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Lucifer - Monster - Advance Preview: “Haunting”

After the intense ending to the prior episode, this one wastes no time dealing with the fallout from Uriel’s death. Viewers will be treated to a vast array of beautifully haunting scenes that show the inner turmoil of all those affected by the events that happened last week. Each performer is given grand opportunities to express what their character is going through allowing for them to deliver some truly moving performances. This is a very emotional episode that will draw at heartstrings.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, and for those, like myself, excited to finally get some insight into the living arrangements between Maze and Chloe you won’t be disappointed. The scenes they share are funny yet sincere. Whoever decided to craft a plot point that will allow Lauren German and Lesley-Ann Brandt to work together more regularly deserves praise. If two actresses were ever meant to work together it is these two because their acting styles mesh together perfectly. Their scenes should please many viewers.

In regards to the adorable promo picture released of Trixie and Maze, I can confirm that the scene is even more adorable than the picture conveys. All of their trick-or-treating scenes provide for some great bonding moments. These scenes left me very grateful that Halloween fell on a Monday this year to give the writers an excuse to write them. Trixie fans won’t be disappointed by the amount of screentime she gets this week. Brandt and Scarlett Estevez deliver some really fun scenes between their characters.

The case of the week is kind of weird given its zombie theme, but it actually plays really well into the overall tone of the episode. It also touches on some very real human emotions that Lucifer will struggle with throughout. If you’re confused on how human emotions and a zombie storyline could possibly work together I can confirm to you that they do. As to how they correlate within the story, well for that answer, you’re just going to have to watch to find out, but it’s one of the more interesting cases of the week. What happens during the investigation forces Chloe to have to make some tough choices regarding Lucifer.

While the entire episode is extraordinary the ending will leave jaws on the floor. I won’t spend much time talking about it because frankly, it’s just too good to risk spoiling, but this is just my fair warning to prepare to hold your jaw in place during the last minutes of the episode. I won’t say who is involved or the context of the scene, but it is stunning and absolutely can’t be missed. If you’re planning to go out trick-or-treating on Monday night plan accordingly because you will not want to delay watching this episode and if you’re going to be home turn off your outside lights to avoid interruptions. Every single second of this episode is brilliantly crafted with moments that will surely be the launching point for some huge storylines in the coming weeks.

Do not miss this emotionally haunting episode when it airs on Monday, October 31st at 9/8C on FOX.

Some quotes to tide you over until Monday:
“Maybe living together was a bad idea.”
“Sure, I’ll take your offspring for a walk.”
“Lucifer, seriously, whatever you’re going through, I don’t know, maybe I can help.”
“He would still be alive if it wasn’t for me.”
“What are you waiting for?! Just shoot me, right now, please!”

Hit the comments with your hopes for this episode. What do you hope happens? Be sure to leave your guesses on what the final scene will consist of. I will not confirm or deny anything regarding the ending, but it will be fun to read the speculations.