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TVLine Blind Item - This Fall's Biggest Casting News Has Not Been Announced - *Revealed*

Update: The TVLine Blind Item has been revealed and it is Jon Hamm for The Last Man on Earth.

In an epic casting coup that Last Man star/creator Will Forte miraculously managed to keep a lid on all summer (and that, yes, was the subject of a certain Blind Item) , one of the two gun-toting, hazmat suit-wearing mystery men that stormed the Malibu compound alongside Pat (the returning Mark Boone Junior) was none other than… Jon freakin’ Hamm, aka January Jones’ onetime Mad Men co-star. (For the record, the other, far luckier uninvited guest was Kenneth Choi, best known for his roles as Henry Lin on Sons of Anarchy and Lance Ito on The People v. O.J. Simpson: American
rime story).

Update: According to Michael Ausiello, we might get the answer to the TVLine Blind Item tonight. Stay tuned :)


According to sources, a returning series on one of the Big 5 networks is getting ready to pull off what will likely go down as one of the coolest, most surprising casting stunts of the year. The onscreen twist — which was shot earlier this month under a Star Wars-level veil of secrecy — is set to air during the show’s season premiere.

Prediction: The show — and [Spoiler]’s name — will be trending on Twitter before the closing credits roll.