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Chicago Med - Extreme Measures - Review

“You must be one hell of a poker player…it was a hell of a gamble.”

April and Noah are first to respond when a man named Ignacio is run over by a cart at a marathon. Sharon instructs April to wait for Will, who will arrive shortly. But Ignacio’s in bad shape, so Noah takes matters into his own hands. Look, I’m no doctor. But I’m pretty sure watching videos on YouTube to learn how to do a procedure aren’t approved practices for medical training. Honestly, Noah is lucky everything turned out as it did. But before everything ended well, it got a lot worse.

Once on scene, Will takes over. He’s hesitant to perform extreme measures, as he hasn’t had much success with that in the past. But with Ignacio’s condition and their inability to get to the hospital in time, Will makes a bold choice: operate in the field. Before long, Ignacio has a large hole in his side. So large, I was watching thinking, “Yeah, he’s dead.”

Miraculously, Ignacio makes it to the hospital. Connor isn’t thrilled with what was done in the field, but his typically volatile relationship with Will didn’t really ignite. He of course made his feelings toward Will’s actions in the field known, but there was no yelling, which is a bit shocking for these two. After surgery, Connor is even sympathetic toward Will’s concern and wakes Ignacio up to see if he’ll be paralyzed. It really must have been Ignacio’s day, because he receives yet another miracle. He’s not paralyzed!

I know that Will and Natalie are endgame, but Will and Nina are absolutely adorable together! It would be a shame to lose Nina when that relationship inevitably ends, as she’s a great addition to the show. When all is said and done, Will will be a better person because of Nina. You can already see the change! We’ve all struggled when it comes to Will and his likability, but I’m firmly on board with him this season. His motives have changed; in the field he was hesitant to perform extreme measures and at the hospital, he was genuinely concerned about what his actions may have caused. He’s grown so much in such a short amount of time. I cried with him as he broke down with relief knowing Ignacio will recover. For me, this feels like a different show now that I genuinely care about its lead (Will) and his story.

Side note: April and Noah seem to have repaired their relationship since we last saw them, though I’m still undecided. He was at first more concerned with chatting up women and then determined he could save Ignacio simply by watching a YouTube video. Sure, it paid off in the end. But I still don’t trust him.


“People think sex is a touchy subject. Believe me, money is a lot touchier.”

In addition to Will, another changed character this season is Ethan. Though with Ethan, it doesn’t seem to be for the better. He seems a little off, right? It’s not just me? I’m hoping he can break through those walls he seems to have built back up in the show’s summer absence. He had a moving case this week, though he wasn’t very moving. His patient, Mrs. Barlow, is having serious money problems to the point that she’s selling her medication and eating her cat’s food! How heartbreaking. Where is her family? Who takes care of her? Sure, she’s friends with her neighbor, but they don’t really take care of each other. Everyone should have someone, especially an elderly lady struggling to get by.

“She thought she was doing the right thing. She risked everything and lost everything to get her daughter out of harm’s way. And we’re sending her to jail.”

Natalie’s case this week proved that in the real world, things aren’t black and white. Even when you think you are doing everything right to protect your child and have the best of intentions, you can still lose everything. A mother brings her daughter, Phoebe, to the ED because of sudden hearing loss. After running several tests, the results point to a history of abuse.

Phoebe’s mom comes clean and tells the doctors that her ex-husband isn’t dead. She suspected he was abusing Phoebe, so she took (and by took I mean kidnapped) Phoebe and ran. She acted in what she thought was her daughter’s best interest. She just wanted to keep her safe! But the hospital is left with no choice, they have to report it. To make things worse, Phoebe wasn’t abused by her father. She has a genetic condition that makes her bones prone to breakage. This mom risked everything to keep her child safe, and she was still, somehow, wrong.

“Aloha actually means to consciously manifest life joyously in the present.”

I knew I sensed a budding friendship between Sharon and Connor! It’s a smart move to connect Sharon to Connor, as he has arguably become the lead of the show (okay, let’s say it’s a tie between Connor and Will). Sharon’s role keeps her out of the ED most of the time, so finding a way to bring her into the story was key to keeping her a relevant character. Connor may not have known that Sharon made her separation from her husband Burt official, but he could sense that she’d had a rough day. He takes her to Dr. Downey’s favorite place in the city, a Hawaiian restaurant as close to the real thing as you can get. This wasn't a friendship I saw coming, but it has serious potential to be a great, dynamic bond. Connor is a leader in the  making, and Sharon is the perfect mentor to help him step into that role.

What did you think of the episode? Is Will really changing for the better? Will we see a different side of Ethan soon? Share your thoughts below!

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