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Eyewitness - The Lilies - Review: "Triggers"

Previously on Eyewitness:
An anonymous tip gets Kami and Sita arrested, Lukas lies his way out of every problem, Helen and Gabe find a rehab center for Philip's mother and Bella is found hanging from a billboard.

Helen and Gabe visit Philip’s mother in the city to take her to rehab. Anne’s a sweetheart who remembers to water her plant before she leaves but she’s not ready to go yet because Philip’s not there with her. Helen understands and doesn’t try to push her.

Lukas, on the other hand, is pushing Philip constantly, disregarding what he wants or feels and only caring about himself. He has PTSD flashbacks to the gunshots from the cabin and asks Philip if he can score him some drugs. FROM HIS MOTHER. When Philip refuses this insane and offensive question Lukas says “If you liked me back, you’d help me”. He is SO f*cking manipulative. His spiral continues as he buys mints off some kid for 100$ thinking he was sold drugs and tries to find something to pawn to get his money back. When his dad catches him, he lies again and says he needed money for Rose to get an abortion.

When Anne comes to visit Philip at the barn, both Helen and Gabe are sceptical but Philip takes her out for a walk in town. Anne says that when she’s better she’ll bring him to Tivoli and they’ll live together. It’s a nice dream but Philip doesn’t have much hope. They run into Lukas and they sit down together. Lukas tells her it’s hard being gay in this town and Anne embraces him.

Kane has Kami’s phone and reads Helen’s texts asking Kami to give her the surveillance footage. When Kami is gets released she claims someone planted the drugs as Kane gives her a bag of chocolates and eats an m&m with the most sinister grin. He questions her loyalty and demands to know why she’s still teaming up with Helen.

At the crime scene of the murder, Tony climbs up the billboard and Helen notices there’s rust on his hands even though Bella’s were clean. This confirms her suspicion that the hanging was staged. Mithat wants Bella back so he can cremate her and let her rest in peace but Helen needs an autopsy. They share a touching moment at the morgue which draws the parallel of these two parents and their children. It seems that Helen has lost a child in the past and she knows the burden it puts on you.

Kane greets her outside her office and asks her to sit down with him. She informs him that semen has been found in Bella's body and is on its way to the lab. He offers to use his own lab, with the excuse that he will fast-track it for her. He asks her to sit tight and she replies “I don’t sit tight well”. Tony tries to get Helen to open up about her past in Buffalo but she’s obviously very hesitant, which might change now that the case is making her relive it all.

Kyan is tailing Sita’s boyfriend Angel meeting with Mithat. When they leave he picks up a tissue Mithat left behind and uses it to frame Mithat for his daughter’s murder. This takes a huge toll on Helen and Kane begs her not to arrest him and promises he’ll let her take him down as soon as they’re done with the Vescovis. How ironic that she’s being comforted by the disgusting monster that murdered a 15-year-old child after having sex with her.

Lukas goes hunting with his dad in the woods and after he’s called to come and inspect the deer carcass he notices the gun from the cabin glimmering at the bottom of the lake. With the help of Philip, who’s as calm and clear headed as always, they cover up the gun with rocks and despite pleading him to come clean, Lukas shoves him aside.

Mithat scatters Bella’s ashes by the river as Sita walks towards him and stands at the other end of the dock, about to murder him. She shoots him twice in cold because Angel promised that she could get accepted back with the Vescovis is if she finished him. Of-course she had no idea Kami would be there to witness her sister committing murder.

Anne finally agrees to go to rehab after spending the day with her son and Philip tells Helen that Lukas saw everything. He was there when it happened and he’s seen the gun. At the same time Lukas raises the gun to his head.

Favourite scene:
Helen notices Philip’s finally put on the boots they gave him and she smiles at Gabe. She’s so cute, I love her.

Favourite shot:

Helen returns to the storage unit from the pilot and cries on the floor, surrounded by evidence pictures of murdered children including Bella.

Favourite quote:

"Wherever this case is about to lead us, it might bring you meaning and purpose but it is a nightmare you will never wake up from"
Grade: 3.5/5
Half way through the season their secret is out, Helen knows Lukas was in the cabin and it's only a matter of time before she knows Philip was there with him. I'm excited to see where the next five episodes will lead us, as long as the Sita storyline is wrapped up soon.

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