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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Coral Palms Pt.2 - Review: "Fun & Chaos"

"It's 2016, man. This is on you."

If I had to describe this episode in one word, it would be "weird". This episode contained one of the oddest cold opens I have ever seen on TV, and the disjointed feeling of Holt and Jake dealing with their mess & the squad meeting their new captain left a weird taste in my mouth. Still, there were plenty of enjoyable moments to be had as well as one of the best scenes ever put to screen. We'll talk about all that and more.

Previously on Brooklyn Nine-Nine... Jake and Holt set up the plan for their viral video to go live to lure Figgis to Florida in order to take him on themselves. We didn't hear anything about the squad, but Maya Rudolph and Holt's running group were prominent figures in their time there. This episode showed them again, but no Jorma Taccone in this one, which was okay because we had Ken Marino as their new captain. I'll get back to him. Let's start with that intro. What even was that? I'm still laughing just thinking about it.

There were a lot of great Holt gems and some Jake gems dispersed all throughout the episodes. "Heterosexual you is such a dog", Jake said early on. Oh, but we did not see much of heterosexual Holt in this episode. One of the best things about this outing is we got to see our beloved squad members again, although they don't feel like themselves without their proper captain at the helm. This episode's main message was that everyone was able to give into the temptations of their new boss, who was a complete Yes Man but also absolutely inept. Amy was the only one focused on getting rid of him, which seems weird, but it's also completely in character for her. She likes her discipline, she was used to Holt's leadership style, and he was her mentor, after all. Little did she know her mentor was off bribing a gun salesman and getting arrested this episode, in hilarious fashion. The bribery was hilarious, and I don't blame them for thinking it would work. Jake's mumble about how broken the country is was just too real. But perhaps another interesting point to ponder about was Jake constantly, almost childlike, asking if they can bring in the 99 to help them. Of course, at the end, it did work. And I couldn't be happier, seeing them all together next week will be everything.

Back to the new captain, the story of how he even got the job in the first place was hilarious. He is so obviously unqualified to be anywhere near a police precinct! I referred to him as "so bad, he's good" just like a movie of that sort. He was incredibly kind though, even at the end of the episode when he denied them their trip to Florida. Amy's line at the end put the cherry on top of this giant spectacle. His schtick was saying yes to everybody's crazy wishes. You could slowly see throughout the episode which people were slowly getting pulled into his charms. Gina was obviously the first, and she was in full force this episode. I was pleasantly surprised at how long Boyle held out, I expected him to be already on the new captain's side almost instantly. That treadmill desk does not look very fun nor practical, though. It was just great to see the cast again, even if some of the transitions were jarring.

"Sir, we just shared one of the longest kisses of my life. I think we can be honest with each other?"

Jake and Holt get pulled over by that guy from Parks and Recreation (forgive me, I haven't watched the show...yet) and he has some weird fascination with The Newlywed Game. I loved Holt's "dinner date" answer though, and Jake has nicer handwriting than I do. They tried to reason with the guard by telling them the entire truth, and of course he laughs in their faces. In order to get out of it, they called for their Marshall. Unfortunately, she wasn't on the other end of the phone. Figgis got to her! Hello Eric Roberts, you're sounding very Forstman-like. Seeing them in another isolated situation, I don't know why, but it makes me feel good. And later they pulled off this prison riot to escape, first a fight and then something else. It that was the best scene of the week, month, year, maybe even my lifetime. After a timely Suicide Squad reference, Jake figures that there's nothing a man like him would hate more than two men kissing. It's noteworthy how Jake has dealt with so much homophobia in his life. Anyway, Jake and Holt kiss, it angers the guard, and they're able to leave. It was perfect, 10/10, the only thing that would make that better is if Kevin could somehow find out about this. Before that scene the episode was only "Okay" or "Good" in my books, but that made it so much better. Amy's speech at the end, though, to rally everyone back to her side was also wonderful. Holt mentioned the ending of The Bureau, yet he seemed to have forgotten that Jake was there to get him out of the mess too. Thankfully, Jake convinced him that this is the time to call the 99, and accept their help. And I got the warm fuzzies again. Well, I kind of went all over the place in this review, but the episode did feel a bit jumbled at times. But man, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you've done it again. Thank you so much for making me forget about some of my favourite shows' missteps this week.

What did YOU think of "Coral Palms Pt.2"? Are you excited to see the 99 reunite with Jake and Holt in Florida? Did you laugh at how terrible that new captain was? And did you enjoy the silliness of the squad's desires at work? Please leave a comment down below!

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