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Rosewood - Boatopsy & Booty - Review: “X Marks the Spot!”

Rosewood - Boatopsy & Booty - Review: “X Marks the Spot!”

2.4 - “Boatopsy & Booty”
Directed by Cheri Nowlan
Writers: Todd Harthan & Marc Halsey
Reviewed by Kelly Anne Blount

We open up to a fish tank and a young woman frantically running around her house. She freezes when the doorknob jiggles. Are we about to witness a crime?

Phew! It’s just her dad. The daughter is heading out to work to pick up an extra shift. College tuition doesn’t grow on trees. Her father assures her that soon they won’t have to worry about money anymore. The daughter doesn’t believe him, but it’s clear she loves him as she says, “Goodbye,” and heads off to work.

Hmmm… I wonder if he’s a pirate? After all, the episode is called Boatopsy & Booty!

New scene and we cut over to a party on a very expensive looking boat and a beautiful voice in the background. I bet that voice belongs to Pippy! I want to buy an album from her in real life.

Uh oh! Not good! Passengers start screaming and suddenly we a dead diver appear under the glass bottom of the boat. I have a bad feeling that’s the dad…

Ooh! That was Pippy singing. Yes, please! Her producer says the song is beautiful. Pippy wants to go over the song again, unfortunately, her time in the studio is up and she’ll have to pay cash for a third hour. Being the confident woman she is, she decides not to and says, “Eh! I nailed the chorus!” Yeah she did!

We head over to the station. A man is walking in wearing a gorilla suit. Villa cracks a joke as she and Rosie head over to her desk. Turns out they’ve closed three cases this week. Time for a hat trick celebration. Rosie suggests milkshakes, but Villa decides against it. She says she doesn’t want to have to buy new pants. I feel you, Villa. I feel you.

Rosie gives Villa crap about her favorite bar, Off Limits. Rosie jokes that it’s time to make Off Limits, off limits. Hee hee! Morris Chestnut is everything! They decide they need a new hang out. I hope it’s somewhere dark and sexy. Then Rosie and Villa can finally hook up! Am I right?

Uh oh! Hornstock the OG gathers the troops. You know what that means, there’s been a murder. Aw, not a murder, it’s something happy. Hornstock’s daughter Sophie is coming to work for the day. Oh crap! I bet she doesn’t know about his demotion. Uh oh! Hornstock’s daughter just started training at the academy and she put in a request to observe Detective Hornstock. She definitely doesn’t know about the demotion. Hornstock said that he’s his daughter’s hero and he doesn’t want to let her down. Looks like some pretend play is about to go down.

Captain Slade enters the scene and tells Hornstock to dust the coffee mugs for finger prints. He wants to know who in the station isn’t washing their coffee cup. I think I need option at my job! Also, I like his sense of humor.

Captain Slade also breaks the news that they have a dead diver and that there are unusual circumstances. He sends Rosie and Villa to go investigate and reminds them to get witness statements.

We arrive at the scene where the passengers on the boat are now waiting on the docks. One lady is taking pictures and says, “Hashtag Party Over!”

Villa doesn’t skip a beat, she grabs an evidence bag and says, “Hashtag my ass.” I’m weak! Jaina Lee Ortiz is on point!

As she turns around and hands off the evidence bag, she’s approached by Carl Vincent, Florida Coastal Patrol. He says that even though most people think they are glorified lifeguards; he assures Villa there’s a lot more to it. Is he flirting with her? Hmmm… Wonder how Rosie will take it?

Rosie is too busy to notice, as he is figuring out that the man did not drown or run over by a boat. Carl Vincent says that the guy looks familiar but he doesn’t know his name.

Eek! The man has handprints around his neck. Looks like somebody was murdered!

Ooh, this music is good! This show really has it together! Hats off to the writers, directors, producers, actors, and everyone behind it!

