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Blindspot - Resolves Eleven Myths - Review + Best Moments POLL

As expected, with the return of Rich Dotcom this week, Blindspot delivered a thrilling, tense and, of course, very humorous episode this week. The main narrative, meanwhile, continued to chug along at a steady pace.

Though a bit weird, I thought the opening dream sequence was effective. It revealed Jane's desire for harmony in her two lives - trying to appease both her terrorist brother and Weller - as well as expressing her hope that Roman can be changed. We also saw this inner conflict play out between ruthless Jane of old and white hat, amnesiac Jane. Apparently, uncompromising, evil Jane is stronger and we see her tap into that side of her to take down The Acadian in a very thrilling fight sequence.

Before we get to those end scenes though, the real discussion to be had is the return of Rich Dotcom. His introduction was simply priceless. The line about binge watching Stranger Things, spoiler alert, was too funny. I thought he was a little over the top in some parts, which is the point of his character, but it did become quite grating on occasion. That's not to take away from the many memorable lines and classic pop culture references he delivered, like comparing Naz and how the chemistry is off among the team to the second Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Him calling Zapata 'toots' was also funny. If the point was to make Rich Dotcom so annoying to the point where you just want to punch him, yet riotously hilarious at the same time, then Blindspot in this episode did a fabulous job in portraying our favourite hacker.

'Resolves Eleven Myths' also gave us some great character moments and intriguing developments. Reade and Zapata's relationship continues to move along very strongly. Zapata's reaction to Reade telling her not to get involved in his case was heartbreaking. After they both got attacked by The Acadian, and Zapata abducted and drugged with the neurotoxin, I legit believed she was going to die for a second. Thankfully she did not. Seeing Reade hold her in his arms and her resourcefulness by signalling to him towards the cure made for a very heart pounding, tense scene. 'Resolves Eleven Myths' was a great episode in developing depth in the relationship between the two agents.

This week we also got some interesting developments, such as the name dropping of 'Omaha' an NSA survellaince program. There was also Zapata taking the weapon used to murder Coach Jones from the evidence locker and noticing it was the same knife that Freddie, Reade's friend, took from his apartment. Lastly, Roman receives word that Jane is not to be trusted, probably from the mole? This should lead to some heightened conflict between the brother and sister.

The antagonist of the week was really cool. Not only could he kick serious ass not named Jane, but he also had the ability to create a makeshift chemical bomb with a water cooler. Having such as an imposing antagonist as The Acadian made for one of the more exciting episodes of the season. All of it topped off by the hilarious antics of Rich Dotcom.

By the way, I loved Patterson calling out Rich' lie about Boston being dead noticing his story was ripped right out of the pages of Harry Potter when Dobby died. So appropriate and so ridiculously funny. The episode as a whole was a nice break away from the often serious tone of Blindspot and much needed now that it looks like next week will be getting back to business.


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