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Van Helsing - Coming Home - Review + POLL

With 'Coming Home' Van Helsing continues to move at a slow, but deliberate pace. We are introduced to several new characters, a mystery adds some intrigue to the narrative, and our titular hero finds herself in quite the pickle.

One of the more intriguing plot points coming into this episode was Doc's return to humanity. Her conversation with Flesh, a fellow vampire turned human, provided one of the more interesting character moments of this young series. Due to their common struggle, their relationship could prove to be one of the more dynamic of Van Helsing. Hopefully, they flesh (no pun intended) it out more.

The episode also introduced us to a slew of characters. There is the slave community with a girl that likes to crawl through air ducts and a patriotic guy who wants to rebel against their vampire slavers. On top of them are a group of stranded survivors who Vanessa and Mohammed encounter. The episode was merely an introduction to these people, but more random characters means more fodder, which is always nice.

There wasn't much else going on in this episode to write about, really. The added mystery of who killed random white girl adds some intrigue, while Vanessa being taken captive by the vampires certainly progresses the narrative in an interesting direction.


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