TMI and Mitchie are in the lab hanging out when Mitchie sees a naked woman on TMI’s phone. He calls her out. TMI admits that she has met some girls online and that she is not ready to date. Pippy was her first everything with a girl and she isn’t ready to step out with someone else yet. Good, because TMI and Pippy are going to be back together soon. They are going to get married and live happily ever after. Ooh, I bet Rosewood could donate his swimmers and then TMI could carry their baby! How great is that story line?

Anywho, back to the show. TMI and Mitchie are trying to figure out what body part is in a photo that a woman sent TMI. They are wondering if it’s an elbow when Rosie walks in behind them and says, “That’s definitely not an elbow.”

He wants to test the air in his victim’s bronchials. Hmmm.. Wonder why?

Rosie also announces that there is going to be a change in the lab. YAY! The change is that Pippy is back! Woo hoo!

Pippy and Mrs. Rosewood hug it out while Rosie shares that Pippy is only back for a bit until she can make some more money to record her songs. No, Pippy! Don’t leave us again!

Mrs. Rosewood says that she’s cooking a family dinner on Sunday at Rosie’s house. I love family dinners!

Rosewood tells his mom that he’s glad she’s back. Donna looks super uncomfortable when she tells Rosie that since he went to meet with Gerald and looked over his case and he still thinks Gerald is guilty that there’s nothing else to do. Who wants to bet that she isn’t done with Gerald yet? *raises hand*

Rosie has the body on the table. Pippy said everything in the tox screen was normal, except one thing. She says there is no way it was a dive gone wrong.

Everyone is glad Pippy is back.

The victim died in the past thirty-six hours, he has fluid in his lungs, and that the marks on his neck were fresh. The team thinks he was both drown and strangled. Eek! That’s not good!

Rosie finds a GIANT emerald in the victim! Whoa! That could very well be the reason behind the murder, now couldn’t it?

We’re back from a commercial break and Rosie tells Hornstock and Slade that he thinks the victim hid the emerald the only place he could, inside of himself.

Villa comes in and says that they have an ID for the vic, David Benjamin Jones. His daughter reported him missing.

Captain Slade has a forensic gemologist in the next room. He is going to verify the emerald.

Villa and Rosie go to visit the victim’s daughter. She shares that the sea was her father’s whole life. He was always searching for a sunken ship and the Queen Katarina Emeralds. He promised to find them for his daughter.

Rosie finds the victim’s diving maps. It’s all written in code.

Villa is checking out the fish, who we learn is named Lucy. Rosie knows all about the Lucy’s species of fish, because Rosie. Villa is all, “Is this really happening?” as Rosewood spouts of facts about the fish. I think the fish is going to be important to solving the case. How about you?

Rosie brings Lucy back to the lab.

Ooh! Pippy asks Mitchie and TMI if they think that they are finally going to meet their mother’s “friend” Gerald. She doesn’t know! Awkward!

Mitchie says, “Yeah, I heard that he doesn’t get out much.” I’m weak! Todd Harthan and the writers behind this show are hilarious!

TMI chimes in, “Yeah, I heard it didn’t work out anyway.”

When Pippy asks what happened, TMI explains, “Gerald is too guarded.” NO SHE DIDN’T! Mitchie is having a hard time keeping it together. I am too!

The awkwardness subsides when TMI starts to talk to Lucy, the fish. Pippy wants them to focus on the case, while TMI firmly states that Lucy needs their support right now or she’s going to die. Looks like TMI is identifying a bit with Lucy. She says, “She’s all alone, she just lost the most important person in her life, and she’s trying to move on…” Aw! Poor TMI! Pippy, take her back!

The forensic gemologist shares that the emerald is a legit treasure. He says that is not one of the Queen Katrina Emeralds though.

Eek! Hornstock’s daughter shows up. She wants to go set her stuff down in his office, but he distracts her with a book about emeralds.

Rosie and Villa are at Silicone Shores, the very business sending the victim angry letters in the mail about his diving locations. The vic was intruding on Silicone Shores diving locations.

