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This Is Us - Episode 1.04 - The Pool - Promo, Sneak Peeks, Interviews, Promotional Photos & Press Release

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10/18/2016 (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Tuesday) : Rebecca and Jack take Kevin, Kate, and Randall to the community pool on a hot day and quickly realize each child is going through their own struggles. Kevin auditions for his first Broadway play in New York and meets a determined actress who is less than impressed by him. Toby runs into his ex-wife while at a restaurant with Kate, which sends Kate into a spiral of self-doubt. William is mistakenly reported as a loiterer in Randall's predominately white neighborhood, which exposes deep-rooted issues of race.

Sneak Peeks

Post Mortem Interviews

Rebecca made a half-attempt to tell Jack about her interactions with William, but then made a decision not to. We talked about the inevitability of Randall finding out that secret, but how should Jack feel that she hid that from him for all those years? Maybe a little betrayed? Did she not tell her own husband because she was worried that he was soft-hearted and he might feel differently?

It’s something we get to deeper in the season. But I think it’s fair to say that Rebecca knows her husband, and a lot of what she does as a mother is protect this family and potentially in her eyes from their own goodness. I don’t think there’s that much of a decision at the beginning here, but down the road it’s something she even potentially sees even this early — there’s a potential for them to fall in love with a child who they then might be vulnerable with. She’s married to this very good man and especially as we get deeper into the series, it’s a very complicated dynamic as she struggles with what to tell her both her son and her husband about what she knows that they don’t, and how vulnerable that makes her as a mother who has now obviously fallen in love with her child. This is not the last interaction in the past between William and Rebecca.

On that heart-rending opening sequence:

STERLING K. BROWN: Anytime you can create a story without words, it’s magical. It’s like that two-minute section of Up. I thought that the story was just so beautifully told— to see the evolution of William that he was an artist and he had this spark, and then he allowed that spark to be taken away from him through substance abuse. But that he had met this woman and that they were beautiful and just thriving. And then, the two of them descend and then he’s by himself again. I think I started crying just reading off the page, like, “Oh, my God.”

On the revelation that Rebecca and William have known each other:

BROWN: To know that Rebecca knew about him is sort of mind blowing. But what I also loved about it is that I understood why she made the choice that she made. If you were going to be the parent then you can’t — for her in this time, she needed him gone. This is my child now. I appreciate the feedback, I appreciate that you were able to bring him into this world safe and sound, but now he’s mine and I need you to go away. I get that.

MILO VENTIMIGLIA: I thought it was a great device. I thought it was something that was smart. I thought it’s inclusive of the history of William to know that he gave this baby up but yet he still has a heart and he has a human being and that’s his child. I think he’s got to feel something if not the largest of emotions in a situation like that having to let a child go. I just think it was a great, great thing that the producers gave to Ron. That does pop up and is part of his story and ultimately Randall’s story — and Rebecca’s story.