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2 Broke Girls - And the Godmama Drama - Review: "So Basically We Are Just Waterboarding A Baby"

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This week shifted the focus from the dessert bar to Oleg and Sophie as Oleg’s mom came to town for Baby Barbara’s baptism. Upon arrival, Oleg’s mom instantly dislikes Sophie and fires Max and Caroline as the godmothers because they do not believe in God. Sophie then calls off the baptism, so Max and Caroline steal holy water and have a secret baptism in the M&C Dessert Bar. Oleg’s mom furiously walks in afterwards and Oleg stands up to her, leading his mother to give Sophie and Oleg her blessing because she is so impressed with the love Oleg has for his diner family.

The baptism storyline was, simply put, awesome. I mentioned last week how I wanted to see Oleg and Sophie’s parenting in action, and although this episode wasn’t totally focused on their parenting skills, I still loved seeing them as the focus. Not only were they hilarious, but because they were center stage, we got a really heart warming scene with the secret baptism. Although 2 Broke Girls isn’t strictly an ensemble comedy, the big moments where they are all together always get me the most emotional, like when Max finally graduated back in season 3. Additionally, by standing up to his mother in the name is his other family, Oleg illustrated just how great and caring of a father he will be. All in all, a compelling storyline with some real heart.

Speaking of Oleg’s mother, I loved her. I thought she was really funny and exactly how I thought she would be. The only negative was that she was far too judgmental of Sophie. I understand that setting up an antagonistic relationship between the two of them was important to the plot, but it would’ve been nice to have a little bit more substance there. I hope 2 Broke Girls continues to introduce the family members of the main cast as it always gives more depth to the characters. I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to meet more of Sophie’s family. I can only imagine just how ridiculous that episode would be.

Because Sophie and Oleg were at the forefront of this episode, a few storylines weren’t as prominent: the dessert bar and Max and Randy’s relationship. Though I am beyond invested in both of these storylines, I was relieved to see them take a back seat. Beginning with the dessert bar, my only complaint so far with this season is that it’s rushing the establishment of the dessert bar so I enjoyed that the writers took a break from focusing on it. I felt similarly about the Max and Randy relationship. Rather than rushing it, I like that the writers, much like Max and Randy, or in a holding pattern. It will be a much more compelling storyline if this version of their relationship is established as the norm and then Max and Randy have to deal with it, rather than simply ending it after a few episodes.

In general, I found myself laughing a lot during this episode. All of the little bits worked for me, such as Max and Caroline stealing the holy water and Han trying to figure out what to wear to the baptism. Additionally, even when the writers relied on their go-to jokes, like insulting Han, the punch lines were clever and fresh. Season 6 is off to a great start so far!

Overall Grade:
A-. A funny and heartwarming episode that paid off from shifting the focus to Sophie and Oleg.

Favorite Quotes:
Olga: My gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, baby boy!
Caroline: He didn’t tell us she was blind…

Olga: Two Godmommies? Really? Alright, no, I get it, I’m very hip. Who among us has not kissed a woman?
Max: Han.

Max: (confessing her sins) Just to summarize - fires, fires, knife fights… robberies, robberies, knife robberies… But 3rd grade is where the real sinning began.

What are your thoughts on season 6 so far? Let me know in the comments!

About the Author - Doug Greer
Doug Greer is a TV obsessed Leo from the Bay Area. His TV origin story begins in 7th grade, when his friend lent him her Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs and 144 episodes (and 9 days) later, he was hooked for life. All time favorites include (but most certaintly not limited to) everything Joss Whedon, Charmed, The 100, Nikita, Battlestar, and anything with a laugh track. More recently, Doug produced and help write a webseries for The CW called CW FanTalk and also produced webseries for actors such as AnnaLynne McCord and John Lehr. For the 2016-2017 season, Doug will be reviewing 2 Broke Girls and The Good Place.
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