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Legends of Tomorrow - Out of Time - Advance Preview: "History is yours now, my dear Legends"

Just like in the new season premieres of the Flash and Arrow, there’s been a shift in the dynamic of Legends of Tomorrow. The premiere takes place around 6 months after last season's finale and we find out the team has been going around space and time acting as new time masters and protecting the timeline.

There’s no clear main villain in sight just yet, but the new premise and set up is clear from the very first second. It’s a clever way to reboot the show, while also building up the inevitable introduction of the antagonist. For those wondering whether the cliff-cliffhanger from last season will be addressed or not, we'll have to wait until episode 2 to learn more about the Justice Society.

2x1 picks up in present time Star City where a mysterious man (Nick Zano joining as a new regular) is dying to see newly appointed mayor Oliver Queen (Crossover Guest Star Stephen Amell) to tell him that the Legends are in danger. After a lot of convincing, Oliver and Dr. Nate Heywood uncover the wreckage of the Waverider and wake up one of the Legends from their stasis.

The events leading up to the present are the focal point here, recounted in a series of flashbacks spanning from 1673 France to 1942 New York where a nuclear explosion is about to be unleashed. You will see what each of the legends have been up to so far including Sara’s personal side mission.

As each piece of the puzzle comes together we learn what and more specifically who (A villain we are all familiar with) caused the Waverider to end up at the bottom of the ocean and the team to be split apart.

Favourite moments:
Dr Heywood (whose over-enthusiastic and agitated nature gave me a headache) deduces the Green Arrow’s identity in a matter of seconds.
The first firestorm fusion sequence in 1673 France.
Jackson presents his iPhone to the young King and calls it his “magic mirror”.
The Legends reunite and receive a hologram message. It's one of my favourite speeches that the show has done to date.

Notable absences:
Kendra, who has left the team to be with her soulmate and Leonard Snart who died saving the day last season. I can’t wait to see if there will be new additions to the team. We've already been teased with Commander steel and the new Vixen will be appearing very soon.

Who said it:
1. “They’re not in trouble… they’re dead”
2. [Vile witch, you have corrupted the women of our village!] "In my defence, they were happily corrupted."
3. “Without that fancy suit, you’re nothing but a self-righteous rich guy”
4. "I’ve been waiting a long time for this. [Long time for what?] To kill you."
5. "I don't have time to time travel."

Blind items:
1. One of the legends is going to punch Albert Einstein
2. Heywood and ______ ,who was left behind in the Waverider will go on a mission to rescue the rest of the Legends from hilarious and dire time periods including South Dakota... 70 million years ago, Medieval England and the Salem Witch trials.
3. Rip will begin training one of the Legends as his successor.
4. A member of the team will disappear at the end of the episode and might potentially be dead
5. There’s a great cliffhanger showing Damian Darhk meeting ANOTHER beloved recurring baddie from the DC universe. What brought them together? Is this the beginning of the “Legion of Doom”? The answers will come soon in LOT’s sophomore season.

First thoughts:
While most of the episode felt like it was playing it too safe, the ending and final cliffhanger will both offer good plot twists to keep you hooked. Having never really been a fan of the Hawk duo, I find the core team much more enjoyable now. Would it be too much to ask for the Black Canary/Black Siren to make a return and join in as well?
Thank you very much for reading, my dear Legends. Don't miss the premiere of Legends of Tomorrow October 13th 8/7c on the CW.

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