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Younger - 3.03 - Last Days of Books - Advanced Review

Younger airs Wed. at 10/9 C on TV Land

It's all about Old Media vs. New Media in this episode of Younger. With Charles bringing Bryce into the publishing house, it gets increasingly hard for Diana to keep her cool. In fact, it is downright frigid when Bryce brings his own publicist in to discuss the press release announcing the his new role in the company. Meanwhile, Liza finds out that her hometown bookstore is about to close due to lack of funds and she gets together with her old book club to try to save it. Let's just say that they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the doors open.

In the B story, Lauren takes Kelsey out on the town to get her back in the swing of things but things go flat right from the start. Apparently telling would be suitors about your dead ex does not go over well in the bar scene. Go figure. From there, the night takes a huge step sideways that I never saw coming.

Highlights -
The tension between Charles and Liza is somewhat dissipated, making their encounters less awkward
Diana vs. Bryce is hilarious and gives her a better storyline
Lauren has extended screen time
The incorporation of new tech is played for laughs and it really works
There is a sweet moment with Josh

Issues -
Every episode seems to have Liza's secret on the brink of being discovered
There are some big developments in the romance department that people may not like

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - Bryce vs. Diana
Best Scene - the book club
Best Way to Stop a Flirtation - tell the interested party that your fiancé just died
Most Improved - Charles
Most Awkward - Liza tries to hug Diana
Most Fun - Liza and the Great Wall
Biggest Save - Bryce's douche move
Biggest Laugh - the meeting
The "So Millennial" Award - Instead of Code Red, it's Code Bread
The "Welcome Back" Award - Michelle from the book club

Quotes -

"And let's not let ego get in the way. If you need me, you know where to find me." "Where's that? Narnia?"
"He's giving us a lot of money. I think he just wants to be heard." "Well, I hear him. The question is should I be listening."
"I'm lying and he's wasting his youth, but I think we're happy."
"Should I get us a drink before we start talking Color Wars?"
"Stop trying to be so interesting."
"Thank you for not caring."
"Wow, you are the real deal, aren't you?

Screencap by TV Land

Catch Younger on Wednesdays at 10/9 C on TV Land

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