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Younger - Last Days of Books - Review

What happens when you try to save a piece of your past, all the while trying to keep your secrets hidden? That’s the challenge Liza faces in this delightful episode of Younger. Some of my favourite episodes of this show are the ones filled with the angst that Liza’s true identity will be exposed, mix in some trouble with Kelsey trying to move on from her relationship with Thad, and some publishing issues. You end up with an extraordinarily entertaining episode of Younger.

Liza’s pursuit to save her hometown bookstore was the highlight of this episode for me. I really enjoyed the interaction of her old friends and getting a glimpse of her past. What her life looked liked before her divorce. One of the major aspects of this show is whether or not Liza’s secret will be uncovered and what will occur when that happens. That’s not the only focus of this show though. But this episode certainly created that uneasiness that this time will be the moment that Liza won’t be able to hide anymore. I loved the scene when she’s going to be discovered in the helicopter. She was panicking and almost spilled her guts about everything. I certainly got a kick out of her recovery when Bryce asked her to explain her big secret. Younger never lacks in the wit department. The writers have done a marvellous job creating high tension moments that are filled with comedy.

It was very entertaining to watch Kelsey in the bar scene. All the guys that were running away from her when they discovered that she had a dead fiancĂ©. It made me wonder if that would actually happen. Most likely not but nonetheless it was extremely hilarious to watch. I’m assuming that this is only the beginning for Kelsey’s new dating life and I can only imagine how amusing that will be. She might have to go through a few duds to get to the right guy but all that will be very enjoyable to watch.

One thing this episode had me questioning was what are the lengths Charles is willing to go through to save Empirical? And how much trouble is Empirical in? The company’s future being in jeopardy is a constant theme through the season, making me wonder what's going to happen when things go south with Bryce. I might be being a pessimist thinking that Empirical's downfall is going to be Bryce but so far he’s definitely causing some challenges for Diana, Charles, and Liza.

Favourite line:
Liza: “You know what they say, you shouldn’t go home again. Or you probably shouldn’t. Especially with co-workers.”

Favourite moments-
Helicopter scene: Liza tells everyone that she was a slut in high school to cover up her secret when she felt like it was time to tell everyone before the helicopter landed.
Bar scene: The men’s reactions to Kelsey's dead ex.
Virtual meeting scene: Liza swinging her arms around, and Diana fulling over due to her vertigo.

What was your favourite moment from this episode?
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