewood fans! I repeat, calling all Rosewood fans!

Are you all here? Okay, good. Guess what? I have something incredible to share with all of you!

Deran Sarafian from Fox’s hit show, Rosewood, graciously agreed to an exclusive SpoilerTV interview with yours truly asking the questions. I know, I know, but try to control your squealing until after you’ve read the interview. Then, squeal away!

Before we jump into the interview questions, I have to throw this out there. Deran has worked on several of my all-time favorite shows, ranging from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to House. His level of talent is unreal. Not only am I completely honored that he took time out of his busy schedule for this interview, but I am totally blown away with his high level of professionalism, his humbleness, and his sense of humor. This is hands down, the best interview I’ve ever conducted and I am super excited to share it with you!

Okay, without further ado, here is my exclusive interview with Deran Sarafian from Fox’s Rosewood.

Before joining Rosewood, you worked on a myriad of incredible shows. Which show or shows have been your favorite to work on and do you have a favorite episode that you either directed or produced?

Deran: Boy, it’s hard to pick, because they are like babies and you love them all. That said, I really loved working on Dominion, it wasn’t the largest show I’ve worked on, but it was definitely one of the best. I was the EP on Dominion, which was where I met Todd Harthan (the creator of Rosewood), and that’s how I was brought on to this show (Rosewood).

Another show that I loved working on was House. I’m trying to bring my sensibilities from House to Rosewood. Like House, Rosewood has a sense of humor and suspense; but there’s a real fine line. If it’s too jokey, the audience takes the show less seriously.

The writing on Rosewood is amazing. We look at Rosewood as an anti-procedural. If we don’t take the victims and how we deal with them seriously, the audience isn’t going to care.

I’m so confident in this show. Each episode gets better and better. The writers are clicking on all gears and very encouraging of the actors. We have a unique new look that we’ve brought to this season that where all excited about.

Here’s a question fans are dying to know the answer to! When are Pippy and TMI getting back together?

Deran: Let’s put it this way, they come back in a way that not everyone will expect. There is a lot of understanding between the two. There is no real resentment between them as far as their breakup. It’s a healthy relationship, with dramatic complications.

An even juicier question, are Rosie and Villa ever going to get together?

Deran: That’s a very good question. Coming up, they kind of go separate directions for a while. Their professional relationship strengthens due to their respect they have for each other, but at the same time their personal relationship we all love comes into play in a beautiful way.

As far as them getting back together, we will have to see how it all plays out.

I’m getting ready to start shooting the eleventh episode, which I’ll be directing. It will be a very pivotal episode when it comes to their relationship.

Gerald Kelly is a very divisive character on the show, will he play a larger part in future episodes? Will we find out if he is really a serial killer?

Deran: I’m going to keep very tight-lipped on Gerald, but what I can say is… Boy, I’m trying to find a way to phrase this, but watching Robert Wisdom (the actor who portrays Gerald) and Lorraine Toussaint work together is cinematic greatness, they are both so amazing. They are just chilling to watch. It’s such a different flavor. It’s like, you can eat a great meal and have a fantastic dessert, and that’s how I feel when I work with them.

Can you give us any hints about Captain Ryan Slade’s background?

Deran: Eddie Cibrian is such a great dude! He fits right in. He is just another member of the family. Everyone loves him. It’s amazing how well he fit in.

A lot of his background will be revealed down the road. Todd (Harthan) is very careful on giving out too much info in each episode. It’s like a fire storm burning up the canyon. That’s how Todd writes, he keeps us all on our toes, so we all have to be on our guard. That what makes it fun!

When you find out why Captain Ryan Slade’s character was sent to a boy’s home, it’s going to break your heart. A lot of his background will be revealed down the road and there’s a huge twist coming that I cannot giveaway.

Talk us through how the process works of directing some episodes of Rosewood and working with other directors. Do you all work continuously together or do you take on different roles?

Deran: My most important job is to keep the style consistent between all of the directors. I also directed the first two episodes to really set the tone. I also work with all of the editors, spotting the music, spotting the special effects, etc.

Todd wanted the show to feel more organic this season. So, we’ve added snap zooms, which give that feeling of being in the field. It helps add energy to it as well. We call it “mo-fo,” short for “Modern Family”; it’s our secret ingredient. We’ll go over with one pass and then we’ll bring out the “mo-fo.”

