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Rosewood – Eddie & the Empire State of Mind – Review: “Knockout”

Rosewood – Eddie & the Empire State of Mind – Review: “Knockout”

2.3 – “Eddie & the Empire State of Mind”
Directed by Eric Laneuville
Writers: Andy Berman
Reviewed by Kelly Anne Blount

We open to Villa looking at Eddie’s body. She doesn’t want to see him in the state he’s in. Rosie tells her to wait upstairs.

TMI and Rosie start the autopsy. I feel terrible for Villa. She’s waiting upstairs and all by herself.

Rosie reports that he didn’t find Eddie’s liver. The medical examiner who completed the first autopsy committed suicide a week ago. Fishy or just bad timing?

Slade and Hornstock are working a case together… This should be interesting! They are looking for a ring of prostitutes that work for the super-rich in Miami.

Slade is a douche. He says that he’s the Captain and that Hornstock used to be the Captain. What a bonehead!

They find out where the prostitutes meet with the rich clients and head that way.

We cut back to a scene of Villa and Eddie. They are heading to Miami on their honeymoon. They look like they are in first class. Eddie starts coughing. Ew! He’s bleeding through the mouth! Oh! Shoot! That was a nightmare. Scary! Villa really is on a plane, but with Rosie. Rosie says that his plate is empty for Villa.

Hey! They are in New York City! I was just there last weekend! I co-hosted an event called #NYCWattCon. The traffic there is insane!

Rosie and Villa meet with a police Captain. Villa used to work for NYC PD. The Captain says that Villa’s husband wasn’t murdered and that there isn’t a case. He tells them to get a slice and go back to the airport.

I ate pizza like a real New Yorker this past weekend. I folded it and everything. Go me!

Villa and Rosie stop by the school where Eddie used to work. They are interviewing the principal. Villa wants to know the truth and she is grilling him about extra money Eddie. The principal admits that Eddie and the principal got into a physical fight over a student getting picked on. The principal swept it under the rug.

Oliver, the student Eddie worked with, is waiting outside. Rosie and Villa go to talk to him. Oliver recognizes Villa from the photo Eddie kept on his desk. He says Eddie was like a father to him.

Villa meets with an old friend covered in awesome tattoos. Ooh la la!

Villa wants to know what really happened to Eddie, she says that she knows he didn’t get into a car accident. Ooh! Someone is watching them with binoculars from across the street. Unaware, Villa tells his friend that Eddie was murdered.

Eddie’s friend says that Eddie kept talking about someone named Rico. He doesn’t know who Rico is or anything about him. He kept Eddie’s car, because it was the last piece of Eddie that he could hang on to.

Villa and Rosie inspect Eddie’s car. Rosie is going to inspect Eddie’s mints. Eek! There is a gun with the serial number filed off. Things are not looking good for Eddie. Villa doesn’t recognize anything in the trunk of Eddie’s car. Seems like he was hiding major secrets from his wife.

Rosie wants TMI to run tests on the body. She’s worried because she is all by herself.

Aw! TMI goes to find Pippy. She is singing with another girl. Things look intense. TMI is upset, but she still tells Pippy that she needs her help.

Rosie and Villa are out of luck when it comes to finding Rico. There are 32,000 Rico’s living in Manhattan. Not good!

Uh oh! Someone is watching Villa and Rosie again. Scary!

Rosie tells Villa that the “mints” were actually steroids.

Villa says that the shirt in the back of Eddie’s car doesn’t belong to him. It’s from a boxing gym.

Slade and Hornstock are at the bar trying to bust the prostitute ring. Slade tells Hornstock that he is trying to get to know him. Hornstock is nervous and doesn’t like hanging out with Slade.

The owner of the boxing gym is a real jerk. No one wants to talk to Villa and Rosie. Villa gets pissed and almost knocks out a boxer who is rude to her. Rosie backs Villa up and threatens to knock out the boxer who refuses to give up any information.

Villa and Rosie bust the people in the car watching them. The two men in the car tell them to stop looking into the case and to go back to Miami. Threatening Rosie and Villa is not a smart move.

Rosie and Villa eating New York pizza in their hotel room. Ha ha! Rosie doesn’t know that you need to fold the pizza to eat it!

Pippy and TMI are working together. YAY! I hope they fall back in love tonight and get married soon.

They found out that Eddie had lots of broken and fractured bones. They also found out that the “mints” a.k.a. steroids were super steroids used for animals. They were deadly for animals.

Villa wants to see the body with Rosie. Uh oh! Rosie finds an injection spot in his scalp. Villa thinks that when Eddie got into a fight, that he was knocked out and given a lethal injection of steroids. Villa thinks that the moment they exhumed Eddie’s body that they have brought a lot of attention to themselves from some very dangerous people.

Rosie and Villa need to get back to the gym right away and figure out what the heck is going on.

Meanwhile over drinks, Hornstock tells Slade that he wants to know why they are really at the bar. The girl that Hornstock and Slade met earlier in the day is at the bar. She doesn’t want to talk to them. Slade says that he pays the woman to read to him at night because he has insomnia. Interesting!

A man named Cameron walks by and Slade welcomes him into the booth by almost breaking his arm. He tells Cam that the money he pays the lady to read to him is never given to her. I guess Cam is a pimp and is keeping all of his hooker’s earned money. He threatens Cam and tells him to treat his hooker reading buddy with respect.

