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Devious Maids - Season 4 Finale - Post Mortem Interviews

In the most recent episode, Genevieve (Susan Lucci) reveals that Hugh Metzger (Sam McMurray), the director of Marisol’s movie, raped her. How did you come to that narrative decision, and what did you want to convey through it?

TANEN: Genevieve has a line in the scene in which she says, “Nobody called it that back then,” expressing changing attitudes about rape. I think it’s important that people are understanding rape and rape culture in a much more modern way, and it was important to represent that on TV, so I was really proud of that scene. I thought Susan Lucci knocked it out of the park in her representation of a woman coming to terms with what had happened to her.
WIND: I found it super fascinating when the writers were going down this road because we have shown Genevieve as a very sexual creature and someone who has not always been faithful, and therefore she probably was put in a certain category in the past that wouldn’t have allowed her to have understood or for society to have accepted that something happened to her, but now we are more appropriate about the way that we deal with women and the things that can happen to them. It’s wonderful to show the change in society that way.

What does this terrible news mean for Daniela (Sol Rodriguez), and where will she find herself in the finale? The last we saw, she went in for a callback for Marisol’s movie, and met with Hugh alone.

TANEN: We pick up with Daniela working with a man we know to be dangerous, but as the women piece together Hugh’s propensity for violence, Carmen will quickly come to Daniela’s aid.

TVLINE | Apologies if I missed something, but did Evelyn and Adrian get re-married in the finale?

No, the only thing they officially got was divorced. They signed those papers with the judge, and 10 seconds later, they consummated that divorce. It’s really as if they were created just to torment each other forever. But will they be remarried? I don’t know!

TVLINE | OK, because I definitely caught that weird glance between Zoila and Adrian at the wedding. Is there a chance something happened during the time jump that we’re not yet privy to?

There are definitely chances that things have happened. … She’s the kind of person who can call somebody on their s–t and he’s the kind of person who’s totally full of s–t, so we think they’re just a fun combination. They might not be as fated as Evelyn and Adrian, but there’s definitely something they have found in each other that only the other one can see.

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