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Dr. Ken - Ken and Allison Share a Patient - Review: "Dig a Little Deeper"

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This episode of Dr. Ken picks up where the last left off, with Allison joining the Welltopia family and Ken's father, D.K., moving in.

Last week's episode had Allison reassuring Ken that she would fit in at Welltopia and is happy about the career change, but her first day causes her to have second thoughts.

Allison's first patient has been referred to her by Ken. After her session, she tells him that she believes that the depressed Mr. Davis doesn't have a mental problem, but a physical one. Ken protests that he did a thorough examination, but Allison tells him that he has missed something. Like animals sensing earthquakes, Clark and Damona immediately realize that something very big and bad is about to happen. Allison tells Ken to "dig a little deeper", which offends him at the deepest professional level. Their argument spills over into their home life, with Ken even criticizing Allison's signature on Dave's permission slip.

Allison's and Ken's animosity continues. Ken argues that Allison would have had more professional courtesy if he wasn't her husband and she would never have told a professional colleague to "dig a little deeper". Both realize that they need to set boundaries in their new work relationship.

That doesn't stop them from their competition, though, and they become intensely eager to foist Mr. Davis off to the other person. In the end, the patient admits that he is taking supplements that he didn't list on the intake form and they conclude he has excess calcium in his body. The problem wasn't Ken or Allison being bad at their jobs, but just the patient being an idiot (seriously - don't lie to your doctors!).

Dave has his own troubles adjusting to a new environment. He has just started middle school and, despite making in-roads with the librarians, he hasn't been able to make any friends. Molly and D.K. decide to help him out.

D.K.'s move was only included in the tag last week and it's pretty much glossed over this week. He is suddenly a fixture in the family, determined to make sure his grandson becomes popular. Dave ignores Molly's wise advice about being himself and tries to become the silent, sensitive loner. This doesn't work and Dave's silly hat isn't helping (unless someone is looking for an old-timey detective). D.K. shares an ancient Korean legend about a magic, confidence-giving feather and gives one to his grandson. The feather helps Dave have the confidence to make friends. When Molly confronts D.K. about there being no such legend, D.K. admits that he got the idea from Dumbo. Ken's panic about his lost "magic pen" shows that D.K.'s been using this trick for a while.

While the Park family deals with their own problems, Clark gets reluctantly roped into helping Pat and Demona. Pat, in an effort to take his relationship with Damona to the next level, has made up a tapas-loving, spoon-collecting girlfriend. Instead of making Damona jealous, Pat's new relationship gave her the opportunity to introduce her new boyfriend, Eric. No matter how many edible arrangements Pat receives from the imaginary Cheryl, Damona seems happy with her new beau. He finally confesses (because she isn't an idiot, she had figured it out) that he wanted something more with her. She declines, but they part on good terms.

Dr. Ken continues its roll. It manages to be funny and sweet, letting every character get his or her own moment to shine.

Let me know what you think of this episode!

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Laurel Weibezahn is a freelance writer. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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