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Quote of the Week - November 6th, 2016

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Ash vs Evil Dead - 
1. Kelly: “Pablo listen up. You might be converging with the Book or whatever, but you are still a fucking ghost beater. You call the shots not some glorified demonic romance novel.” (Jennise Hall)

The Big Bang Theory - 
1. Bernadette: “Still, I can’t believe you can turn ordinary skin cells into functioning brain cells.” Amy: “Well I turned this one [Sheldon] into a functioning boyfriend so…sky’s the limit.” (Jennise Hall)

Designated Survivor - 
1.  Aaron:  "Look, six weeks ago, I barely remembered your name. I didn't know much about you, and, frankly, what I did know didn't impress me. But, sir, I don't feel the same way anymore. Iran, Royce, Nassar, and what you said at the Capitol site that day. That we would rise better and stronger than ever before. I believed you. So don't let those people bring you down. I truly believe you're the only chance this country has."  Seth:  "What he said."
2.  Tom:  "Earlier, you asked me why I thought I should be your president. That is a question that I have wrestled with every single day and night since I have been sworn in and the only answer I keep coming back to is what I told you last night. I think that I can effect change and promote unity. Never before in my life have I felt this more strongly, the depth of love that I have for this country and its survival but I cannot do this alone. Nor can I waste any more time fighting with you. We need to move forward together, or I need to step down. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your moment to choose, to decide what side of history you want to be standing on when the dust settles. Thank you."

3.  Tom:  "With all due respect, Governor Nichols, I'm not on trial here."  Nichols:  "You are now." (Dahne)

Hawaii Five-0 - 
1. Danny: “I don’t wanna be cool Dad. Cool Dad has a teenager that ends up pregnant or in jail or both." (Jennise Hall)

How to Get Away with Murder - 
1.  Frank:  "I begged Sam to let me tell you. Every day after we got back, you were just...locked up in that bedroom, but he wouldn't even let me in the house. He knew me so well, knew how to make me do what he wanted and the more time went on, I thought maybe he was right. You went back to work, got better."  Annalise:  "I never got better. You watched me suffer all those years. You watched me think that I killed my boy. You watched Sam and I fall apart and you said nothing."  Frank:  "Sam wouldn't let me."  Annalise:  "Oh, you had all those months to apologize and all you can do is blame Sam.  You killed my son. That was you.  And you had the nerve...the nerve to stay in my life, make me trust you, take care of you.  Frank:  "I just want to fix this."  Annalise:  "How can you do that? Hmm? How do you do that, Frank? You gonna erase it all, take everything away? Give me my baby back?"  Frank:  "I can try."  Annalise:  "You can't."  Frank:  "I can.  Let me fix it."
2.  Asher:  "Last I heard…uh, Frank killed Wes' dad and now he's working for A.K. again, so do we like Frank?  Do we not? I'm just kind of lost."  Bonnie:  "Go home. Study for your midterms."  Asher:  "No. I'm all about the team. 'We're ducks and ducks fly together.' It's Mighty Ducks. It's a great movie."  Bonnie:  "Asher, I'm telling you, Michaela and Connor weren't wrong to leave."  Asher:  "BonBon, if something bad's about to happen..."  Bonnie:  "Something bad's always about to happen in this house. Go home."
3.  Michaela:  "Our relationship is complicated."  Asher:  "Like my dad and me?"  Michaela:  "This is different."  Asher:  "Is it? 'Cause you know, sometimes I wish that he would leave me a voice-mail, but, oh right, he's dead." (Dahne)

Lethal Weapon - 
1. Trish: "I'm gonna have a little chat with C-Dawg. Don't wait up for me." Murtaugh: "It's okay, Trish, I already handled it." Trish: "'I got a few.' That's what he said?" Murtaugh: "Yeah." Trish: "Hell to the no!" Murtaugh: "Hey Trish, don't go do nothing that I have to arrest you for. Not that I would ever arrest you. You go ahead and commit crime at will, baby." (Justyna K and Dahne)
2. Murtaugh: "$14 for a club soda? You guys smoking crack? I should've bought the crack. It's cheaper."
3. Murtaugh: "Hey! Are you available?" Riggs: "For what?" Murtuagh: "Kill the punk that's dating my daughter." Riggs: "I can make time for that." (Justyna K)
4. Trish:  "You know you nearly gave your dad another heart attack yesterday."  Riana:  "Come on, Mom, it's no big deal."  Trish:  "Riana, you don't want pictures like that floating around the Internet."  Riana:  "It's not like I was naked."  Trish:  "It's not like you were shouting 'respect me' either. Sharing your body, Riana, even in a picture, is a big deal."  Riana:  "So what, I should just wear a turtleneck every day?"  Trish:  "I'm not talking about your clothes, honey. I'm talking about your choices. If you don't respect your body, boys won't either. I'm just asking for you to be smart and think beyond this moment."
5. Riggs:  "Let's go have a chat with him."  Avery:  "Agreed, but just talk to him. The Ashworths are formidable. Keep it completely professional, respectful even."  Riggs:  "Why are you just looking at me?"  Avery:  "Because you are the only one that I am talking to." (Dahne)

MacGyver - 
1. (MacGyver is sent to prison to break a bad guy out. He makes a friend, with great advice, his first few hours in. The guy has some great advice.)
Old Timer: "For a smart guy you’re pretty damn dumb. How many old guys you see in here? You think I lasted this long by making trouble?" (Jennise Hall)

Scorpion - 
1.  Toby:  "Sly, on a scale of Milli Vanilli to Madoff, how certain this is fraud?"  Sly:  "Enron certain."  Paige:  "Oh, boy. That's a lot of fraud."
2.  Linehan:  "Mr. O'Brien, I know that you and Ms. Quinn perpetrated a fraudulent marriage. I was not fooled, not once and if it were up to me, you would be deported immediately and Ms. Quinn would face prosecution. But tonight, I received a call from Washington, D.C. and they have enacted a private bill, granting you citizenship. Welcome to America."
3.  Paige:  "Oh great, a case. Hopefully, the world's about to explode so we can end this conversation." (Dahne)

Supernatural - 
1.  Sam:  "Maybe let's not touch anything until we figure out if this stuff wants to kill us or not."
2.  Sam:  "We don't want to use you as bait, Ellie, but we have the opportunity to take out the entire Thule high command in one shot."  Dean:  "Now does that sound scary?  Yeah, you bet but there are times when you run and there are times when you stand and fight.  Now is one of those times when you fight.  Now we promise that we will keep you safe."
3.  Christoph:  "Do you know what it was like to have a Nazi necromancer for a father?  It sucked.  Christmas was a joke.  Career Day at school was a nightmare." (Dahne)
4. Christoph: "It's like a Horcrux." Sam: "It's a Harry Potter thing." Dean: "Of course you'd know that." (Jennise Hall)

You're the Worst - 
1. Sam: "I'm sorry! I'm just highly upset! This is all happening so fast. First, you settling down. And as soon as someone agrees to go on a date with Zachary, you know he gonna grab on tight and never let go." (Luana Arturi)

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