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Powerless - Showrunner Exits

There has been a change at the helm of the new DC Comics-themed NBC comedy series Powerless. The show’s creator/executive producer and showrunner Ben Queen is exiting. Start of production on the midseason series, which had been slated to begin in two weeks, is being postponed as a search is underway for a new showrunner. The delay will not impact the launch of Powerless as NBC is yet to set its midseason scheduling plans.

Queen’s departure was a mutual decision by the writer-producer, NBC and Powerless producer Warner Bros. TV stemming from creative differences. Getting a high-concept comedy off the ground and getting it right is always tricky and sometimes involves bringing in a new creative voice. In April, Son Of Zorn co-creator/co-showrunner Eli Jorne exited the innovative Fox live-action/animated comedy series, which is one of the network’s hottest prospects for fall, launching in the network’s Sunday comedy block.

Powerless was one of the hottest comedy pitches last summer, landing at NBC with a big commitment and sailing through the pilot process as a frontrunner to a midseason series order. It marked a second consecutive series for Queen at WBTV where he also recently created A to Z. Queen will continue to work at the studio under his overall deal there.

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