The victim’s daughter calls Villa. She’s freaking out. She came home to a tossed house and she thinks the intruder is still in there.

Ooh! He sure is and he tries to attack Villa. The victim’s daughter knows the intruder, Billy!

Back at the station, Billy is in an interrogation room. He used to dive with the victim and he has a record.

Captain Slade says that he wants, “…first crack at this nut!” Slade interrogates the victim, while Rosie, Villa, and Hornstock watch from the other side of the one-way mirror. Rosie says that the man looks like he has a cataract in one eye and that he wants to put an eyepatch on him. Ha ha ha ha! Villa tells Rosie that he cannot build a pirate! This crew is too funny!

Meanwhile, Slade finds out that Billy and the victim had a falling out a while ago. Not going to lie, when I have a falling out with someone, they don’t show up dead a few months later. I think it was a bit more than a falling out, don’t you?

Slade shows Billy the emerald. Billy reaches for it. Slade asks Billy to dance. Uh oh. Slade is getting down and dirty! He puts Billy’s hands around his neck and walks him through the murder. Billy admits that the victim promised him that they would find the emeralds, but he gave up on him after one unsuccessful diving trip after another. Looks like Billy threw in the towel too soon.

Hornstock’s daughter shows up. Is she going to find out? She eyes up Slade, who Hornstock says is a new recruit. Ira directs his daughter back downstairs to the book he gave her to read.

Mrs. Rosewood and Rosie are having a heart to heart. Rosie tells his mom that there was closure with Eddie’s case in New York. He also admits that he still loves Villa, without quite saying those words out loud. He’s not sure if she still loves him. Donna doesn’t want to tell Pippy about Gerald just yet. This is going to cause a big problem.

Hornstock’s daughter is back upstairs and she runs into Slade. She tells Slade that she is Captain Hornstock’s daughter and she asks him if he’s the new recruit. Slade is playing along without outwardly lying for right now.

Rosie is breaking the victim’s map code. I love the music in the background. Rosie found the treasure’s location and declares, “X marks the spot!”

Uh oh! Carl Vincent from the Florida Coastal Patrol is back as the team investigates the victim’s boat. There’s blood. Wonder if it’s the murder scene?

Carl Vincent is flirting with Villa.

The blood type doesn’t match the victim. It’s fresh.

Hornstock calls Villa. He knows how was paying Dave. I bet it was the rich guy from Silicone Shores. What do you think?

Rosie and Villa crash the party the rich guy from Silicone Shores is hosting. Villa grabs his straw and is going to check his DNA. The rich guy admits to paying desperate divers to save his butt. He isn’t finding the treasure he thought he would and the victim was helping to cover it up.

Hornstock is back at the station with the forensic gemologist. The gemologist tells Hornstock he may want to leave the room due to a test with radiation he is about to perform. Hmmm… Something seems shady about this gemologist!

Hornstock gets a page or call and leaves the room for a moment. Not a good move, Hornstock. Not a good move.

Donna Rosewood is on the phone. I bet she’s talking to Gerald! She shoots, she scores! She is totally talking to Gerald, who has run out of money and tells Donna it’s time for her to give up on him. I doubt that’s going to happen, as she’s still talking to him when she made it seem like she wasn’t when she was talking to Rosie. Tisk tisk!

TMI is looking after Lucy, both figuratively and literally. She says that when Lucy gets agitated, she gets bitey. Donna asks where the type of fish that Lucy is typically live. TMI and Rosie have a lightbulb moment at the same time.

The attacker drown the victim in his own fish tank and Lucy bit the attacker as he was strangling his victim. Get it, Lucy!

Rosie and Villa are back at the station. Rosie thinks the evidence points to the victim knowing his attacker. Villa has some interesting evidence. The victim, who was usually very careful with his money, spent over $200 on a dinner the night before his murder. Villa thinks that Dave ate dinner with his killer the night before his murderer. Rosie points out that the restaurant is super fancy and that the killer must have expensive taste. Guess where the restaurant is located? Right next to the five-star hotel that the forensic gemologist required to be put up at while working on the case. Is the forensic gemologist the murdered? How clever!

