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Pitch - Beanball - Review + POLL

This week on Pitch, the Padres went up against a team that injured on of their own. The game ended in a brawl. Amelia and Mike both deal with their tryst in their own way. Al fights back against Frank and his job seems safe for now, while Frank’s does not. Through flashbacks, we find out about Ginny’s relationship with Trevor and he tells her his phone, which had photos of her on it, was hacked. Mike seems to be having physical issues while the team seems to become more accepting of Ginny. 

Favorite character: All Ginny has wanted these past 3 episodes is to be treated the same way a guy would be. Some members of the team have been trying to very hard but have sometimes created an overcorrection. This week the issue was that some of the guys didn’t want her to get hurt. But they wouldn’t have worried about this if it had been any other member of the team. Another issue was shown to us in the flashbacks. There’s a reason why Ginny has a no-ballplayers rule. She broke that rule with Trevor because she thought he was quitting baseball. However, when it turned out that he wasn’t quitting, but instead getting promoted, Ginny pulled back. And we later saw that the guys on her team were already making comments about how sleeping with her would get them into the Majors. There’s another consequence that hasn’t been shown yet but that might soon if those pictures from Trevor’s phone get out. How many successful woman have had to hear the “Did you sleep your way to the top” comment in their lives? If people find out she used to date Trevor, they might start asking the same thing. They might assume that he pulled in some kind of favor. There’s not a doubt in my mind that this question has crossed Ginny’s mind. Everything she’s worked for her entire life might be pulled into question because of a relationship she had. And the worst part is, that this wouldn’t be the case if it were the other way around. 

Favorite couple: I should’ve mentioned these two last week but I wanted to focus on other aspects in that review. So I figured I’d voice my love for Blip and Evelyn this week. They truly are an amazing couple and I really hope the writers don’t have them separate for the sake of creating drama. From her going to extreme lengths to get him his favorite t-shirt, to her cheering him on to get in the fight. Blip is extremely lucky to have her and he better not do anything to screw it up. 

Smartest cookie: Al may not always say the right thing, but he’s a lot smarter than people give him credit for. He proved it this week. Frank has been trying to push him out but this week he fought back. And everything he told Maxine is true. If he had gotten fired so soon after the outrage over what he said about Ginny 2 years ago, the public and the team would’ve probably blamed her. It would’ve had a hugely negative effect on the team. I find it a bit odd that Frank didn’t realize this. This confirms for me that his motivations for kicking Al out are purely personal. But you can’t get rid of him that easily. I’m pretty sure he got himself kicked out of that game on purpose so that he’d have the opportunity to get Maxine in his corner. 

Funniest moment: A perfect example of Al being smarter than everyone thinks is when he reveals he speaks Korean. He had a player that only spoke Korean, so instead of having an interpreter on standby at all time, he learned the language himself. Because let’s be honest, it’s unlikely that he learned Korean as a hobby. Oscar spent the entire episode looking for someone who spoke Korean and never even assumed Al would be able to. This, of course, led to what I believe to be the funniest scene this week. Oscar’s face really said it all. 

Cutest character: Daniella was so adorable this week. She clearly knows way more about baseball than I do. I loved her meeting with Ginny, which she handled with way more grace than I would have if I got to meet my idol. My heart broke for her when Oscar told her he and her mother were getting a divorce, something he’d clearly been dreading telling her. But again, she handled it very maturely. 

The music: I feel like this needs to be mentioned because I really love the music this show uses. Especially songs by Black Violin. They always match the mood perfectly. 
Best quotes: Ginny: “First of all, I’m not going out with Drake. I don’t even know Drake. But I’ve met you guys and I’ve met you guys. And I don’t care if you’re rappers or doctors, I’m never going to go out with you.” 
Al: “I have my moments. I mean, even a hog finds a pile of crap to roll around in once in a while.” 
Al: “People who underestimate me tend to be surprised.” 
Mike: “Do I look like I play golf?” Ginny: “You look like a cousin from Duck Dynasty.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.
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