TMI and Pippy are at the lab when a masked gunman enters the room. He tells them to back away from the body. EEK! Pippy steps in front of TMI and tells the him to let TMI go. Aw! Pippy! That’s so sweet! I knew she still loved Pippy the most!

Rosie and Villa are back at the gym. They find Eddie’s name on a list. Sketchy! They figure out that “Rico” is actually company called REE Co. Oooh! The owner of REE Co. is the father of the boy who was beat up at Eddie’s school. Did Eddie become a target for sticking up for the REE Co. owner’s son? The REE Co. owner made a number of donations to the gym around the time of Eddie’s death.

Villa and Rosie scare the crap out of Benny, who works at the gym. Turns out he sleeps at the gym.

Turns out that people were making money off of Eddie’s fights. Interesting!

Villa has a flashback to her and Eddie. Eddie tells her that she is not going to work when she’s pregnant. He doesn’t think it’s safe enough. To which Villa asks him if he’s going to win the lottery. I wonder if this is why Eddie started fighting?

Benny, Eddie’s boxing friend says that Eddie did not take steroids. He says that he did take steroids and that they ruined his life. He had seizures and other terrible side effects.

Ooh! Benny says that there is a 50k buy in for sponsored-only boxers at a special underground event. Is Rosie going to fight? That doesn’t seem very safe.

Ooooh! GET ‘EM, HORNSTOCK! Hornstock and Slade walk in as the masked gunman is trying to steal Eddie’s body. They get the gunman on the floor and send TMI and Pippy upstairs.

Hornstock says that he is not going to read the man his rights. He’s going to get the information out of this man however he can. Slade looks impressed. Hornstock breaks a glass and holds it up to the gunman’s neck.

The gunman admits that someone from New York sent him and it was to cover up the drugs. Hornstock is a total bad ass!

Rosie and Villa are back in the hotel room. It looks like Rosie just gave someone an envelope of cash. Who wants to bet that it is 50k?

And there it is! Rosie has paid the 50k and he is stepping in as the fighter.

Rosie loves Villa the most.

Rosie shows up at some ridiculous house. Villa is there too. This place screams huge money.

They have a plan to call the police once they find the steroids… I’m thinking that isn’t going to happen.

The fights have started. There are a bunch of rich people cheering on the boxers.

Villa is walking around trying to find the steroids. The pictures that Eddie had on the phone in his trunk match the house. He was documenting and trying to find the steroids or so it appears.

Uh oh! Rosie is up against someone that would rival Andre the Giant. The other fighter is seriously massive. Watch out, Rosie!

Using her sweet skills, Villa takes down one of the security guards. She goes back to finding the places Eddie documented and hopefully the steroids.

Rosie and the large man are still fighting. Uh oh! The father of the son who Eddie stuck up for just walked in the room.

Rosie ends the fight with a chop to the giant’s throat. He runs off looking for Villa.

Villa has found the steroids! They are all packaged as mints. Dang!

Oh no! Villa locks Rosie out of the room with the steroids just as the boy’s father a.k.a. the owner of REE Co. walks in pointing a gun at Villa.

He tells Villa that he and Eddie made a lot of good money together, but that Eddie was too nosey.

The two people who were following Villa and Rosie show up. They are DEA agents!

Boom! Gunshots!

The DEA agents break down the door and find Villa with a bullet wound. Luckily, the bullet only grazed her arm. The boy’s father on the other hand as a shot to the stomach region. She tells Rosie to keep him alive.

The DEA have been investigating the case for two years. Eddie was trying to do the right thing. His info helped them bring down the entire operation. Poor, Eddie!

Pippy comes back to get her phone charger. TMI reminds Pippy that she stepped in front of a bullet for her. She thinks the reason Pippy did that is because she still loves her. Pippy admits that she’ll always be crazy for TMI.

Ooooh! TMI reaches out for Pippy’s hands, but Pippy pulls away. Boo! Pippy says that TMI needs to let her go so that she can find her own way back. Dislike!

Rosie and Villa are flying back in first class. Villa thanks Rosie. Her bullet wound makes her even more tough.

Villa asks Rosie where they should go from here. Rosie says that they should go home… Well, duh! They’re on a plane heading back to Miami. A few seconds later, they have an awkward moment. The romantic tension is always there and the writers do a great job building the suspense.

Hornstock and Slade are back at the station. Slade is filing a report on what happened in the lab. Hornstock thought that wouldn’t be on the record. Slade is all, “Too bad, so sad!” What. A. Dick.

Ha ha! Hornstock tells Slade to shove it and walk his own report upstairs.

Slade shreds the file. Good!

Slade welcomes Villa back and tells her that he has another case for her.

Aw! Another flashback with Villa and Eddie. They are eating cookies in bed together. They joke about eating cookies in bed together for the rest of their lives. Aw! This is so sad! Poor, Villa! She snaps out of the flashback and meets eyes with Rosie, a smile spreading on her lips.


My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this episode. I felt terrible for Villa. She faced her deepest and darkest fears in order to find out what happened to Eddie. Hopefully this will give her some closure. I also really liked that Rosie stayed at her side and made it clear that he would drop absolutely anything and everything for Villa.

What did you think of the episode?

About the Author - Kelly Anne Blount
Kelly Anne Blount is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author and Host of the Wattpad Block Party. She resides in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina with her husband and their furry rescues. Although she loves writing horror and dark thriller novels with disturbing psychological twists, Kelly is an admitted scaredy-cat and she’s terrified of the dark. When she’s not writing, you can find her lost in a good book, on a hike with her husband, or indulging in a Netflix marathon.

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