Meanwhile in the basement, Hornstock’s daughter is pissed that she her father has kept her in the basement all day reading a book by Dr. Edgar Moreno, who she thinks is a whack job. He’s obsessed with finding his family’s lost gems. Well guess what? The forensic gemologist IS Dr. Moreno!

Uh oh! Rosie, Villa, and Hornstock all arrive in the empty room upstairs where the gemologist had been working. Guess what? He’s gone and so is the emerald!

Villa and Rosie were right. Dr. Moreno is their guy! They head down to the dock to find his boat.

Uh oh! Slade and Hornstock get into it. Hornstock blames Slade for hiring Moreno, while Slade blames Hornstock for letting Moreno out of his sight. Hornstock’s daughter comes up during the middle of their argument. Is she about to find out about the demotion?

Well, isn’t this a surprise! Captain Slade calls Hornstock, “Capt,” and takes the blame for letting Moreno go. Slade let’s Hornstock pretend to tell him off while Sophie, Hornstock’s daughter watches from a few feet away.

As they walk away, Hornstock thanks Slade. Slade says, “Kids needs parents they can believe in, but you better hope that we catch this killer, Detective!” He’s like a porcupine. Looks sweet, but he can be awfully prickly.

Rosie jumps onto Moreno’s boat. A moment later, Moreno comes out of the cabin with a gun posted at Rosie’s chest. He makes him climb to the top of the boat, or is it a yacht? It looks expensive. Also, yacht is a strangely spelled word.

Villa is too late. The boat/ship/yacht pulls away with Rosie being held at gunpoint by Moreno.

Rosie confronts Mereno about the murder. Mereno admits that he met with Dave, the murder victim, but that he did not kill him. Mereno says he’s always wanted his family’s emeralds back. Now he has one and with Dave’s maps, he is going to find the others as well.

Villa calls Carl Vincent from the Florida Coastal Patrol to help her go after Rosie. Carl continues to flirt with Villa and asks if she and Rosie are more than partners. Villa responds with, “He’s my partner,” before telling Carl to step on it!

Hmmm… Mereno says that as soon as he touches the sunken treasure, that the emerald or emeralds will become his, due to maritime laws. I want to go diving for buried treasure!

Villa and Carl point their guns at Mereno and Rosie. Carl looks nervous.

Rosie tells everyone that he wants to tell them a story. Hmmm… What does Rosie know that we don’t know?

The story is about Dave, the victim, he searches for a treasure for years. One day he finds a massive emerald. Dave’s emerald doesn’t stay secret for long. Someone he knows visits Dave. He knows that Dave has the emerald. Dave realizes the visitor wants the emerald and will do whatever it takes to get his hands on it. Dave swallows the emerald, but the visitor will not give up. Dave and the visitor get into a fight. Dave won’t give up the emerald, so the visitor drowns Dave in Lucy’s fish tank. The killer tried to make the death look like a diving accident, but he left evidence, a few drops of blood that Rosie and the team found on the boat. In the blood there were high levels of Dramamine, a drug used to combat seasickness.

Oh snap! Carl Vincent is the murderer! He had admitted to seeing Dave before and the alleged jellyfish stings on his arm, which he showed off to Villa earlier, are not what they seem. They are actually bites from Lucy, who attacked him while he was strangling and drowning Dave in the fish tank.

Carl knows he’s busted and he points his gun at Rosie.

Carl demands the gem. Carl is pissed that Dave stumbled on to the gem “by accident” and that he didn’t share his riches. Carl says that he spends all of his time saving people like Dave.

A gunfight breaks out and Mereno gets hit in the shoulder. Rosie tends to Mereno as bullets continue to fly.

We hear a splash! Is Villa in the water? The water is bubbling, is that Villa?

