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Rizzoli and Isles - Stiffed & Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow- Reviews: Tying up loose ends

Rizzoli and Isles 711

Written by Katie Wech

Directed by Jan Nash

It’s the beginning of the end for Rizzoli and Isles and am sure the last few episodes we will have our goodbyes. In this episode, Jane announces her news that she is leaving BPD. We also get a surprise return from Tommy Rizzoli who is back after what will come as no surprise, Lydia has gone off with another guy. It’s one of the few story’s that makes sense given the past history. Maura feels conflicted and I predict the next announcement will be a new Medical Examiner. She is also struggling with Jane leaving.
The crime this week was macabre but the killer was caught all too quickly with a rush of explanation at the end leaving a lot of viewer’s confused as to how and why.
It was a good episode, with some wonderful family scene’s and between the two leads that reminded me once again that it’s coming to end all too quickly with only two more episodes left to go.

This one starts with a funeral and when the pallbearer’s accidentally drop the coffin they realize Grandma has some unexpected company for the afterlife. Another body is inside… a very naked body!

Jane announces her news to Angela who is less than pleased, yes you can never win with Mother’s. Eventually, though she says she is happy for Jane.
Jane and Maura go off to the cemetery and start looking into a disturbing case where more victims seem to have been embalmed and now are being located in other coffins attached to the funeral directors. When one of the directors turns up dead the finger points to the sister but she is soon cleared as the technique used was the dead directors. Clearly, whoever was murdering the victims he was covering up for killed him as well. Seems the killer threatened his sister, Korsak and Jane soon track him down as he was killing models he photographed.

Tommy Rizzoli returns in this episode, remember Jane’s jailbird brother who seemed to clean up his act after he had a child. We all remember Lydia, mother of his child, was a bit flakey and no surprise she has run off with another guy leaving Tommy and his son TJ. I loved the scene with all three Rizzoli’s eating pizza and chatting, seems Tommy is going to take over the lease for Jane’s place.

Frankie is also looking at his future and a night on the roof looking at the stars gives him the perfect
setting to propose to Nina who eagerly accepts.

The one thing that bugged me and was bothering Jane as well was Maura’s lack reaction to her leaving, Maura is, in fact, struggling with losing her best friend but knows it’s a good thing for Jane. She also is struggling with working on the living when a baby at Hope’s clinic has a very bleak outlook but soon she improves much to Maura’s surprise.

At the end the girls go for a walk and chat on the bench, Maura needs science to explain but as Jane comments somethings just can’t be explained. Jane tells her she likes to play what if but they both explain the good things that have come out of something bad. Everything happens for a reason so they say. It was a lovely scene and why we are going to miss seeing their friendship on screen, which has made the show such a hit among viewers.

Episode 712

Written by Ron McGee

Directed by Greg Prange

I can't believe we are on the penultimate episode of the show but after last week’s episode, this one seemed a bit misplaced. A murder from over 40 years ago comes back to haunt Korsak and Jane is preparing to leave when a surprise visitor from Washington gives her something else to think about.
Maura hears back from her editor and with a response that is less than favorable she wonders if to continue but as always Jane is on hand with wine and words of encouragement.

We start in 1975 and a group of kids playing hide and seek but the game turns gruesome when one is found murdered.

Back in present day Boston Jane is getting cooking lessons from Angela and Maura is making Jane a to do list but both soon start getting upset and Jane runs for the wine instead of the tissues. I feel fans will be doing the same next week.

The crime scene this week is an elderly man who seems to have been suffocated, Korsak knows him as the father of the girl killed in the 1975 case. Korsak was dating the younger sister at the time and knew the family, he asked Maura a few years ago to look into the case.

Soon it becomes apparent that as the kid's party where the murder happened was at a wealthy family’s house things have been covered up including who killed her. But new evidence techniques and some sneaky detective work from Jane gets them all the evidence they need.

Jane while trying to come to terms with leaving her family has a visitor in the form of Agent Davis. Who you will remember we met when she was an instructor at the FBI. Seems Jane and he went out for drinks and now Jane is moving to Washington he wonders if they could be a lot more. This whole storyline annoyed me for the following reasons …. Why have they left it to the last episode if they are going to introduce a potential love interest. Call me old fashioned but Jane jumping into to bed with him was just so out of character for her considering how her past relationships were established. Can’t we just have Jane going off and a hint of the romance rather than shoving it at us because of course, Jane needs a man to be happy in the future., it’s not 1975 but 2016.

Speaking of relationships and one that does make sense Frankie and Nina have yet to announce their engagement but Frankie wants to wait until she has a ring and him asking for his grandmother’s earrings have Angela thinking an announcement may be made soon.

Maura on hearing from her editor her story is a bit flat and needs some work takes Jane advice and announces she is getting away from it all and going to Paris for a month to write, I feel this will happen as Jane leaves.

Korsak, we learn joined the police because of what happened in 1975 and it’s only fitting he solves the case as he announces his retirement.
I did enjoy the cold case though nothing new story wise, it’s a tale told many times over, money covers up a murder. It was, however, a nice touch to bring Korsak’s story full circle. Apart from some amusing scene’s with Jane and Maura the rest of the episode left me disappointed.
I hope for more from the finale and that it captures what I love most about the show.

Next week will be brief look back at Rizzoli and Isles and review of Finale

So what were your thoughts on the episodes?

Do you agree with Jane finding romance ?

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