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Scene Of The Week - August 7, 2016 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

AMERICAN GOTHIC, "The Gross Clinic", August 3, 2016, Actors: Antony Starr, Virginia Madsen, The Scene: Garrett tells his mother he will confess
Marko Pekic:
Victoria Madsen knows how to deliver a pushy mother performance. Her character, Madeline knows her son so well and knew the exact words to use to make him submissive to her wishes. She made me really believe that an Alpha male like Antony Starr is intimidated by her.

BABY DADDY, "My Fair Emma", August 3, 2016, Actors: Chelsea Kane and more
The Scene: Riley announces she's pregnant
Klutzy girl:
I loved how she told him (getting down on one knee and handing him a box with a pacifier inside it) and the group hug was adorable. Definitely looking forward to next season!

DARK MATTER, "We Should Have Seen This Coming", August 5, 2016, Actors: Melissa O'Neil, Melanie Liburd, The Scene: Two confronts Nyx
Aimee Hicks:
When Two was standing with her gun on Nyx the tensions were high. After all the betrayals that have happened lately it was obvious that Nyx’s deception was not sitting well with the leader of the Raza. Two gave Nyx one chance to come clean with her and I have no doubt that had Nyx’s response not been sincere and truthful Two would have left her behind to fend for herself. As it was Nyx did come clean and was honest with Two which earned her and Milo the support of the crew. This wasn’t the singular best moment of the episode that goes to the Nyx’s brilliant breakdown moment, but in terms of a substantive scene this one definitely takes it for me. It showed Two’s strength as a leader and that her loyalty sits firmly with the originals among the crew, but that she is willing to extend support to the newbies should they earn it. Some don’t think Nyx has earned her place among the crew, and this showed that Two shared their opinion. She has tolerated Nyx and Devon because they serve a purpose, but she hasn’t fully started to embrace them until now. In this episode she made some tough calls in the name of trying to help Nyx. It will likely take more time and more grand acts for Nyx to fully be accepted, but she’s on the right path and this scene was the start of that. Melissa and Melanie both portray badass warriors and they do it with an incredible amount of strength and sincerity. This was a vulnerable scene for Nyx and a strong leadership moment for Two, so for that this is the scene I want to highlight from this episode. Honorable mention needs to go to the aforementioned Nyx breakdown scene, the Two and Android talk, and of course Three and Six stranded together. This was a great episode with a lot of great moments.

DEAD OF SUMMER, "The Dharma Bums", August 2, 2016, Actors: Mark Indelicato and more
The Scene: The group mourns Cricket's death
Marko Pekic:
The group gathering around the fireplace and mourning Cricket's death - It was such a sweet scene, so simple but yet so powerful. I really saw the pain in Blair's eyes. The show really needs more of these moments.

MR. ROBOT, "eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc", August 3, 2016, Actors: Grace Gummer, BD Wong and more, The Scenes: Whiterose shows Agent Dom his clocks and "sister's" clothing & Final scene
Kollin Lore:
Wong is just so devilishly slick in this scene as he quotes Shakespeare to talk about mortality and the reason for his collection of clocks, and then contemplates about life as he shows Dom his closet of traditional Chinese dresses. Agent Dom plays along to get close and understand this mysterious man, and we learn so much about her character and why she joined the FBI as she opens herself up to Wong's inquest into her life. Gummer gives a very subdued but fine performance as Dominique, making this extended conversation a fascinating one to watch.
Jimmy Ryan: Dominique and Whiterose have an extensive conversation when he catches her observing his collection of clocks, later showing her his wardrobe full of the finest traditional clothing. And the episode's final one - scene which showed Dominique taking cover from two masked gunmen who shot up the hotel lobby, killing several people.

OUTCAST, "Close to Home", August 5, 2016, Actors: Wrenn Schmidt and more, The Scene: Megan gets possessed
Kollin Lore:
Megan getting possessed was expected to happen sooner than later with everyone close to Kyle Barnes being targeted, but geez Louise, the way it went down! The scene played out with such sheer brutality, chaos, and terror. One of those rare moments in television where you find yourself gasping out loud in horror I think, "Holy S***!", was my reaction. Seeing poor Mark bleeding out at the neck, helplessly begging his wife, and Wrenn Schmidt as the naked demon confused in its new body - just a horrifyingly vivid scene that sticks to your noggin.

