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Scream Queens - Handidate - Review: "Wedding Bell Blues"

Today is my 21st birthday, and so naturally, I made a few wishes - one was most certainly for my favourite Scream Queens characters to survive the latest episode. It's safe to say my wish was not granted, at least not completely. This season's third episode featured a wedding (at least the start of one), a shocking and very sad death, and another bizarre medical case.

One word; crazy. 
I'm considering creepy Hester (Lea Michele) scenes as a total birthday treat. Homage to Silence of the Lambs yet again happened, obviously, probably for the last time though. Hester finally got what she wanted, to escape her Hannibal Lecter cell. Chaos will likely now ensue with her being in the same hospital as the rest of the potential victims and killers. Taking on an villainous laugh is often poorly done, though to her credit, Michele did a pretty good job in this episode. Sure, she's not as creepy as Sir Anthony Hopkins but give her time. She's still cutting her teeth in this business, you could say.

As with the obligatory Hester scenes, we of course were treated to a humorous yet ridiculous medical case. Cheri Oteri guest starred as Lynn, a yoga instructor with constant orgasms, who eventually had her problem solved by Dr. Cassidy Cascade (Taylor Lautner). Oteri may be familiar as an SNL alum and for the hilarious Blair Witch parody in Scary Movie. She's a pretty funny lady, though she was underused in the episode. The token patient last week, Tyler (Colton Haynes) seemed to have a much more integrated role, unlike Lynn who wavered on complete insignificance; other than giving Dr. Cassidy Cascade an excuse to get close to Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd).

I've been theorising for weeks that Dr. Cassidy was dead, and we finally have confirmation. Or do we? The hot doctor revealed to his new lover, Chanel #3, that is "dead". Through what looked like a retro flashback (*cough* he's connected to the 1980's murders), Dr. Cassidy explained that he choked on his own vomit after a night of heavy partying. He now roams the Earth as either a (very attractive) zombie or because a higher power has a purpose for him. Who wants to bet he'll solve the murders or something? We didn't actually see any evidence that he died because of choking, though the clothing in the flashback did seem to be a throwback, so I suspect there's something strange going on here. P.s I still suspect he was frozen and then brought back to life or something.

For someone to be brought back to life, they obviously have to be dead. Which is the current status of one of my favouritess; Chad Radwell (Glen Powell). I was aware that Powell was only billed as a Guest, but I was praying that Chad would at least survive the season. Maybe he'd lose Chanel to Dr. Brock and just run off. Perhaps he would fall in love with Denise and just not have screen-time. He could've even been terrified by the new killing spree and wanted to stay as far away from it. But no, my hopes did not come true. Instead this episode ended with a heartbreaking discovery; Chad's dead body. Cries.

Everyone has that one friend who they'll reluctantly give a wedding role to. 
Last season implied that Denise and Chad could be a powerhouse of a couple, though I think we all knew Chanel would never let him go so easily. I adore Chad with both women, I genuinely do. That being said, during this whole Chad versus Brock thing, I was firmly wanting Chad to win Chanel back. Imagine my joy when I get half-way through this episode, on my birthday, and watch as the pair get engaged. I was on cloud nine. I grinned excessively as the bride-to-be excitedly told her "friends" (lose term here because do any of them genuinely like her?) and beamed a smile when I watched a beautiful and elegant Emma Roberts walk down the aisle. Boy did she look gorgeous. So yeah, way to go showrunners, let me little shipper heart have excited butterflies and then crush my dreams in a heartbeat. Watching your dead husband-to-be drop from the ceiling of the church, on your wedding day, is one hell of a "something blue". 

Quote of the Week:
"Chanel Oberline, will you (Pedro!), get your lawyers to look over this pre-nup?" - the late, great Chad Radwell. R.I.P. 
Performer of the Week:
Emma Roberts. I find it fascinating how she can portray a character who on paper should be so unlikable, yet manages to be so likeable on screen. For all her fault, Chanel Oberlin is the star of the show. She gives the funniest lines, most often, she causes most of the drama and her outfits are to die for. Literally. Ms.Roberts, you made my birthday (despite the wedding scenes being heartbreaking). 

What did everyone think of the episode? Discuss in the comments section below.

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