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Ep 4/10
Sunday 25 September

Ross begins to think that exiled miner Mark Daniel might have come across a copper lode when hiding out in Wheal Grace.

Meanwhile, knowing he could bankrupt them at any time, Elizabeth (Heida Reed, pictured) attempts to keep George (Jack Farthing) sweet - but finds his proposition to spend more time together behind Francis’ back too high a price.

Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) thinks to impress Dwight by buying oranges for his patients - and succeeds. Meanwhile Trencrom (Richards McCabe), the local crime-lord, offers Ross £200 to allow him to use Nampara Cove for smuggling and Ross invites Demelza’s anger by accepting.

When George shows up at the Wheal Leisure shareholder meeting and attempts to come between Ross and his cousin, he and Ross end up coming to blows.

Returning home, Ross discovers Demelza struggling to get ashore in the throes of labour. Can he reach her in time?