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This Is Us - Episode 1.07 - The Best Washing Machine in the World - Promo, Promotional Photos, Interview & Press Release


11/15/2016  (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Tuesday) :  The dynamic of Randall and Kevin's rocky relationship is explained. Beth and William spend time together, which unexpectedly brings to light a secret William has been keeping. As Rebecca gets back to work for the first time in years, both she and Jack acknowledge that there is distance between them. Toby is caught straying from his diet regimen, throwing Kate into crisis.

Promo & Interview

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I guess my first question is… Thank you for not killing anyone else in the Pearson family this week?

KEN OLIN: Yes, I know. (laughs) It’s funny, Tim Busfield is directing down the line, and he was just saying, “Oh, I was so glad after watching episode 6 that William’s alive!” It’s hard. No, we didn’t kill anybody else off.

Did you want to give viewers a bit of a breather and pace out the big, emotional gut punches?

How people respond to these things, it’s all in relationship to how invested they are in the characters, because I don’t think that we’re doing anything that is so extreme really for life. In life, you lose people, people are divorced, relationships fall apart, and your parents or your grandparents pass away, I think something about the way that the show has connected with the audience, the audience feels so invested in them, so it’s shocking when someone is lost, but then you realize, “Wait a minute— but over the course of 20 years, these things happen.”

I don’t think the intention has ever been to just keep shocking the audience. A couple weeks ago, people were asking, “Are you going to do this major twist every week?” I don’t think that’s the intention. I think the intention is to be fully invested in the lives of these characters and then fully invested when their lives go in unexpected directions. So we’re going to continue to focus on events in these character’s lives that are really significant and really resonate emotionally for them.