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Code Black - Hero Complex - Advance Preview

   After struggling in its first season to find its pace, Code Black has delivered an amazing, captivating and thrilling second season. And it will continue next Wednesday on CBS with the all new episode titled "Hero Complex".
   The first five episodes were absolutely exceptional, Code Black has successfully rebooted itself from its first season, improving its weaknesses and increasing its strong points. The new characters, Willis and the new first years were all well introduced and they really brought a new dynamic to the show. The creative team made excellent choices this year creating those characters. Also, having Campbell as the main antagonist was a great idea. His daily conflict with Rorish is always very entertaining and it gives more depth to those characters, finally.

   "Hero Complex", this week episode will be an intense and emotional episode. The main case of the episode will revolve around a rape victim at a frat party. It will echo Malaya tragic experience from last season, especially since she will be the doctor to inform the patient she had been raped (since she passed out and just woke up in the ER). The relationship between Malaya and the patient, and their discussions will be heartbreaking. Code Black really knows how to present those dramas in a realistic and powerful way. The episode will show the horrors of the aftermaths of a rape, but there will also be a hopeful message.

   The other main case of the episode will be about a terminally ill patient who wants to die, but as her doctor is Dr Campbell it won’t be as easy. He’s not the more compassionate person. Campbell is cold and arrogant but since the season has started, and since he has been promoted Director of the ER, he has shown a little of his human side. He's more than just an excellent surgeon / pain in the ass. Next Wednesday, Dr Campbell will open up a bit more about himself.
   Campbell and Willis will disagree about the patient and her desire to end her life. This case will also be very emotional and heartbreaking, and as usual Code Black will raise those moral questions in a very clever and objective way. It’s also one of the strong point of Code Black, it always gives two different points of view on the questions some cases raised, and both sides have solid arguments. Code Black doesn’t want to make a statement but it makes us think and make your own opinion.

And here are a couple of teasers about "Hero Complex" :

- Mike, Angus’s brothers has waken up and he will even speak. But I’m not sure you’re going to like what he says. Angus and his father will be there with him when he first speaks after his coma.
- There will be two others cases in the episode, about two guys who were in an altercation and a funny patient.
- The Ice Bucket challenge will be mentioned, and ALS too of course.
- Willis will reveal something about his past.
- A key will be very important.
- There will be more than one deception.

   Code Black has found the perfect balance between the medical cases and the personal lives of the doctors, it kind of reminds me of E.R. They’re both realistic medical dramas, they both have a social dimensions, dealing with real issues. I really wish Code Black had more recognition like ER had at its times because it’s a very intelligent show, well written and the cast, especially this season, is amazing.
   Don’t miss Code Black next Wednesday on CBS !
   Are you ready for this episode ? Which parts are you looking forward most ? Hit the comments !


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