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Vote for the new Official SpoilerTV Banner for 2016/17

Hey All,

As you know we ask you, our readers, to submit designed banners for consideration to become our official banner for the upcoming season. We received well over 40 Entries.

The SpoilerTV Team have gone through all these entries, picked our best 5 each and collated those results. We've narrowed it down to the final 15 that you can vote on below.

A MASSIVE thanks to everyone who submitted their banners.

Testing an Image

If you would like to test what an image looks like as the header, simply right click on the image you want to test below and click on Copy Image Link/URL. Then click on the Configure Site link at the top of the page and paste in the link into the banner field and press "Set Image". Then when you close the Configure Site box down you should see the site with that header.

The Contestants

Here are final Top 15 banner entries. (You can see all entries here)

Banner 1

Banner 2

Banner 3

Banner 4

Banner 5

Banner 6

Banner 7

Banner 8

Banner 9

Banner 10

Banner 11

Banner 12

Banner 13

Banner 14

Banner 15


Ok, it's time for you to vote. You can vote for up to 3 Banners. Let us know which of the banners you voted for.

Voting will be open for 48 hrs and then the winner announced sometime late Friday/early Saturday and the new banners added to the site.

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