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SpoilerTV has given a straight to series order for The Marauder's Era by paintitblack, as voted upon by five members of the SpoilerTV team.

The Marauder's Era is described as followed:

"Set during the first Wizarding War, The Marauder's Era follows the lives of James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Severus Snape from their time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to the first downfall of Lord Voldemort."

The Marauder's Era received one first-place vote (100 points) and two second-place (90) votes for a total of 280.

Of a whopping 50 pitches submitted, 33 received points, but only ten exceeded the 100-point mark and given pilot orders. SpoilerTV is looking to give straight to series orders for four more pitches of the following nine as voted by you, the community.

They are:

The Last Man by Jon XVI (240 points)
Based on Y: The Last Man by Brian. K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra -
Genre: Post-apocalyptic science fiction

The journey of amateur escape artist Yorrick Brown (and his pet monkey Ampersand) as they travel across a post-Apocalyptic America where a mysterious plague has wiped out everything with a Y chromosome. Joined by a goverment secret agent known only as 355 the pair attempt to discover why Yorrick was the only male to survive, find a way to save mankind and if possible find Yorrick's girlfriend Beth who was in the Australian Outback. The pair is pursued by a hostile military force with their own plan for the last living male.

Hidden Elements by iZombie_Fan (210 points)

A sci-fi show about 4 worlds based on 4 elements - world of mermaids representing water, world of devils representing fire, world of nymphs representing ground & world of fairies representing air. Main group of characters would include 1 girl from each world. Episode 1 would start with a flash-forward revealing that one of them is destined to become a source of all evil & one of them will die - both being revealed during Season finale.

The Experiment by Daniel (195 points)

12 people wake up on a ship after their bus hit the water. They soon realize they have one thing in common: they had all signed up to an extremely dangerous, yet high-rewarding experiment and they were on their way to the experiment's location when their bus went down into the water. As flashbacks detail their lives before the crash and they struggle to survive, the characters soon begin to wonder: what really happened to them? Was the bus accident really an accident? Is this part of the experiment they signed up for? Who put them on that ship? Where exactly are they headed? And most importantly, what experiment did they actually sign up for?

The Last Policeman by Nao Finnegan (195 points)
(limited series – 3 potential seasons) soft SF – drama – mystery – police procedural

In less than six months, a huge asteroid nicknamed Maia will collide with the Earth and cause the end of civilization. So when a man is found dead, hanged in the bathroom stall of a fast food place in Concord, New Hampshire, every cop in town shrugs it off as another suicide. Every cop but Henry ‘Hank’ Palace, a young policeman recently promoted, who believes it was a murder. He begins to investigate, while the asteroid gets ineluctably closer, and madness slowly descends on everyone.

Adapted from the trilogy of the same name by Ben H. Winters, who describes his work as an "existential detective novel".

Krossover by Darthlocke4 (160 points)

When a special intelligence officer Darby Kross is abducted on her wedding day, nothing could prepare her for where she ends up, -in an alternate universe! Waking up in a room that looks exactly like her own and with family she never had, Darby begins to realize that she's not where she's suppose to be, or is she? Soon she begins to receive mission statements from a mysterious person, only known as "Mr. K", to unravel a startling truth with horrific consequence on her own reality, which she must address, if she ever wants to go home.

Utopia by Ivan (140 points)

The world is everything anyone could wish for. Peace on Earth, or so it's thought. Everything is peaceful until a man named David Marks witnesses a man in a suit making a homeless person literally change into a respectable businessman and wear the same suit as him and disappear into thin air. In order to keep this world intact there can't be anything that can disturb it, that means there's a catch, if there's a hint of disturbance that person is wiped out. Marks takes it upon himself to stop this Utopia system and make the world how it ought it be, with warts and all. Along this journey he teams up with a Fixer, those that monitor disturbances in Utopia and if need be wipe them battle the other Fixers and try to make the world a better but chaotic place to live. The ultimate question of the series is, if the world is at peace why would anyone want to change it?

Decision Game by Jovan (120 points)
Limited series resembling SAW trap and mind games with a sci-fi twist (and flashback detailing characters).

Nine participants awaken, trapped in an underground facility, and are split into three teams. To escape, they must play a game with deadly consequences. Who will live, and who will die? ''The choice is yours only'', the kidnapper with a name Zero tells them. Let the Decision Game begin!

Zodiacs by Spindae2 (110 points)
Supernatural Drama

Ages ago the mystical animal zodiacs were trapped in powerful crystals. A celestial event triggers the release of the spirits and they possess human beings giving them powers and slowly making them spiral out of control since animal zodiacs are like diseases for human bodies. The release of the zodiacs triggers a safety bet and the Twin siblings Milly and Milo, who contain the Gemini spirit, get their powers which they should use to collect the spirits. Milly has the power of telekinesis, while Milo can read minds. While struggling with the revelation of the upcoming destiny, the siblings also struggle with their junior year in high school and the difficulties of growing up.

What Once Was by Pablo (105 points)
One Hour Fantasy Dramedy

At a young age, Peter learned that his brother Sans was able to speak to the dead. Scared to death by this revelation, he asked to be sent far away to an abroad school were he would start a new life.
Now in his 30s, Peter endured the terrible death of his wife, Sarah, and decided to become a vigilante to put an end to those who killed her. Unexpectedly, Sans comes around town and as he offers his help to get answers of the murder by asking Peter's wife spirit for answers, something uncanny happens. Sans doesn't just communicate with her, but brings her ghost to this world, which is eager to get justice for her murder.

The three of them become an unlikely allience of vigilante, medium and ghost that will undergo crazy adventures as they attempt to put an end to the criminals that ended Sarah's life. Filled with dark humor, action, and broken relationships trying to be repaired, What Once Was goes about life trying to take the good within bad.

The voting period ends at 11:59pm, Sunday and results will be posted on Monday!


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