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The Walking Dead - Episode 7.03 - The Cell - Promo, Sneak Peek + Promotional Photos

Promotional Photos


Sneak Peek

In the comics, Ezekiel has a romantic relationship with Michonne. Could Carol be taking on that relationship given that Michonne (Danai Gurira) is paired romantically with Rick (Andrew Lincoln)? This show loves to remix those storylines.

I totally think that's possible. But I don't know if it will or won't happen. This relationship [with Ezekiel and Carol] is one where there's enough of an attraction for there to be a relationship down the road but at the same time, there's also so much more that needs to be done that that's not necessarily the end game for either one of them. They could just as easily walk this road together and never come into contact together and then there's a possibly one trips on a rock and falls into the other's arms. It's as simple as that kind of happenstance. This relationship is what it is; whether it gets physical or not, I don't know.

What might Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Ezekiel's first meeting look like?

Ezekiel will look deeply into Rick's eyes, and say, "You, sir, are a man of great strength and piercing blue eyes. How about we have a bite to eat?" They'll embrace and go play Xbox or something! (Laughing.) I can't say how it's going to happen but it's probably going to be pretty epic.

Speaking about Melissa, I want to talk about the scene near the end between Ezekiel and Carol where he catches her as she’s sneaking out and he tells her the truth about this whole royalty act and that he was actually a zookeeper and community theater actor. I love the line where he explains his philosophy by saying,“I found a way to deal with the bad by going a little overboard with all the good. I just embraced the contradiction.” It’s fascinating the way this guy made himself into who he is in this world.

For me, that sequence with Carol and Ezekiel — that’s the heart of the episode, because the tone of his voice changes and he’s not The Man That’s On Stage anymore. He even says, “Listen, I do this for the people. They need something to believe in. Yeah, it’s a little ridiculous, but, you know what? When people heard that I had a tiger and I realized I had a role that I could play that could help people, that was my job.” I love the idea of him knowing that there are people out there that are like, “This guy’s got a tiger. If he’s got a tiger, he’s gotta be a badass.”

The iconic imagery and the mythology surrounding him is almost as powerful as Negan and almost as powerful as Rick. So, you figure you have a guy that when they hear his name, that they’re going to react a specific a way. That’s why the whole King Ezekiel gets played over and over again, because everybody around him is playing in this court with him. They do it for him and he does it for everybody else.

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