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Grey's Anatomy - I Ain't No Miracle Worker - Review

My thanks to Marko for reviewing last week while I lay pitifully in my sick bed...with 'girl flu' as I like to call it. I feel much better now though no thanks to this week's episode.

Can anyone remember what happened? After a pretty good start to season thirteen with two strong episodes, for the first time in a long time I am actually worried about Grey’s Anatomy. It is not a good sign when we are three episodes and have little of substance. Okay, we have the alleged felon Alex….

“I Ain’t No Miracle Worker” written by Andy Reaser, directed by Rob Corn, was a filler. I’m sure it wasn’t briefed to be so but name me one story that was advanced as a result of this deathly dull piece of television. And Shondaland has no business filling us up so early in the season. Am I being harsh. I’m being too harsh. Actually I’m not. Since season eleven I have high expectations of this show again. The producers have proven to me that life goes on after Cristina and even more after Derek. Season twelve was immense, a watershed season for a mature show. Yet I’m now beginning to wonder if Callie was the glue holding it all together. Or maybe the departure of Callie was one old favourite too many? The character that broke the show’s back Or more likely the story gap left by the apparent abrupt departure of Sara Ramirez has not yet been filled and polished. She may have left at the end of a season but I’m guessing that season thirteen planning had already started with her in it.

Miracles were the order of the day at Grey Sloan as a multi vehicle pile up during a funeral procession created a backdrop that smashed open family politics giving our favourite doctors lessons in forgiveness and faith. And yet while the family squabbled the doctors stood around, gossiped and fretted like high school teenagers. I’m disappointed in the direction…there literally was too much standing around.

Yes it was that bad.

Arguably the biggest story so far of the season, Alex and his fists, went nowhere. He’s bored in the clinic yet knows he has to dig in. And that's about all we got of that story. The arrival of Arizona, back from her seemingly very long visit with her daughter, focusses our mind. Long - April is now walking around after major open c-section surgery, DeLuca is back at work after nearly losing his eyesight. Hmmm that was a very long New York vacation! She’s stuck in the middle but she appears to be the only one mature enough to deal with conflicted relationships, and to give DeLuca support he needs. She’s the grown up that Meredith really isn’t. We needed more from this story this week. I wanted more from Jo (yes you read that right) and I need more from Alex. Now would be a great time for him to break down in some way. Where will this story lead to? Will it fizz out to a drip because Arizona directly or indirectly persuaded DeLuca do ‘do the right thing’? Or will we be treated to another courtroom drama ending with Alex locked up.

Meredith is digging a hole with Maggie, the size commensurate with the big black one in space. Her eyes are wide open as she walks into it in the full knowledge that the lie she keeps is going to enrage, alienate and destroy her loyal sister. Meredith has never known how to be a sister and she clearly hasn’t learnt how to be one despite the presence of several versions of sisters through the years. It’s all making Meredith very hard to watch. Not Riggs though. He becomes more watchable by the episode. There was a nice hat tip to Derek with references to miracle dreams of the dead returning. It’s only a matter of time before Megan appears, lobbed in by Shonda like a hand grenade, to blow up the story. And paranoid, worried, Maggie just goes on and on about the boy she fancies yet can’t have. Surely this script is something out of Glee, albeit without the singing?

Even the most filler of filler episodes contains great humour and pith. This was no exception. Jackson and April are the adorable (non) couple at the moment. It would give me a nice warm fuzzy feeling to see those two develop a cosy and loving friendship again as a foundation to coming back together. Though, honestly, I do prefer the drama.

Richard turned up to say hello, Bailey deputised Ben as bad cop and Amelia is all sexed up.

The star of the episode turned out to be the brilliant medical storyline which provided humour and some great lines for Stephanie. Stephanie’s character reminds me of Teddy…a character they can’t quite figure out what to do.

That’s all I have this week. My Grey’s vessel is empty, not through sickness but sheer boredom and I’m worried for this season. This is season thirteen, something needs to kick in pretty soon. Come on Shonda…where’s that hand grenade.

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