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Secrets and Lies - The Liar - Review

Welcome back to Secrets and Lies! It's only been two weeks since the last episode, but I've missed this show! I will be reviewing Secrets and Lies for the rest of the season, and I'm excited to get started.

"The Liar" started right where the last episode left off with Eric trying to locate Kate's assistant, Liam. The apartment has been broken into, but before he can react, a man shoves him and demands to know where Liam is. This is the same man that beat up Liam's friend and co-worker, Neil. This man isn't looking for Liam but is looking for Carly, a girl who was at the party where Kate died. Who is this man, and why is he looking for Carly? More on that later.

Eric meets with Cornell to tell her about this man and Carly, and she appreciates him coming forward. He then visits his sister, but Amanda tells him she's busy and she should go away. She's mad at him for not following her directions, but he apologizes. Amanda forgives him and she makes him write down everything he told Cornell.

The biggest twist so far in this season happens in this episode: Eric discovers that Liam lied about everything on his resume. The real Liam Connors died in a car accident. Kate also knew about all of this because she did a background check. Eric tells his father everything and thinks the boy Kate hired is her son since they were both from Boone. John suggests that Eric didn't know his wife at all.

Eric visits Kate's office and finds the names of the clients that she was investigating. He discusses this with Patrick and listens to her voicemail from fraud services informing Kate that a credit card was opened up in Keith Blair's name, but had been closed. Keith Blair was one of the investors Kate was looking into. Eric returns home and finds the credit card statement in the mail, and it has a charge from Glen Capri Hotel. Eric travels to this hotel, and the guy at the front desk recognizes Kate's picture. He also recognizes Kate's ex-boyfriend and tells Eric that Kate with him. Eric starts to visit Kate's ex, but he flashes back to punching the boy in high school, holding Kate's body, and the dummy getting thrown off the roof. He changes his mind and drives away.

Eric's night keeps getting worse as he returns home, and the woman we've seen before screams "I didn't tell the detectives anything!" This woman is Eric's ex-girlfriend, Tina Sawyer. Eric tells Amanda that she was weird, and when she wouldn't get the message when the relationship was over. She showed up at his apartment one night covered in bruises and threatened to tell cops he hit her unless he got back together with her. Cornell listens to Tina, but wants to hear Eric's side of the story. He refuses to cooperate and won't talk because Cornell won't believe him anyway.

He finds out that all the clients that he investigated had unlimited credit cards opened in their names and the company's data was probably breached. Eric also walks in on John prepping Neil for Eric's meeting. John said that he just wanted to help, but I don't know. This all felt very fishy. Has John lost confidence in his son? Or is Neil scheming to get Eric's job? What was also weird was John doesn't want the cops involved in the data breach and tells Eric to cover it up.

In "The Liar" the viewers also finally found out what happened to Eric's mom: she fell down the stairs while intoxicated, and she's now in a long-term care facility. John visits her every Monday, but Eric rarely visits. He tells Patrick that their mother is gone. Patrick seems jealous that Eric and Melanie had their mom longer than they did; he was just seven when the accident occurred. I wasn't completely surprised by the mom since we knew she wasn't dead, but I do have questions. Was her accident really an accident?

I really enjoyed Patrick and Eric's scenes. The first two episodes made it seem like they were very different, and they are in certain ways, but they both have some issues with their father. I love that Patrick took Eric home from the bar and was trying to take care of his brother. Michael Ealy and Charlie Barnett seem to work well together, and I hope they have more screen time together.

While Eric and Patrick are eating, Kate's ex-boyfriend, Shane, pays them a visit. Shane was just installing tracking software on Kate's computer at the Glen Capri hotel. Nothing else happened. Eric figures out that Kate was tracking the money from the blackmail letter. While trying to find the money, Amanda calls and makes Eric meet with Cornell. This meeting is good news as Cornell says she believes Eric didn't hit or abuse Tina. He is no longer the focus of the investigation.

At the end of the episode Amanda uses her connections to run a plate that showed up on the footage Kate had. Eric drives to the house of the car owner, and bangs on the door until a girl answers. The girl doesn't know who Liam is, but before she can say more, the door swings open to reveal the mysterious man from Liam's apartment. The man asks Eric if he's staying or going and then the episode ends.

Again, who is this guy? Who is Carly? How do they know Liam and why did this guy beat up Neil? I have so many questions! I have to say that I'm loving this season so far, and I can't wait for more episodes.

What did you all think about this episode? Who do you think murdered Kate? Let me know in the comments section!

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