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Quarry - Carnival of Souls - Review

I've discussed in previous reviews about how Quarry, a perfectly good show, doesn't exactly lend itself to episodic reviews. For this reason, I debated whether or not I should even review this episode, considering the amount of time that has passed since it aired. "Carnival of Souls" is not a bad or unremarkable piece of TV or anything, but outside of recapping the plot (something I will never do), I'm not sure I can write all that much about it.

But what "Carnival of Souls", the penultimate episode of Quarry's debut season, makes very clear is that this show is growing increasingly comfortable in its own skin, with this episode further exemplifying the outstanding world-building the show has subtly done over the course of its first seven episodes. This episode's best moments were those that gave us further insight into the inner workings and power structure of The Broker's operation, such as Buddy's failed pitch to his boss to become his sole weapons dealer.

This episode's plot revolved around Mac and Buddy getting assigned to kill local drug dealer Credence Mason, a character we've met before briefly. And said assignment led to some solid comedic material for the episode, such as Mac and Buddy getting caught and pretending to be gay, or both having to give kids sweets at Halloween when they break into the house of one of Mason's henchmen.

The end of the episode also brought together two of the season's long-running threads: Mac's new job and Detective Olsen's investigation. The cliffhanger was exciting enough, but its impact was lessened due to the lack of impact Olsen has made as a character. A few weeks ago I praised the show's decision to include a cop angle, but since his introduction, Olsen has yet to develop into a character of any depth, nor has the show ever suggested any depth to the character. Looking back on the season, I think it's fair to say the cop subplot, including Olsen's relationship with Cliff's sister, was the weakest element, and I highly doubt anything in the finale will change that.

Other than that, the episode's other relatively significant development was Joni meeting The Broker for the first time, though she didn't know it. It was a well put together scene on a technical level and was effectively intimidating, with The Broker's relaxed and jovial demeanor a direct contrast to how the camera views him. For the bulk of the scene, the camera stays on Joni, The Broker's figure visible in the mirror behind her. The Broker may appear friendly, but the direction of the scene suggests that he may have other motivations.

Grade: B

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