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12 Monkeys - Season 3 - Promos, First Look Photos + Poster *Updated 10th May 2017*

May 10th - New Promo

April 14th - More Promotional Photos

April 10th - Trailer

April 7th - Poster

March 16th - First Look Photos

Episode 3.01 - Mother

Episode 3.02 - Guardians

Episode 3.03 - Enemy

March 16th - New Teaser + Interview
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12 Monkeys - Renewed for a 4th Season + Season 3 to Air Over 3 Nights

“Each night is going to play like a summer blockbuster,” Matalas tells EW of season 3, which picks up months after Cassie (Amanda Schull) was kidnapped by the Army of the 12 Monkeys and discovered that she is the mother of the Witness. Thus, if the first season was about fathers and the second was about mothers, the third tackles the plight of children. “It’s very much the life of one child as the show really explores what it means for these characters to have any kind of notion of family,” Matalas says.

For the time being, Cassie’s “family” is the Army of the 12 Monkeys, who are keeping her in isolation in 2163, where the plague has ultimately mutated over the years and killed off the rest of humanity. Viewers will, therefore, get much more history about the origins of the Army and delve into the psyche of its members. “We get to see the birth of the Army of the 12 Monkeys and how the cult came together,” Matalas says, revealing that Christopher Lloyd’s character — as the father of the Pallid Man, he will appear in episode 6 — is the recruiter for the Army. “The episode really dives into religious belief, cults and what kind of person would be drawn to this particular philosophy on time.”

February 28th: New Photo (Filming Has Wrapped)
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February 26th: New Photos
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February 25th: New Photos
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February 24th: New Photo
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February 15th: New Photo
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February 12th: New Photos
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February 4th: New Photo
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Titan waits... #12Monkeys #Season3

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January 28th: EW Shares Exclusive Photo & Details

They’re all going to the ’80s — and EW has the exclusive first look!

In its third season, 12 Monkeys will take a mid-season jump back to the 1980s in its first ever comedy romp. So, what’s their plan? A heist, masterminded by Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire).

However, traveling back that far into the past means the quartet will run into some familiar faces, including late enemy — and Jennifer’s dad — Leland Goines (Željko Ivanek). The hour also features TruTV’s Impractical Jokers stars Joe Gatto and Sal Vulcano.

January 16th

January 13th - New Photo

December 18th - First Look at Faran Tahir

December 14th: First Look at Hannah Waddingham

14th December: New Photo

December 1st - First Look at 2 New Characters

November 29th - 2 New Photos

November 24th - New Photo

#12Monkeys #Season3

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November 19th - 3 New Photos

15th November: 3 New Photos

12th November: 2 More Photos

11th November: 2 New Photos

7th November: New Promotional Photo

5th November: New Promotional Photo

2nd November: New Promotional Photo

28th October: First Look Promotional Photos

8th October: NYCC Teaser Promo

“In Season 3, the stakes have never been more personal for our time travelers,” executive producer Terry Matalas says. “The adventure will take them to their own future as well as further back in time than they’ve ever been before. They’ll face their darkest hour — an all-new threat with deeply emotional consequences for heroes and villains alike.”

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