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Lucifer - Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer - Advance Preview: “Mum Drama”

Lucifer returns with a strong season premiere that would make even the Devil giddy with excitement. Okay, well, in this case, the Devil isn’t giddy he’s actually quite disjointed and nerve-wracked, but on a normal day, it would make him very happy. Having his mom, whom he kept locked up and had tortured, roaming around free isn’t exactly reassuring. In fact, it causes Lucifer to be even more erratic than usual, which is actually quite impressive.

The episode immediately sets out to explain what everyone has been up to in the two days since we last saw them. Of all the characters, the brothers have been the busiest trying to suss out where their mom could have escaped to. It leads to several fun interactions between Lucifer and Amenadiel and some poor unsuspecting souls. Speaking of Amenadiel, he may not be as healed from his injuries as he thought he was and isn’t exactly working at his peak level of proficiency, which makes for some interesting scenarios and sets up what could be a fun story to watch this season.

For a good portion of the episode, Maze is still unaccounted for after her mysterious disappearance immediately following saving Amenadiel. When she does reappear she’s hiding some things. However, at least as far as the premiere reveals, her whereabouts may not have been as involuntary as most of us speculated about, but her motives still remain uncertain. Pay attention all the way to the end because a big clue is dropped about her whereabouts during those two days that sets up an interesting new dynamic.

Chole has been just as busy in those two days as she tries to understand what it was that she saw happen to Lucifer. She saw him get shot and things just aren't adding up, so she's on a mission to make sense of what happened. Though, there will be attempts made to sew doubt into her mind. Chloe spent all of the last season living in denial about Lucifer and while that doesn’t seem poised to change anytime soon she’s taking small steps towards possibly one day accepting the truth. I wouldn’t expect to see it happen anytime soon, though.

Even though Chloe has her hands full with Lucifer, she still has to deal with Dan and the predicament he got himself into. It does come to an unusual resolution that may leave viewers a tad confused because as I watched it I almost felt like I missed something. I’m sure it’ll be addressed later in the season, but do look for Dan to make a grand return in a somewhat unexpected way. Don't expect things to be easy for Dan, because after last season's lies and deceptions he's got a lot of work ahead of him to make amends.

Dr. Linda is as busy as ever trying to get Lucifer to accept the truth behind his issues. After a season of only marginal success in getting through to him, it’s almost a guarantee that we’ll be seeing a lot more of her this season because Lucifer needs her help more than ever. One of their encounters even leads to a very interesting story time that should intrigue viewers. Dr. Linda also finds herself more deeply rooted into Lucifer’s life in a way that is sure to cause trouble at some point.

For those, like me, who really love seeing Trixie running around talking sense into the grownups, you will be slightly disappointed because she doesn’t make a single appearance in this episode. However, we do get to meet Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) who seems like an adult version of Trixie. The two characters share a lot in common, including even watching the same television shows, so when the show can’t get access to their young actress due to those pesky child labor laws they have full access to Garcia who makes Ella a fun character to watch. Now the show will always have that voice of reason, though Ella’s take on it is a bit more philosophical than Trixie’s. I think it will take some time for Ella to earn the same level of fan respect that Trixie already has, but given how seamlessly Ella is worked into the world of Lucifer I hope fans will at least give her a chance. I just hope that her entry into the Lucifer world won’t cause any unnecessary limitations on Trixie being included in the story.

Because the writers and editors of Lucifer are geniuses, viewers also get treated to Tom Ellis performing over a montage. That worked beautifully last season and I wouldn’t object if it becomes an every episode thing this season. Ellis has a stunning voice, which, pardon the irony of this statement, is angelic. The show is smart to utilize his incredible voice at every opportunity they get. I think that this extra little element that they have given to Lucifer, thanks to Ellis' natural gift, brings a whole extra level of intrigue to the character.

This is an episode about Lucifer’s mom, except we don’t actually get to see Tricia Helfer bring life to the ex-wife of God until the last moments of the episode. She quite literally falls into the series with as much mystery surrounding her now as when they first introduced her. Lucifer returns to screens with as much wit and intrigue as it left viewers with. No time is wasted in gearing up the story and charging full speed ahead as if no time has passed. If the rest of the season can live up to the pace set in the premiere then this season is poised to be even better than its predecessor. This episode is a devilishly brilliant start to the new season and was written by Joe Henderson and directed by Nathan Hope.

On Monday, September 19th at 9/8C be sure to tune into FOX to see Lucifer and company make their epic return to our screens for a fun-filled season of deliciously devilish antics.

Here are some quotes from the season premiere:

"There's so much punishment, so little time."
"You're making less sense than you normally do."
"Wait, you think I'm helping her?!"
"I'm never living this down, am I?"
"I don't know what your deal is, but you make me a better detective."

Hit the comments with your thoughts about the new season. What do you most hope to see happen in Season 2? Are you excited for the addition of Ella to the show? Do you hope Chloe will finally accept Lucifer's identity this season?

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