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Younger - The Marshmallow Experiment - Review

As most probably expected Charles wasn’t his happy and patient self in the newest delightfully funny episode of Younger ‘The Marshmallow Experiment’. The question is what was the cause of this? Was it the tension between him and Liza or was it the fact that Empirical is in trouble. With the company being in trouble, I have to ask what does this mean for Charles, Liza, Kelsey and Diana?

First off, I loved the angst in this episode between Charles and Liza. Things are clearly not back to normal and why should they be? Charles thinks that Liza isn’t interested in him and Liza is just trying her best to be ‘normal’ and keep her secret hidden from the world. With Charles snapping at Liza when her phone goes off to him playing off their awkwardness by stating the company is in trouble, it was enjoyable to watch as we know they can’t keep tip toeing around each other. Especially when it’s Kelsey and Liza’s imprint that’s drawing in Bryce Reiger's attention. The potential new partner for Empirical and he seems to be most interested in what the younger generation has to offer. I loved Reiger’s bluntness especially towards Diana. It’s obvious that those two definitely don’t have much in common. It’s going to be amusing to watch those two interact. It also leads me to wonder what crazy things Diana is going to do in order to secure her job at Empirical.

It was interesting to see Liza trying to take things slow with Josh, explaining to him the “marshmallow experiment’. Josh is so adorable and in so many ways is very na├»ve. I love how he thought that she was about talking how many marshmallows you can fit your mouth. It's moments like that that show just how different those two are, whether it is because of their age difference or their different interests. Even with those obstacles that they face at the end of the day it's evident that he honestly cares for her. If you're like me, and on team Charles, you still can’t deny how charming and wonderful Josh is. Especially when he was offering to help Liza pay for Caitlin’s tuition.

By far my favourite moment in this episode was the meeting with Dr. Jane Wray. I loved how everyone was discussing Liza’s life without realizing that they were. In a way it is as close as we'll get to hearing how they would feel if Liza was to tell everyone her secret. That being said I would say that if they knew that was Liza who had to lie about her age in order to work in publishing they would all view it differently, as they would see that it was a person they cared for instead of some person lying out of maliciousness.

Kelsey’s on a mission to unlock Thad’s computer. The whole time I’m wondering if this is going to be the moment when she uncovers her good friend's secret. Luckily for Liza when Kelsey had her chance to look at the documents on the computer she decides it's time to let go of Thad, by launching his computer into the pool at Bryce’s party. Unfortunately for Liza I highly doubt that will be the last time Kelsey is close to the truth. I have to say I’m really enjoying the moments between Chad and Kelsey. I am a much bigger fan of Chad's then I ever was of Thad's. I’m looking forward to seeing more from those two. Will Chad pursue Kelsey and ignore that she thinks he’s gross and was appalled when she learned of their time together in the barn?

It will be interesting to see what changes are ahead for everyone now that Empirical has a new partner. It’s just a guess but I have a feeling someone is going to be uncovering Liza’s secret soon and the question is who. Anyone have any predictions for this season?

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