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Blindspot - In Night So Ransomed Rogue - Review

For Blindspot’s second season premiere we got to enjoy a nail bitting and fast-paced hour of television. After a crazy and twisted first season it is no surprise that things start off with a bang this year. Within the first few minutes of the episode we learn that Jane has been tortured by the government for information about who she is and where she came from. After several months of being brutally tortured my first thoughts are about how this is going to change things for her. Considering it was Weller that led to her being detained, will she still want to work with the team and Weller? Blindspot’s episode titled, In Night So Ransomed Rogue, definitely was a stellar way to kick off this new season.

I love it when shows trick us into thinking you know whats going on only to find out later you really had no clue. That happened just after the opening credits rolled. Did anyone else think it was Jane that the team was hunting at the farm house? It was a great way to get my attention. Once we discover that wasn’t Jane they were after we’re very quickly introduced to a new character, Nas Kamal. Kamal is determined to get the team to use Jane as an asset once again but this time in order to go against Sandstorm. I’m very happy that within moments of this episode they’re wanting use Jane as an ally, even though there’s now a very strong feeling of angst among the team. There are so many unanswered questions left from the previous season, and it’s nice to see some of them being addressed.

Can we talk about that fight between Weller and Jane? That was epic! Like I mentioned before - that feeling of angst. Well, there’s definitely some animosity between those two. I had my money on Jane during that fight and maybe she would have won if Zapata hadn’t stepped in. Even though that fight was great, my favourite moment of this episode was when Jane’s truths were revealed to the team during her lie detector test. Her coming clean about Oscar, Carter, and Mayfair is certainly going to be something that Weller and the rest of the team won’t be about to forget and possibly something they won’t be about to forgive. Will they be able to trust her after all she’s done? With Jane’s pleading to enact revenge on those who are the puppet masters of Sandstorm, the team is back to work.

My second favourite moment of this episode was when Zapata shot Jane. I can’t say I saw that coming but it was great in the way that it shows just how little they trust Jane and are unable to forgive her. With a plan in place for Jane to meet a new handler we finally learn of Shepard’s identity. I was shocked to discover that it was Jane’s adoptive mother and her new handler is her biological brother. Another big discovery of the night was Jane’s real name, Alice Kruger. I loved this season opener as it provided so many answers, but at the same time, left me with many more questions. What did you think of the season opener of Blindspot? Did it meet your expectations? A big question I was left asking was, who is the FBI mole? Any guesses?

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