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Pitch - Alfonso Guzman-Chavez - Review + POLL

This week on Pitch the execs had 48 hours to trade players and cut deals. The players were left to anxiously await news about who was getting traded. Ginny and Blip were worried that he would get traded but he ended up being in the clear. Tommy did get traded. Amelia and Mike try to define their relationship when a fan ruins Amelia’s car and Amelia tells Ginny about her involvement with Mike. In flashbacks, we meet an old friend of Ginny’s, Jordan, and find out more about how Ginny’s dad died. 

Character that needed a hug: Blip really went to an emotional rollercoaster this week. I never really stopped to think how nerve-racking it must be during the trade period. If he had gotten traded, he would’ve had to uproot his entire family. That means new schools for the kids, a new home, a new city to get used to all so you can get traded again the next year and start it all over again. I completely get why he snapped at Ginny. While I understand that she’s worried about losing one of her few friends, she wasn’t really taking his feelings into consideration. But she acknowledged that and even went as far as to fight for him with Oscar. At first, I was worried that she might have actually put the idea to trade him into his head, but what she said must have registered somewhere. I’m glad that he got to stay. 

Favorite moment: Just like Blip and Ginny, I too was on the edge of my seat during the countdown to the MLB trade deadline. I really thought something was going to happen last minute. I love Ginny and Blip’s friendship. I hope we get more episodes that highlight it before the end of the season. 

Favorite relationship: I know a lot of people are starting to ship Ginny and Mike but so far I’m really enjoying Amelia and Mike’s relationship. I think they actually work really well together. This week was really big for them, a fan ruining Amelia’s car forced them to define their relationship and it seems to be headed in the right direction. I’m sure Ginny’s facial expression at the end of the episode means that she has some sort of feelings for Mike and that will come into play in the future but for now, I’m enjoying seeing where Amelia and Mike are headed. 

Favorite flashback: I really enjoyed the relationship between Ginny and Jordan. With her mind always on training, Ginny doesn’t really have time for many friends. But it was nice to see the non-serious side of her. I was expecting Ginny’s father to object to her getting closer to someone, but he was surprisingly supportive. I guess he realized she needed social contact as much as training. I love how protective Bill got in the end of Jordan. I think in that moment he realized how lucky he was that baseball had brought him and Ginny closer. If she hadn’t taken to the sport, their relationship probably would’ve been very similar to that of Jordan and his dad. My favorite flashback is, therefore, a tie between Ginny and Jordan singing Katy Perry in the car and Bill calling Jordan’s dad at the game. 

Most shocking moment: When we got to the flashback where Jordan’s dad is driving to the game, the first thought in my head was “Oh god, not another car accident.” I never actually made the connection until I saw Ginny sitting on the sidewalk. While it was never actually shown, I’m assuming that Jordan’s father was arrested for drunk driving (he clearly wasn’t sober when he left his home). Therefore Jordan had to move away, probably went to live with another family member (we never found out where his mother was). After something like this, it’s not surprising that Ginny finds it hard to get close to people. The only thing in this flashback that wasn’t clear to me is where Jordan was after the game. Wouldn’t he have driven back with them? 
Character I’m (surprisingly) sad to see go: I detested Tommy in the beginning, but somehow his friendship with Ginny had grown on me. He kind of reminded me a little of Jordan actually. I would’ve liked to have seen more of him and his family. 

Best quotes: Mike: “I take it back. One of you is a goner.” 
Al: “You have unusually long eyelashes.” 
Ginny: “The Padres without Blip is like… Destiny’s child without Beyonce.” Evelyn: “I love my husband, but he’s no Queen B. I mean, Kelly Rowland, maybe.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.
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