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This Is Us - Episode 1.08 - Pilgrim Rick - Promos, Sneak Peeks, Interview, Promotional Photos & Press Release

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Thanks to Folie-lex for the heads up.

Sneak Peeks


11/22/2016 (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Tuesday) : As Jack, Rebecca and the three kids make their way to Rebecca's parents' house for their traditional Thanksgiving holiday, an unforeseen detour occurs. Kate makes two drastic life-changing decisions. Kevin brings Olivia to Randall's house for Thanksgiving. Randall's heart is broken when he learns about a lifelong secret his mother has kept from him.



Speaking of Randall and Kevin’s competitiveness, can you break down what went into filming that jogging scene?

I think I’m faster [laughs]. Well they’re vying for different things. Randall is trying to find his identity and be accepted. He’s trying to be perfect every step of the way. And Kevin is trying to be noticed and special, which is one of the reasons he enjoys acting so much; finally the spotlight is on him. He’s been waiting his whole life for this, where people are forced to pay attention to him. The jogging scene turns into this thing where they come together and it becomes this ridiculous sprint. They’re not professional athletes, they’re morons. It never ends, it’s this constant one-upmanship. Sterling is such a fun guy to play off of. It’s such a fun, fun day of work when I get to work with him.

Does Kevin grow more self-aware as the episodes go on?

That’s one of the phrases I always use on set if I’m ever struggling in the moment to figure out what Kevin is doing what he’s doing. He was always self-aware of certain things on a surface level, like maybe how people will think about him. But now he’s starting to realize how deep that goes to the point where he has now become self aware of how other people perceive him. Like he’s a joke. And he’s admitting the fact that he doubts himself all the time, and then he becomes even more self-aware when he realizes that he’s getting in the way of Kate’s relationship. And now even more so when he realizes his actions when he was a kid had a great impact on Randall and the way he behaves and maybe some of the problems he has. He’s starting to really realize his impact on everyone else, little by little. But it’s painful stuff. Things that are hard to talk about, but he dives right in.