I sit with the director who is about to direct and help to get him/her prepared for that episode, ranging from special effects and shooting style to scouting the locations for upcoming scenes.

We have very talented directors. So I don’t hover. You want that director to bring the talent they have, so they can put their stamp on the episode.

I scout with them, pick out locations, and listen to how they want to shoot it. On our tech scouts we bring the head of all our departments, our grip and electric guys, and our gaffer. In all it’s about twenty people. Then we figure out where we are going to be, where everything from the makeup trailers to the actors needs to go, and when filming starts that’s when I disappear.

I love what I do.

A lot of the directors that are working on the show this year were brought back from last season, after doing an amazing job. I’ve also brought on new directors. I brought on Oz Scott, who’s amazing, David Rodriguez, and Greg Simon.

What do you think it is about the cast that just clicks together so well?

Deran: You know that’s a great question, it’s like when it was on House. There’s just such a great collective of characters. Everyone fits so well and they are phenomenal actors. Morris Chestnut and Jaina Ortiz lead with such ease and professionalism, it set such an amazing tone, and vibe on the set.

You have incredible writers on the show. What is a typical writing room session like when they are creating content for future episodes?

Deran: They’re upstairs on the third floor. They go into closed doors and they eat a lot of candy. Todd’s room is filled with Skittles, gum, Sour Patch Kids; it looks like a candy store. They go up there, slam their doors shut, and they come up with these amazing ideas and stories.

Todd builds talent from within by bringing up assistants to write on the show. He’s really good at that!

Which I do as well. Greg Simon, who was my assistant for years is now directing on a show and will be directing for us at the end of the season.

My current assistant, Charles Wilson came with a lot of experience and got his MFA in film from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). He’s even been shooting second unit for us. He will hopefully get his shot next season.

Diversity is a hot topic in Hollywood today. Rosewood handles diversity like a champ and depicts real life squad rooms, situations, and life. What is it like leading the pack in such a hot topic in Hollywood today?

Deran: I feel like this is very important for our business, everything from cast, crew, and women directors.

When we cast, we cast diverse, but we make sure that the portrayal isn’t degrading. We are careful not to cast stereotypes which have been in television and films for years.

Can you tell us about the film that you are currently writing and set to direct?

Deran: It takes place in the art world. It’s about a brain damaged man that becomes famous from a painting that he didn’t create. I’m really excited about it.

It will be tuff to squeeze it in during our hiatus. We wont have very much time, because the show will get picked up again, and I want to come back for the next season. We’ll need to be quick!

How was Miami picked as the location for the show?

Deran: Todd picked Miami as the location for the show, although most of it is filmed in and around Los Angeles.

Will Rosewood touch on the election at all or political vibe in America in the upcoming episodes?

Deran: Not as of right now, but we are finishing half way through a shooting day so everyone can go vote.

Have there been any hysterical bloopers on the show that you can share with us?

Deran: We’re going to have the best blooper real. We will show it at our wrap party. Hopefully we will get it on the DVD as a bonus feature.

Everybody loves to laugh. We’ll have the most serious scene ever and Morris will absolutely lose it. It’s fun to watch him try to pull it back together.

This is a crew and cast of practical jokers. We love to make each other laugh.

Do you have any advice for people who want to work on a successful television show, such as Rosewood?

Deran: It’s very simple. When I started in this business I wish I had an iPhone, because anybody can make a movie. Make your short film.

Are there any teasers you can leave us with before we sign off?

Deran: I can tell you this, that the police station goes under siege.


And on that note, the interview has come to an end.

A massive thank you to Deran Sarafian for his time and responses to both my questions as well as questions from his fans. We are super grateful for everything you are doing on Rosewood and can’t wait to see where the show goes from here!

Remember, you can watch Rosewood on Fox, Thursday nights at 8PM (EST)!

Also, be sure to hop over to Twitter and follow Deran, Todd Harthan, the writers of Rosewood, Morris Chestnut, and some of the other massively talented people working on Rosewood!

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Thank you again, to Deran Sarafian and to all of the amazing Rosebuds reading this interview!

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