PREACHER, "Call and Response", July 31, 2016, Actors: Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Negga, The Scene: The three leads talk about what's next
Kollin Lore:
Our three leads talk about what's next in a cafe before setting off down the road to find God. Preacher officially begins in this interaction, one of the closing scenes of the finale. The first season was more of an extended prelude to show how Cassidy, Tulip, and Jesse got together. Individually these three leads have been portrayed brilliantly by Cooper, Gilgun, and Negga, respectively. Together, which we hadn't seen enough of this first season, it is absolute magic - their on screen chemistry is spot on. It is thus hard not to get giddy to see these three fascinating characters finally on the same page and ready to kick some serious arse. Bring on season 2!

SUITS, "Turn", August 3, 2016, Actors: Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty, The Scene: Harvey fights with Donna over Mike's safety
Laura Markus:
Two words: Gabriel. Macht. This man is a genius and his work has been getting better and better. Upon first glance I thought this scene was sure to be my least favourite just because of the dynamic. But alas, it was certainly worthy of giving Gabriel another POTM nomination, and possibly one for Sarah Rafferty as well. As Harvey learns that Mike isn't going to take the deal to rat out Kevin, Harvey's just about had enough. Donna's trying to reassure him to not tell Rachel the truth, but Harvey won't listen. At least not before he treads off to self-deprication land, in true Harvey fashion, on the verge of tears no less. Donna's nearly crying too. This entire situation is just painful to watch and the actors combined with the writing make it so palpable. It's "killing" Harvey that Mike's in there instead of him, with Frank. And it's all so emotional. What a well done scene in an otherwise strange episode. It almost felt like a crazy dream at times.

THE MUSKETEERS, "We Are the Garrison", August 1, 2016, Actors: Tom Burke, Santiago Cabrera, Howard Charles, Luke Pasqualino and more, The Scene: The final scene
Justyna K:
I can't believe the show's over. It felt like such a long goodbye for months now so it's quite surreal to see the series actually ending. There are always things you like and dislike about the show, nothing's truly perfect for me, but regardless, I really loved this one. It's been a wonderful 30 hours long journey. And I know I'm gonna keep coming back to it and re-watching the story. It's impossible to choose just one last scene to highlight from the show, so I thought the final moment would be the best place to say goodbye. All the Musketeers find their place in the world, at last, being as happy as they can be. Athos gets a new start, a family, Aramis takes a chance to stay and protect the ones he loves, Porthos finds his other half (and a daughter), who understands him and loves him for the soldier he is, d'Artagnan becomes the new Captain of the Musketeers. It's their happy ending, and it's what I always wish to my favorite characters, so I'm happy to see them end like that. "All for one. One for all." Now and for always, thank you to the entire cast & crew for their amazing work on the show! There won't be another quite like it. Thank you! Miss you all already!

UNREAL, "Espionage", August 1, 2016, Actors: Shiri Appleby, Constance Zimmer, The Scenes: Rachel and Quinn reconcile & Quinn has a meltdown
Aimee Hicks:
Rachel and Quinn embrace at the end. After a season of issues it was great to see these two women reunite to support each other and take on a common enemy. Given all they’ve both been through recently they need each other more now than ever. Who knows if they can actually overcome Coleman and protect Everlasting, but united their odds of success skyrocketed. These are two women that no one should desire to have as enemies, so Coleman has painted an epic sized target on himself and these two won’t stop until they take him down. The best part of this scene was when Rachel was able to push past Quinn’s breakdown and reach her just like Quinn has done time and time again for Rachel. They may have their issues, but in the end these two will always find their way back together. The embrace at the end was full of sincerity and need. Whether they like it or not these two need each other, because when they are working together they are at their very best and most diabolical. Shiri and Constance have an amazing dynamic and they have an incredible grasp on who these women are. It is their incredible chemistry that fuels this show and I can’t wait to see how they get out of this whole Coleman situation. This was a dynamic and brilliant scene that perfectly capped off this episode.
Marko Pekic: Quinn has a meltdown after finding out she can't have kids. Constance delivered a perfect performance. The transition from that rock solid persona into this fragile little "girl" covering fear with rejection and anger was on point perfect.
Klutzy girl: Rachel tells Quinn what Coleman's up to and they finally reconcile in order to take him down.

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