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Guilt - Eyes Wide Open - Review: "Lie to Me Again"

Previously on Guilt:
Grace is in jail, Bruno tells Natalie she best stay away from the investigation, the Russians are coming for James, Neville says he saw Theo killed Molly and Kaley smashes Finch’s head.

My fiance's a murderer, just like his British Imperialist ancestors.
There’s a dinner party at Buckingham palace and Charlotte is drinking her pain away. The Courtenay seems to be the epicentre of the latest goss and Theo’s pals joke around about the Queen’s knickers and call him “Teddy”. They share their theories about Molly and Charlotte leans in and tells them “the killer could be sitting at this very table” as she glares at Prince Fuckboy.

Roz and Kaley are arguing in their flat because Kaley is mad about her life choices all of a sudden. Finch’s death was tied up rather quickly (he was thrown in the Thames and that’s the end of it). Kaley blames Roz for his death and the Courtenay and Prince Theo. We get some great performances from both actress and some really good dialogue too. A furious Kaley throws Roz out like an old shoe.

Grace is wheeled into a room where Stan is waiting for her with someone who can “poke around her brain” and retrieve her lost memories. Hypnosis is not Neuroscience, Stan. The therapist asks her if she’s relaxed despite the fact that she’s in jail for murder and we finally get the flashbacks I’ve been asking for.

Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead.
Her finger snaps and the memories start rushing in: the club, Luc and Molly, the knife, the murder. In flashback 1, we go back to when Molly asked Grace to move in with her. They profess their love to each other, which is presented as a joke but I can’t help but feel there’s some truth to it by the way Molly looks into Grace’s eyes. Very nice POV shots and set up.

I forgot to add this in the last review but Bruno stumbled upon a photo of Molly and a woman who was missing and presumed dead. He’s still looking into her in this episode and discovers she was a client at the Courtenay. Natalie meets with him outside Scotland yard and tells him about Neville and Theo. She doesn’t seem to be expecting his response but this all makes sense to him. He’s been blackmailed by Prince Theo and now has a witness who can testify against him. But what will he do with this information?

Paz continues his quest of #Revenge and meets with cousin Declan who punches him in the stomach for abandoning their family. Can’t say I paid much attention to their family drama but they are both hellbent on getting dignified and they will do that “by blood”.Vena Patel’s brunch is cut short by Stan who puts a piece of a stake in her fork. “Meat is murder” she hisses. I love you more and more each episode. He needs more names to come out of the Courtenay scandal and she promises she will deliver.

Flashback 2 is a scene of Grace slicing limes in her kitchen and holding the murder weapon menacingly as Molly makes out with Luc and dangles him in front of her eyes (to make her jealous because she was in love with her)

You can run from the law, Patrick, but you can't run from a forced heterosexual romantic pairing.
Patrick doesn’t give a damn about any collateral damage he causes and begs Kaley to get him in touch with Theo. She wants out but is willing to go to the police in order to help him. Paz thinks no one will believe a Northern Irish girl trying to take down the royal prince and he has a point. They make out, it’s gross.

James is as rattled as everyone else because he pissed off the Russian mafia, or something. He announces he has to leave (conveniently) and apologises half-heartedly to Natalie who’s meeting Bruno in his flat later on. Bruno tracks down the licence plate number Neville gave to Natalie and finds Philip’s car. With the vial of Molly’s blood he extracted earlier, he plants the evidence to incriminate Theo. But Philip is always watching.

Roz seeks refuge in Luc’s flat and reminds him she’s the one who picked him up from the sidewalk like a piece of gum. He haughtily thanks her for getting him involved with the Courtenay and Roz just turns around, looks into the camera and asks “Why the hell is everyone blaming me for all of their shitty lives?”.

Now that's a ship I can get behind.
Alex opens the door but instead of finding Natalie, Theo and Philip barge in. Theo is not happy but neither is Alex. He threatens to go the cops but Theo tells him he will pretend they never met or planted any evidence together. Theo begs him to hit him and so do I. Break his smug pretty face, Bruno. As they leave Natalie appears. Here come the betrayal. Natalie questions where his allegiances lie but he promises he’s doing everything he can to get to the truth.

Grace opens the metaphorical and literal door to the past in the final flashback. She’s stumbling and out of it as she walks by Molly’s dead corpse. Grace did not kill he she did, however, see someone: A man with no face, a lurking shadowy presence. Not very helpful but you gave us more than you have all season. She tells Natalie she disassociated upon seeing Molly lying dead and Natalie says “yeah that makes sense” (it doesn’t but ok).

In the last minutes of the episode we see a power move by Bruno who tells Stan, he’ll be put on the stand to testify against Theo. Patrick gets his firearms ready with cousin bro and Stan has one final showdown with Gwen before the trial. He got her judge kicked out and while Gwen doesn’t seem to be scared of him, he gets the last line and toasts “to the truth”. Will it set them free?

F*ck it I'm getting drunk.

Favourite shot:
"Where are you, Grace?" Grace answers to the therapist through her dream as she lays down and enjoys the sunshine of that happy fleeting moment.

Favourite scene:
Stan plays his electric guitar as Natalie talks about Grace.

Best quote:
-You know she hears everything?
-Even the secrets you mumble in your sleep
Princess Charlotte is more savage than Theo himself. Grit and beauty.

Answers to the mystery:
Grace did not kill Molly and stepped in her blood by accident because she was out of it, which is what we have known since the pilot pretty much.

Questions remaining:
What was Theo doing in Molly's flat? If he didn't kill her was there a third party involved? Is that who Grace saw?
Does hypnosis really work like it does in TV shows? Find it hard to believe it's this easy to retrieve memories from your subconscious.

Rating: 3/5
I'm digging the direction that the story is taking and I'm so glad we got some flashbacks. I think may have even started feeling remorse for Molly! That's not to say this murder mystery is not predictable and filled with the classic cliché . With only two episodes left until season 1 is over, what are your final theories? Tell me in the comments below and thank you very much for reading once again.

Next on Guilt:
The two part finale event of How To Get Away With Murder Guilt. Let the #whokilledmolly hashtags begin.

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