Rosie has the gem. He threatens to throw it in the water. He throw the gem at Carl while Villa tackles Carl.

Rosie knew it wasn’t Villa in the water because of all of the bubbles. It was an air tank.

Villa and Rosie meet with the victim’s daughter. They tell her that the emerald will go to her after the police are done with it. She is sad, but happy that her father made the ultimate sacrifice for her wellbeing.

Rosie and Villa are at their new hang out spot. It’s a beautiful outdoor bar and restaurant on the water. They are talking about treasure hunting.

Rosie tells Villa that he likes what they have. She agrees. They make a great team. They both agree that they are good. Good as in, going to fall in love soon and live happily ever after or good as in they have their partner mojo back? I guess only time will tell!

Yikes! There is one angry man at the restaurant. He throws his food and plate on the ground. He leaves without tipping.

Rosie comes to the rescue. Wait, Rosie is flirting with the waitress. STOP IT, ROSIE! She cuts her finger and Rosie makes sure she is okay. Luckily there is a first aid kit.

Villa watches the whole scene go down and ends the scene with the line, “I guess this is our new hang.” Not good! That could be some foreshadowing that Rosie and the waitress area about to get real friendly and ruin my happily ever after vision for them! You know what? Bones and Booth did a similar little dance for several seasons, remember that? But they eventually figured it out and got together. I hope the same thing happens for Villa and Rosie.

We cut over to Hornstock admitting the truth to his daughter. He starts to admit the truth, but his daughter already figured it out. He tells her that he let her down. Sophie, being the stellar kid that she is, tells her dad that his position or where he is in the squad room isn’t important. He’s her dad, who she knows is a good guy, and she loves him.

We head over to the lab, where Rosie is looking at a document the bank sent to his mother. Rosie, put it down, nothing good can come of you reading that letter!

Everyone is together at family dinner. Rosewood shows up with the bank document he found at the lab. He tells his mother he wants to talk now.

Oh my gosh! Donna Rosewood took out a mortgage (another strangely spelled word) on her house! Rosie tells her that the money better be for Pippy and not pay for the lawyer of a man in prison. The beans have officially been spilled. Pippy asks who’s in jail. When she finds out it’s Gerald, it all hits the fan. Rosie thinks his mother lied to him, as he thought she was done with Gerald. His mother tells him he only believed what he wanted to believe.

TMI and Mitchie try to leave, Donna tells them to sit down and that they are all having family dinner. She said that the money is used to pay Gerald’s lawyer, who needs a 100k retainer! EEK!

Rosie thinks Gerald is guilty. Donna does not. Things are not looking good!

Rosie shows his mother the pictures of Gerald’s alleged victims. Donna says that Gerald is a kind man and that he’s selfless. She believes in him, even though no one else does. Donna says to, “get on board or get out of the way. Support or silent. Those are your options.”

Yikes! Rosie thinks his mother is throwing her life away for a serial killer.

Donna leaves and tells Rosie to makes his own dinner. Not good!

The last scene takes place in prison, where one of the prisoners is giving Gerald a hard time about his “new girlfriend.” Gerald’s first response is to wrap his hands around the man’s neck. He chokes him until three guards subdue him.


My Thoughts:

Great episode tonight! I love treasuring hunting and this episode did not disappoint.

Rosie and Villa are really clicking professionally right now. That cute waitress at the end looks like she might put a wrench in Rosie and Villa’s relationship. Think Bones and the reporter… *insert angry face*

Pippy and TMI seem to be heading in the right direction. I’m hoping Pippy continues to sing, but with TMI in the audience.

Things are not looking good for Gerald, but is he really a serial killer? Is this bout of violence typical behavior or did he snap when the other prisoner brought up Donna? I guess only time will tell, but part of me thinks that he really is a serial killer and that he will get out of jail and go after Donna. What do you think? Do you think Gerald is guilty or innocent?

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts!

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