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You're the Worst - The Seventh Layer - Review: The Down Low

"When you think about it, aren't we all special needs? I mean, we all have this set of ways we want to be treated, right? But the question is, is it real or is it just a reaction to life constantly disappointing us? Of course, we blame those who are closest to us for our misery, instead of taking responsibility for being unsatisfiable dick nuggets, we say "Hey there, person I love, I'm unhappy, so clearly, you're failing me"

The Seventh Layer

It's clear by now that the writers this season have decided to focus more on the supporting characters, and for now, it has been really paying off. The ninth episode of the season focused on Vernon and Paul alone, which is awesome, since Vernon is one of the best characters of the show and here, instead of quenching my thirst for seeing him on screen, it only made me realize how much more screen time he deserves, almost every word he says is quotable, which is why you'll see this article filled with quotes from this episode.

Speaking of which, the quote above is part of the first minute of dialogue and it's brilliant. Vernon is trying to haggle, by request of Becca, with some guy about a bassinet for the baby, he explains to him that, because of his past financial trouble, not only he has a 25 bucks limit for anything fun, but he's also forced to haggle for everything.

Vernon: I'm a happy dude. But Bec, she's an angry bee swarm. And instead of actually pollinating some goddamn flowers, she finds me enjoying life an knows she can't have that.

So, once they're headed home, Vernon wants to take advantage of the road trip, enjoy some time away from Becca, but Paul is not in the best mood thanks to Lindsay who actually calls him to let him know Raul was invited to their house that night, so he wants to make it home as fast as posible so he can supervise it, which goes against Vernon's idea of a fun bro trip. They stop for gas and groceries and then they continue their way home, but the car breaks down. While Paul tries to get help, Vernon tries to figure out the seventh layer of taste in his seven-layer dip Blammos. Then gets thirsty and they follow the sound of water as they start to bond with each other.

Paul: You can't drink creek water. It's not safe.
Vernon: I can't get sick. To build y inmune system, I lick weird stuff at the hospital all the time. In surg, they say scrub up, I just fake go through the motions.
Paul: That's to protect the patients.
Vernon: Agree to disagree.

They talk about their childhoods, Vernon talks about the fact that his parents never bonded with him on the account that he'd been born dead, and Paul said he had an nephew who was six years older than him and would put him on his lap and teach him solar location. Later Vernon complains about the "mean-ass sisters" they married, and Paul gets sentimental about his uncle-nephew.

Vernon: Normally, I'd slap the sh*t out of you for talking like that, but I'm having fun. Come on! We're men... out in nature, away from the sisters Cottumaccio.
Paul: Ugh, what a sonically displeasing last name.
Vernon: Isn't it? They're lucky to take our dope-ass names.

They get lost in spite of Paul's "solar knowledge", and he's still is convinced they can make it home that day, but Vernon says they should make a fire.

Vernon: Even if we knew which direction to go in, which we don't, ´cause your gross adult nephew clearly just put you on his lap so he could rub his d*ck on your butt, it's gonna be dark soon.

Later, Paul finds a receipt that shows Vernon put diesel in his car to sabotage their return. Vernon argues he needs to be away from home as much as possible, and in the middle of the argument, he says he knows Lindsay stabbed him on purpose. They start getting physical but then they hear the sound of an animal falling into one of Vernon's traps, and the new food distracts them from their fight. Once their hunger is satisfied, they start sharing their misery and Paul confesses what's going on with Lindsay and Raul, and Vernon says they should run away together.

Vernon: Seriously! We're both clearly miserable. What's stopping us?
Paul: The impending children.
Vernon: No, that's bullsh*t. If a dad is miserable, he's no good for his kids. Look at Jimmy. He hated his dad so much, he's actually happier now that he's dead.


Vernon: Picture it... Casa Vernon y Paul. Just the two of us eating shellfish and drinking Margaritas and Wizards. I could take bullets out of cartel member on the DL. You can be their accountant or whatever. We only get one shot at this life, man. She is killing my spirit. This is our only chance. If we wait it's going to be too late.

Paul says he's in, but then they hear a wild-animal noise close by and start running until they fall and end up falling asleep. The next morning, Paul says when he thought he could die, he thought of his baby and that he wants to be a good father, not like Jimmy's, and they decide to keep everything that happened between them. Thanks to Paul's knowledge of birds, they find their way back to the car and a family passing by gives them a hand. Before they go, Vernon asks them for a ride to San Diego and starts to say good-bye to Paul.

Vernon: I know I mess around a lot, and I like to have fun, and Becca thinks I'm a baby, but I'm really a good person with a good heart.
Paul: I know you are.
Vernon: And I believe there is someone out there who will love me. Hopefully a Mexican with big naturals.

This scene made me really sad, when I thought of the possibility of Vernon leaving I was almost scared, I would truly watch a spin off of Vernon in Mexico taking out bullets on the down low. Luckily, he sees someone stole the bassinet and realizes he needs to take care of his baby and some other things before he leaves, which I hope never happens, he can leave Becca if he wants, but not the show.

Vernon: I just realized I can't leave everything hanging yet. Plus, I need cash and passports, and I should grab some medical-grade condoms from the hospital. They got some viruses down there that will eat up your junk like a pig tearing into a corn cob.

They start getting into the car and Paul tells him he knew about the seventh layer of flavor during all that time it was driving Vernon crazy.

Paul: By the way, traditionally the seventh layer can be anything. It can be ground beef, shredded lettuce, green onion, jalapeƱos. It's up to whoever makes it, whatever makes them happy.
Vernon: You knew this all along and you din't tell me? You d*ck. Mind if we stop at the baby store? I need to get my baby a place to sleep before I bail.

I really enjoyed this episode, mainly thanks to Vernon and I liked learning Becca and Lindsay's last name and seeing their husbands compare notes, but I did miss Gretchen and Jimmy.

What did you guys think of this episode? Did you miss the rest of the cast? Do you think Vernon would actually leave?

Note: English is not my first language so I apologize for any mistakes.

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