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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Coral Palms Pt.3 - Review: "Gina Linetti is the Real Hero"

The conclusion of the three-part Florida extravaganza was upon us, and how do I feel? Pretty darn satisfied, actually. The writers really knew how to keep tensions rising throughout the episode, coupled with fantastic direction and excellent comedic timing by the entire ensemble. This set of episodes is not to be missed - this is powerful, quality television in under just 25 minutes. I'd like to personally give the show an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series for 2017, because as far as I'm concerned, it has already earned it. Let's get to the review!

Previously on Brooklyn Nine-Nine... Jake and Holt's master plan for their viral video worked, but did it work too well? It got the attention of Figgis and brought him to Florida, only to have him go after their marshall and force Jake and Holt to go on the run. But it also let Holt finally agree to allow the 99 to join him. Surprisingly enough, though, the episode does not start where the last one ended off. The intro is a satirical news report that looked so real that I almost changed the channel thinking I was watching the actual news and not the show itself. Sure enough, Jake and Holt can't buy anything in a grocery store because they're so famous. First the viral video and then the news. What's next? Anyway, this was very well done and they actually interlaced them being on the run very well with going back to the 99 showing the squad getting ready to come to Florida, without the approval of the new captain. However, after jumping a fence and landing in a dumpster, Holt gets 'impaled' in the leg on a pipe, much to my dismay and violet outbursts after the fact. Thankfully, he ended up being just fine, this actually provided a hilarious scene where he is stitching himself up while trying to talk Jake through it, who's nauseous at the whole idea. A few gripes in the first act though, but they're only small things. The 99's road trip was hilarious, I wouldn't change anything about it except for the fact that it was very unrealistic how fast they got there. They even got into a car accident on the way. How on earth did they get there so fast? You mean to tell me Holt's stitching took several hours? I don't know. But I was too busy alternating between laughter and horror to demote the episode's worth for this. And besides, Jake and Amy's first seconds of reunion together were priceless.

I admired how they tried to hype up the angst in reuniting Jake and Amy. I don't really like how they're shoving Boyle's baby in our faces, but I digress. But it still really bothers me that all the weight is being put on their reunion when Holt hasn't seen Kevin in close to a year almost! This is truly frightening! And after the kiss with Jake and the homophobia and all the separation anxiety Holt has already gone through when he went to's only fair that they get their time to shine soon too! Please? Transitionally, the fabulous Chelsea Peretti was on fire tonight (not literally, that was a different episode). I didn't know I wanted to hear Gina speaking in Italian, but now I do. And the fact that she gravitated towards helping Holt and didn't even groan about having to miss out on the action was perfect, especially given that she went ahead and carried him into the battlefield anyway, literally. Also, I'm gonna need the show to come back to their gossiping about boys. Thanks. She was the star of the episode and when she was able to get not one, but two guns so easily is truly scary. The squad should be worried about this. Next thing you know she'll apply to become a field agent. And that will truly be the day I will have seen it all on this show. Props to Stephanie Beatriz too, as her high pitch childlike voice was astounding to me, and her getting physical with other cops a few times was fantastic to see.


And finally, I have to talk about the meat of the episode. Eric Roberts as Figgis. Did it work for me? Yeah, it really did. I've seen him in these slimy roles before, and this was no different. On the flip side, I really would've liked more face time for him. Aside from the weird taunt to Jake over the phone, I just wanted to see more of the person who ruined Jake's life, so to speak. When he shot the cop, I yelped, but it also made sense because the show almost forgot that this guy ran a huge crime organization and had Pimento do some horrible, grizzly torture. The cop surviving was jarring, and the fact that the marshall was left unharmed made this seem a bit too clean. But how can I fault the show for that? I'm happy Maya Rudolph survived! In summation, this episode was everything I wanted it to be. The quips were there (Jake telling Amy about his kiss with Holt and her actually being jealous, what?), the impactful writing and direction was there, and another powerhouse ending. They're stuck doing the Night Shift for next week. Awesome, Terry's long, "NOOOOOOOOO", followed by CJ's quick, "Yes." was superb. Everyone was firing on all cylinders and I hope this is a sign for things to come. I know the rest of the season isn't going to be serialized like this, but if you give me eminent writing, I'll take whatever cases of the week you can throw at me!

What did YOU think of "Coral Palms Pt.3"? Was it a satisfying conclusion to this story for you? Are you ready & excited for the crossover with New Girl next week? Please leave a comment down below!

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