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The Flash - Magenta - Review: "The Flash is back to its old self! Hurray!"

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Now, that’s The Flash I know and love! Wooo! I’m so happy to have The Flash back as it’s supposed to be: fun. This week I felt all the characters were as they are supposed to be, and my only complains are not even that relevant (granted, they keep the grade down from an A, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed the episode less). This week it was all about getting back to basics and for the first time this season, I truly enjoyed the whole episode.

That being said, it rubbed me the wrong way when Iris said “No Flash powers” on his date with Barry. The Flash is part of who he is, and honestly I was a bit bored on their date just as they were, and I don’t truly understand why Iris would ask Barry to be something he is not after all this time. They return to that at the very end of the episode with Barry making the exact same point I’m making, but my problem here is that I feel that shouldn’t have been an issue from the start, and the awkwardness is not something I root for seeing on my TV, especially when it’s not even funny awkwardness.

But that aside, boy! What an episode! And how happy I am to have Harry and Jessie back! They truly jolted The Flash with a lot of energy that it was missing, especially with Harry’s constant “Not!” which I found hilarious and a more than welcome character trait to add more levity to him. I really, really missed Tom Cavanagh these past 2 episodes, and having him back makes it feel as The Flash is the show I love and remember. I’m also glad he quickly figured out that Barry changed the timeline (everyone else should have been relatively just as quick, but hey, at least Harry did caught up quick).

I loved most of the characters interactions here. The banter was great and there was the air of optimism The Flash has been clearly lacking as of late: this is a bright show with dark edges, but lately the more darker sides of The Flash has been showing with a lot of pain, doom and gloom moods and while that is ok every once in a while, the show really needed to feel like it’s brighter self again and this episode succeed in all fronts.

It’s funny to see Caitlin hiding her powers, and I’m glad we get to see that she struggles at lying while hiding them and there is some earnest truth when she tells Jessie that she would “take it slow”. That is soothing and it makes me more calm as it seems The Flash won’t go the Killer Frost route with her, at least just yet. She is still the Caitlin Snow we know and love and I’m happy to see her being herself.

The meta of the week is Magenta, and while there isn’t really much interest around her, it does work well in the episode. It’s yet another person getting her flashpoint power from Alchemy and fighting a double personality. The story is a sob story and I really felt bad for the girl, and there was a strong allegory about abuse, which was just a bit too on the nose to work as well as it could have, but it made for some interesting moments. I liked how Barry and Jessie had to work together to keep that huge boat afloat and Barry’s speech, while stereotypical and typical of The Flash, is just the kind of upbeat optimism I was missing from The Flash.

Magenta won’t go down as one of The Flash’s most memorable villains, but I do think her story worked well to get The Flash back to basics and to get our characters to their best selves, with Barry being the inspiring hero he is supposed to be as Jessie embraces the opportunity to be the heroine she is supposed to be.

Also, we have to say it, it’s pretty darn “aaaaawww” when Harry gives her the suit. I’m ready to have another speedster in the team! And Jessie’s attitude and personality makes her a natural fit for the team. I like that the show recognized that while parents will always be worried for their kids (hence some of the drama in the episode) they also need to accept the path their kids take. It’s nice, sweet and poignant without being cheesy.

Talking of parents, Joe is on fire! “Dad cop” is a term that is defenitely going to my dictionary. I think we can all use his speech about building a better world. Powers are one way to go, but there is more good to do even without them. He himself is a key member of Team Flash and the CCPD and he does his share for the world. Joe is the best! And we should all pick up some of his lessons. I myself believe "be the change you want to see in the world" and you don't need superpowers for that. So truly, I'm very happy that Joe is still the amazing character he has always been.

I am bothered a bit, however, towards Wally. I get it, if I was struck by dark matter I would also hope to get my super powers and it would be damn disappointing if I didn’t get them, but going against a moving car? Come on man, self preservation, and don’t get angry at Jessie for doing the obvious thing. Still, I get where he comes from, but I didn’t necessarily liked it. And I really hope he is not the next one to go to Alchemy to get his speed back (come on show, don’t be that predictable).

But aside from that, what can I say? I had a blast! Everything was colorful and fun, optimistic and upbeat. This is The Flash that I love; that’s not to say some of the saddest episodes of the show don’t work (looking at you “Fast Enough”, one of the greatest hours of the show), but lately things have been too gloom. I really think an episode where people recognize their mistakes, but decide to face them, move forward and look up is exactly what the show needed. Keep it up Flash!

Grade: B+

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