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Pitch - The Interim - Review

On this week’s episode of Pitch, the coach got called out for something he said about Ginny years before. This prompted Frank, who already wanted Al out, to start pushing him out. In flashbacks, we learned more about how Amelia became Ginny’s lawyer and Ginny’s relationship with her brother Will. Mike got fed up with his team’s behavior and urged them to work together because they owe it to their coach. Ginny went on Jimmy Kimmel and defended their coach. 

YES: Have you ever seen something on TV that you so wholeheartedly agree with that you actually have to stand up and say “YES”? Well, that’s what happened to me during the Jimmy Kimmel scene. This scene is my favorite scene this week. Ginny’s been thrown into the spotlight, went from being not really well known to the most talked-about person in the country in a very short time. She’s being pushed into interviews and into doing things that she doesn’t always agree with or feels that is right for her but since it’s all so new, she doesn’t feel like she can refuse. However, here she finally decided who she wants to be and how she wants to be depicted in the media. They’re going to judge her either way so they might as well judge her for something she actually believes in. 

First, she refuses the do the decorating segment, which I agree sounded like an absolutely ridiculous idea. Somehow I doubt they would’ve given that segment to one of the guys on the team. Secondly, she defended her coach. Yeah, he said something stupid. Guess what, there’s not a person in the world who hasn’t said something stupid and later regretted it. The most important part isn’t whether or not that person said it, but whether or not they regretted it. And Al did regret it. So Ginny stood up for him because she believes that was the right thing to do. And thirdly, she commented on the case where a woman was sexually assaulted by another athlete. As usually happens in the media, the woman gets all the blame. But Ginny called them out on it. I added the quote to my best quotes segment but will repeat it here as well. “We don’t need to make sure that every girl goes into the right room. We need to make sure every boy knows it’s wrong to rape.” This quote is so important. Rape is the only crime where not a single excuse or motive justifies the attack. Yet it’s the crime where excuses get made the most. What was the victim wearing? What was she doing there? Was she asking for it? No! Instead of telling girls what to do and what not to do, how about we simply just teach boys that it’s wrong to sexually assault someone. Ginny understood this and called them out on it. And that’s why I stood up and yelled “YES”. 

Favorite character: Last week, we only got a tiny glimpse at what Amelia is like. What we did immediately notice, is that she’s not someone you mess with. I like that this week’s flashbacks didn’t only focus on Ginny, but also gave us a closer look at what makes Amelia tick. She’s had a rough time with being unable to have kids and her husband leaving her. But instead of falling apart, she thrived. I love that she seemed to be inspired by Ginny. She may have said that she wanted to be Ginny’s agent because Ginny needed her, but Amelia needed Ginny just as much. When Ginny went against her about what she should do on the talk show, she could’ve reacted angrily and stood by her opinion. However, she non-verbally showed that she might have been wrong. When Ginny tells her she’s the boss, she doesn’t disagree. There are agents who would’ve quit over this, or at least thrown a fit. But not Amelia. She fights for what she wants, but she also knows she’s not perfect and is okay with that. 

I stand corrected: So, last week I speculated that Ginny and her brother probably didn’t have a great relationship growing up. Turns out I was wrong. Will actually became her manager until Amelia took over. I really loved their relationship. However, I still find it odd we haven’t seen him around in the present day. Especially considering everything that’s going on in Ginny’s life right now. I hope their relationship didn’t suffer too much after Amelia became her agent. It’s possible that the reason he became her agent in the first place was to spend more time together. I doubt Ginny has much of a personal life outside of baseball. We also don’t know how Will dealt with their father’s death since the flashbacks took place before he died. I hope we get to see him in the present day soon. 
He’s growing one me: So, Mike is slowly growing on me. Aside from Blip, he is the least childish member of the Padres. And even though he had to be pushed into it at first, he does seem to be taking a mediating role in the team, trying to smooth things over between Ginny and the other guys. Though I do believe that if it wasn’t for all of the media attention, the team would be slightly less pissed off. They did seem to warm up to her when they went out for drinks before they heard the latest news reports. I felt kind of bad for Mike when he heard his ex was engaged. Clearly, the break-up wasn’t as final for him as it was for her. 

Quotes: Katie Nolan: “Guess some of those big strong men don’t like the pretty, little girl getting more attention, huh? Come on boys, haven’t you seen the movie? There’s no crying in baseball.” 
Ginny: “I’ve got biology working against me. I need to work harder than everyone else.” 
Will: “You’re the boss, don’t you ever forget that.” 
Ginny: “We don’t need to make sure that every girl goes into the right room. We need to make sure every boy knows it’s wrong to rape.” 

That’s it for this week’s episode of Pitch. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.
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