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Upcoming FX Press Releases - Various Shows - 26th September 2016

Episode 9 / Production #108 – “Juneteenth” (Airs October 25, 10:00 pm e/p) – Why my Auntie trying to make me go to one of these bougie Junteenth parties again? I don't like them sadity people and I'm gonna miss my shows. Le sigh. Written by Stefani Robinson; Directed by Janicza Bravo.

Better Things
Episode 8 / Production #108 – “Scary Fun” (Airs October 27, 10:00 pm e/p) – Sam makes a point.
Written by Pamela Adlon & Louis C.K.; directed by Nisha Ganatra.

The Strain
Episode 9 / Production #309 – “Do Or Die” (Airs October 23, 10:00 pm e/p) – NYC is falling. Eph and Dutch frantically race to finish their new device to stop the Master before the city is overrun. Justine, Gus, and Angel fight in one last stand to stop the spreading virus. Palmer extracts vengeance for past wrongs
but may have crossed the line. Written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson; directed by Vincenzo Natali.

You're The Worst
Episode 9 / Production #309 – “The Seventh Layer” (Airs October 26, 10:00 pm e/p) - Vernon and Paul take a road trip. Written by Stephen Falk; directed by Wendey Stanzler.